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Belief 前行者 Episode 7 Recap

Chen Hengli didn’t expect that the only person who spoke the truth with him for so many years was Ma Tianmu. Ma Tianmu would give him a record brought from France, and he didn’t care about what happened yesterday. Only then did Ma Tianmu go to do business and went to the cell to find his friend. Chen Lie was no longer in yesterday’s cell. Ma Tianmu finally went to the single-person cell. Tang Xianping found a bunch of things found from Chen Lie, but he still doubted to be careful, fearing that the postmark on the letter was fake, and fearing that everything was set by the Communist Party.

Zhao Tianliang felt that he was busy and caught it wrong. Jiang Jieshi and Wang Jingwei were sitting on that chair, the Kuomintang or the Kuomintang. Zhao Tianliang persuaded Tang Xianping to leave them a way out, but Tang Xianping was very angry and scolded him for betraying the party through Wang. Zhao Tianliang moved out of Yu Duxing again, he is still Wang Jingwei’s student, and Tang Xianping is Yu Duxing’s most important son, he will take over sooner or later. Tang Xianping could not accept such remarks.

In the single cell, Ma Tianmu saw Chen Lie, but he said he still had no friends of his own. Ma Tianmu left. Chen Hengli turned around and told Fan Yiting. It seemed that Ma Tianmu was really looking for his friends, and Fan Yiting thought Ma Tianmu could be used. All this was arranged by Wu Chongxin, and Wu Chongxin told Ma Tianmu that he only had to wait. Yu Duxing said that Pei Ruhai was going to Shanghai himself, so he asked Tang Xianping to go to Nanjing to ensure his safe arrival. Tang Xianping did not go to the train station immediately, but went to the patrol room.

Zhao Tianliang hoped that Yu Duxing would prevent Tang Xianping from continuing to investigate Chen Lie. Otherwise, Wang Jingwei would find out that it would be bad for him, and that Chen Lie might be affected if he shut down again. Yu Duxing told Zhao Tianliang to go to the patrol room and release Chen Lie early tomorrow morning.

Tang Xianping arrived at the patrol room late at night to interrogate Chen Lie, but Chen Lie still refused to let go. Wu Chongxin knew that no matter whether Chen Lie understood their plan or not, he would deny that he was Wang Jingwei’s person, so he was not worried. Sure enough, Tang Xianping had already told Chen Lie that Chen Lie denied Wang Dang’s identity with a blank face. Tang Xianping continued to joke that they would fish out Chen Lie as soon as possible. This is what Yu Duxing meant. Chen Lie looked puzzled, as if he didn’t know Wang Jingwei and Yu Duxing in his mouth. Tang Xianping had no choice but to leave the patrol room and go to the train station.

Ma Tianmu told Lu Yi what Fan Yiting meant to let her participate in the stock market. Lu Yi was a little flustered and wondered whether she should agree or not. Ma Tianmu told her about the interests. Once there are problems in the future, Lu Yi will be the first to take the trouble. This game It’s too dangerous, Lu Yi can’t afford to gamble.

Early the next morning, Zhao Tianliang went to the patrol room to release Chen Lie. Chen Hengli said that he could not do it, but he should ask for instructions. Fan Yiting heard that Chen Lie should be Wang Jingwei’s person and asked Chen Hengli what he thought. Chen Hengli was not willing to offend Wang Jingwei. This was also what Fan Yiting meant, so he let Chen Lie go by the donkey. Ma Tianmu and Wu Chongxin were waiting for news outside the patrol room. Now it depends on the attitude of the patrol room.

Chen Hengli asked Zhao Tianliang to sign and let him go. Tang Xianping caught him, but he went to Nanjing again, and Zhao Tianliang was a little embarrassed. Chen Hengli’s meaning was still firm. Obviously he was unwilling to get involved with Wang Jingwei. He also said that Tang Xianping interrogated Chen Lie overnight, but Zhao Tianliang turned his head to let him go. Neither Chen Hengli nor Zhao Tianliang was willing to regress, Zhao Tianliang refused to sign, and he didn’t plan to ask anyone in a fit of anger. Seeing that the plan had failed, Ma Tianmu decided to come forward and see if he could rescue Chen Lie.

Ma Tianmu came to see Chen Hengli with an opera record. Chen Hengli was unable to release Chen Lie, so he released Chen Lie as Ma Tianmu’s missing friend. Ma Tianmu pretended to be annoyed and said that this person was Wang Jingwei’s. They are not cheating themselves. Chen Hengli quickly asked him for help and said that he would consider it for Tang Xianping.

He was loyal to Chiang Kai-shek, but if Wang Jingwei really came to power in the future, how could Tang Xianping mess with the Kuomintang. Tang Xianping’s continued investigation of Chen Lie would definitely offend Wang Jingwei. Only then did Ma Tianmu change his attention. For this reason, Chen Hengli gave Ma Tianmu a large sum of money.

Tang Xianping has escorted Pei Ruhai to Shanghai. The first thing is to take him to the patrol room to see Chen Lie. Chen Lie had been let go by Chen Hengli, and Chen Hengli even specially told him to leave Shanghai. Chen Lie saw that Wu Chongxin who was waiting on the side of the road had understood everything. So when Tang Xianping rushed to the patrol room, Pei Ruhai told Tang Xianping that his real name was Chen Lie, a member of the Communist Party and his former colleague.

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