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Belief 前行者 Episode 8 Recap

Pei Ruhai confirmed Chen Lie’s Communist Party status, and he was taken away by Ma Tianmu. Tang Xianping couldn’t wait to chase him out, but Pei Ruhai asked Chen Hengli to take him to the cell to see how many people were released by the Communist Party. Tang Xianping went straight to the pier, and Ma Tianmu did want to send Chen Lie out of Shanghai, but Chen Lie said that he still had important things to do in Shanghai and did not agree to leave.

Ma Tianmu said that this was Wu Chongxin’s decision, and Chen Lie was calm for the time being. After arriving at the pier, Chen Lie caught up with the ship to Guangzhou, but did not expect Tang Xianping to arrive before he had time to board the ship. Ma Tianmu was carefully covering all the way, but was discovered by Tang Xianping. Ma Tianmu covered Chen Lie from the secret road. Tang Xianping broke in but only saw Ma Tianmu. Chen Lie was no longer in the room.

Pei Ruhai found many Communists in the cell. Ma Tianmu was taken back by Tang Xianping to ask him to explain. Ma Tianmu said innocently that Chen Hengli asked him to do this, and he let Chen Lie go for Tang Xianping’s future. A way back. Tang Xianping was very angry. Chen Lie was not Wang Jingwei’s person, but the Communist Party! Tang Xianping broke out again angrily and ran to find Chen Hengli to settle accounts. Chen Lie did not leave Shanghai, he went to see Wu Chongxin.

Wu Chongxin was worried that Ma Tianmu would be caught and unable to pass the customs. Wu Chongxin said that they had made a comprehensive deployment and Chen Lie didn’t need to worry. In order to ensure that Chen Lie could leave Shanghai, Ma Tianmu bought all the ferry tickets for today. Chen Lie said he was too wasteful and how tight their activity funds are.

Tang Xianping approached Chen Hengli for confirmation. Chen Hengli admitted that Ma Tianmu resolutely did not agree to take Chen Lie at first, but later he said that he would take him away because of Tang Xianping’s future. Chen Hengli also said that Yu Duxing sent Zhao Tianliang to ask him to let Chen Lie go this morning. As a friend, he had done his best. Wu Chongxin asked Chen Lie to live here temporarily, he could no longer show up at Hujiang Apartment, and he should not tell Jiang Taiqing and others about the identity of Ma Tianmu. This is the principle.

Tang Xianping took Ma Tianmu to see Pei Ruhai, who naturally did not know Ma Tianmu. Tang Xianping was relieved after he ruled out his Communist Party suspicion, and apologized to Ma Tianmu. Ma Tianmu didn’t say anything, and made an appointment to treat him to a big meal in a few days. Pei Ruhai analyzed that Ma Tianmu might also be the Communist Party, but if that was the case, it would be too simple for him. After all, he never knew that there was such a figure under Chen Lie. Ma Tianmu rushed to meet Wu Chongxin and Chen Lie. The money Chen Hengli gave him was used as activity funds, and Pei Ruhai was also their worst enemy.

Tang Xianping asked Pei Ruhai about the zero document. Pei Ruhai said that the zero document would not be burned because the zero document was not a document, but a person. As for the child’s life experience, Pei Ruhai didn’t know. He needed to see him to know. Yu Duxing quickly ordered to look for it from house to house. Tang Xianping thinks that Chen Lie’s matter should also be investigated quickly, but Yu Duxing patted the table and told him to catch the child.

Tang Xianping refused, and Yu Duxian asked Zhao Tianliang to act as the Director of the Investigation Department to take charge of the zero file case. As for Chen Lie, Yu Duxing has decided to transfer the responsibility to the patrol room. Chen Lie decided to take File Zero to the nursery. Only then did Ma Tianmu realize that File Zero was not a file, but a child.

Bingyu’s father smoked a big cigarette and died in the smokehouse, but the smokehouse refused to lose money. Jiang Yunqing and Fan Yaluo were very angry. At this time, Bingyu swallowed raw opium and committed suicide by leaving a suicide note. He was sent to the hospital by Principal Guan Xue’an. Fan Yaluo ran to the patrol room to find Chen Hengli, but when he went to a meeting, Fan Yaluo took the people from the patrol room to Meiyun Pavilion to arrest their boss.

The boss here is Fan Yiting, but Fan Yaluo didn’t know, so the people in the patrol room had to follow along in acting. Ma Tianmu, Chen Lie, and Wu Chongxin were a little flustered seeing them so much fanfare, Ma Tianmu decided to rush back to Yanghang immediately, and met Jiang Yunqing at the back door. Ma Tianmu said that he had made an appointment with a friend to discuss business, but Jiang Yunqing even further misunderstood him and called him a drug addict.

The patrol room accompanied Fan Yaluo in a play before sending off the eldest lady. Lu Yi asked Ma Tianmu to arrange the shipment of opium. Fan Yiting had been there. He was also with his boss. He is the most powerful man in Shanghai. The executive director of the board of directors, Lu Yi, refused to get a share of the pie when they met with the three. Lu Yi asked Ma Tianmu to be responsible for handing over the goods to Fan Yiting’s cronies in China, Tian Kuosheng. Tian Kuosheng will take the initiative to find Ma Tianmu tonight.

Tang Xianping accompanied Pei Ruhai to screen the Communist Party. He did not relax his doubts about Ma Tianmu. Although his explanation was perfect, it was because of perfection that he appeared suspicious.

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