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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 6 Recap

It was because Song Sining had accompanied her daughter to participate in an event for the first time, her identity surprised the parents present, and then whispered, probably because she thought Dora grew up in a single-parent family. Realizing that she was absent too many times during her daughter’s growth process, Song Siming felt guilty and blamed herself. At the same time, she performed hard on stage and received applause.

When the performance was just over, Song Sining received a call from Chen Songying and learned about the regular meeting this morning, but she didn’t think much about it. She felt that Li Sha was unintentional, and it was not a deliberate attempt to give Wu Zhiguo a handle. Dora saw that other children in the class were learning to paint, so she asked her to take the initiative to sign up for the course.

Song Sining remembered that Lu Keying’s job had not yet been completed, and it happened that the front desk of the company was short of people, so he planned to let her try, and told her not to reveal the relationship between the two, otherwise it would have an impact. Lu Keying was particularly happy about this and took the initiative to invite Song Siming, Tu Yue and Hao Liangliang to dinner. Because there was not much money in his pocket, he could only buy a simple Chinese meal.

During the period, Tu Yue left beforehand. Considering that there were a lot of dishes, Lu Keying and Song Sining called their husbands. They thought that they would get acquainted with each other, but they forgot that Hao Liangliang was an outspoken person. Hao Liangliang found that Lu Keying’s mobile phone screen was broken, and seeing that Lu Keying’s mobile phone screen was broken, she thought that the only person like Ding Song was not suitable for being a husband at all.

Especially Song Youyou patronizes playing mobile games the whole time, without even the basic education. On the other hand, Lu Keying is always humble and polite, which makes her very upset with Song Youyou, so she deliberately satirizes him not even using his mobile phone for repairs, and doesn’t know how to feel sorry for herself. Wife. Originally Song Yuyi felt unnecessary, but at Lu Keying’s strong request, he reluctantly reluctantly reluctantly agreed.

Hao Liangliang talked about her going to have a second child. Unexpectedly, **Long was very excited when she heard the second set and kept discussing with her until the party was over. Lu Keying was ready to let Song You only pay the bill, but Song You only lied to answer the phone and deliberately avoided, so the payment fell on Li Junlong’s head, which made Lu Keying very angry.

When returning home in the evening, Song Sining heard Li Junlong nagging about the second child again, and simply compiled a list of expenses from the birth of the child to the graduation from college, making him clearly aware of the difficulty of raising a child. Li Junlong believes that his wife is using material as an excuse to show that if he earns the money on the list in a short time, Song Sining will agree to get pregnant. However, Longxiang’s performance continued to decline. Mr. Tang, the owner of the holding company, was very disappointed and reminded them that if the situation has not changed, the board of directors will shut down Longxiang by then.

Chen Songying asked about the progress of He Qing’s investigation. Song Sining took the initiative to talk to the other party and learned that He’s mother came to Beijing for half a year to force her to return to her home in Shandong. It has been twelve years since He Qing came to Beijing to work hard. At the age of nearly 34, she feels more and more lonely. Even if she bought a house and a car, she had to carry all kinds of loans on her own. On the other hand, the classmates around her had already married and had babies. She was still alone, already feeling tired.

Although the salary in his hometown is definitely not as good as in Beijing, He Qing feels that being able to stay with his family is happier than now. After Song Sining had talked with He Qing, she gave her enough understanding, and also recalled that she had climbed to the present position step by step in the workplace. The core acid was that outsiders could not understand.

Afterwards, Song Sining informed Chen Songying of the reason for He Qing’s resignation. At first he tried to keep him, but when he heard the other party’s confession, he couldn’t speak. Because of He Qing, Song Sining feels that she is very lucky, but not everyone is as lucky as herself, including Chen Songying, who also thought about escaping. However, this city seems to have magical powers, which obviously can make people lose themselves, but they are also attractive. All young people are desperate for it.

Before long, Lu Keying made careful preparations and went to the Dude company for an interview. After successfully receiving the admission notice, he immediately went back and told Song Only the good news. It’s a pity that Song Tong always looks like he’s going to die, and he doesn’t even want to go to work, just thinking that there is a company that can take him seriously.

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