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Belief 前行者 Episode 9 Recap

Chunmei grew up very well under the care of Wu Chongxin, Jiang Taiqing and others, but now that the police are checking household registration from house to house, it is clear that they already know that Document Zero is a child, and Chunmei is very dangerous. Ma Tianmu and Tian Kuosheng met to discuss the delivery. This time there were ten boxes of opium. Tian Kuosheng asked him to prepare ten boxes of red wine to make a package.

The people in the customs are also from the police station. I know, but it has nothing to do with Tang Xianping. Every time the person who comes to pick up the goods is Zhao Tianliang. Zhao Tianliang was loyal to Tang Xianping. He bought a lot of food to apologize to him in the middle of the night, and eagerly advised him not to stand alone in the future. Tang Xianping wanted to check children, Chen Lie, and Ma Tianmu. He was too clean from start to finish, but he looked suspicious.

Jiang Yunqing and Jiang Taiqing talked about Meiyun Pavilion, and they also complained about Ma Tianmu, who was a vagrant taking drugs. In the next second, Ma Tianmu came in, Jiang Yunqing pointed at him angrily and said to Jiang Yunqing that he was the crouch!

But Jiang Yunqing did not expect that he was also the one who rented his own warehouse. Jiang Yunqing did not agree to lease the warehouse to a drug addict like Ma Tianmu, but they needed to lose money according to the contract. Jiang Taiqing was unwilling to offend Ma Tianmu, and hurriedly took Jiang Yunqing away. Ma Tianmu and Wu Chongxin were left behind, and they went to the warehouse together.

Ma Tianmu originally wanted to send Chen Liezang out of the goods, but now the investigation is too tight, so he wants to use that batch of opium Mingxiu plank road to darken the warehouse. Wu Chongxin said about the origin of the zero document. It was just two children left by ordinary old party members. To cover their comrades, they sacrificed heroically and left such a child to be secretly raised by the party organization. There are many such orphans across the country.

Fan Yaluo took care of Bingyu in the hospital. She also pointed to Chen Hengli who was next to her and said she would help her be fair. Chen Hengli also politely said that he wanted to find the source of opium trafficking, and quietly told Fan Yaluo that these opium were shipped from the Chinese world, but the Chinese world It’s the site of the police station, and it’s not easy for them to check.

Tang Xianping wanted to keep an eye on Ma Tianmu, turned around and Fan Yaluo came to him with a thick stack of newspapers. The opium flowed from the Chinese to the French Concession, and Fan Yaluo came to Tang Xianping. She heard Tang Xianping staring at Ma Tianmu and felt that he could not be the Communist Party. How could a scum like him be accepted by the Communist Party. Yu Duxing didn’t intend to pay attention to Tang Xianping, and wanted to go all out to track down Document Zero, so that Zhao Tianliang and others were not allowed to follow Tang Xianping to investigate.

Jiang Yunqing sneaked through the cracks of the door, and came up to check the goods in the box, and said to check whether he smoked a lot of cigarettes, Ma Tianmu was a little speechless. Jiang Taiqing and Shi Dachuan brought Chunmei out, and also took their uncle to see Chen Lie. Chen Lie will take him and Chunmei out of Shanghai tonight. Shi Dachuan taught Chunmei to write outside. After seeing Chen Lie, he was very excited. He wanted to see him away at night. But it was inconvenient because of the crowd. Under the reluctant eyes of Jiang Taiqing and Shi Dachuan, Chen Lie took his uncle and Chunmei away.

Tang Xianping received a mysterious call. The other party said that Ma Tianmu was a communist party and told him to go to the Renyicang at the pier at night. Ma Tianmu deliberately arranged an extra box, and Tian Kuosheng only regarded it as invisible. Tang Xianping went to invite Pei Ruhai and himself to the dock, but he has been suspended.

Pei Ruhai didn’t want to fight against Yu Duxing, but Chen Lie and Document Zero attracted him too much. Ma Tianmu and Tian Kuosheng exchanged goods inside, and Tang Xianping rushed to the dock with Pei Ruhai, recruited the customs police force, and took the Renyi Warehouse apart from anything else. Ma Tianmu hurriedly hid when they broke in. Tang Xianping asked Tian Kuosheng to open the box, and the two sides were in a stalemate.

Ma Tianmu quietly shot and broke the lamp, and the gunshots were all over the place. After turning on the lights again, what Tang Xianping saw out of the box was opium, and there was no Communist Party he wanted to investigate. Tian Kuosheng said that Ma Tianmu had a box at the door, which was sneaky and not let anyone look at it. Zhao Tianliang hurried to tell Tang Xianping that this batch of opium could not be paid, and this was Yu Duxing’s! Tang Xianping was in a panic, so he could only take them back to the game first, and then went to chase Ma Tianmu. Ma Tianmu hid behind his box, and Tang Xianping insisted on opening the box to prove his innocence.

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