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Belief 前行者 Episode 12 Recap

Teacher Hou Zichuan hopes that Ma Tianmu will think about it and come back to him in two days. Ma Tianmu believes that he has a unique opportunity to join the Fuxing Society and hopes that the organization can approve it. Wu Chongxin said that he would ask the organization for instructions. Fan Yiting got the photo of Pei Ruhai, which was taken secretly by Chen Hengli in the dark that day. Chen Hengli didn’t understand why this photo was so important. Fan Yiting just sold Yu Duxing a favor, and there is always something they can use at the police station.

Guan Xue’an worked hard to persuade Jiang Yunqing to study hard in the future, and Jiang Yunqing was very excited when she mentioned her father. Lu Yi protected Fan Yaluo, and Fan Yiting went to thank her specially.

When asked why she donated money to the school, Lu Yi said that she especially liked children, but because of physical reasons she couldn’t get pregnant, so she was willing to treat the children of the girls’ school as her own daughters. Lu Yi also advised Fan Yiting not to let Fan Yaluo go around making troubles, what should she do if a girl has an accident now in such a mess. Fan Yaluo’s mother passed away ten years ago, and Fan Yiting’s eyes looked at Lu Yi somewhat unclear.

Wu Chongxin met the senior Zhao. Zhao believed that it is necessary for Ma Tianmu to join the Fuxing Society, but the risk is also great. Moreover, Ma Tianmu himself has studied in Huangpu. If he is not firm, he may be polluted. Wu Chongxin On the contrary, he is very confident in Ma Tianmu. Wu Chongxin told Ma Tianmu that the plan had been approved, and that the Fuxing Society was in the Tiger’s Nest of Longtan, and Ma Tianmu had to be extra cautious in his actions. The Fuxing Club was formally established, and the members were also Hou Zichuan’s original students in Huangpu, and the spy teacher he invited was Pei Ruhai. Ma Tianmu was a little surprised to see Pei Ruhai, and Pei Ruhai also noticed both Ma Tianmu and Tang Xianping.

Pei Ruhai dressed up and left after class. Ma Tianmu and Tang Xianping went for coffee again. Ma Tianmu thanked Tang Xianping for his rebirth. He gave Jiang Yunqing and Fan Yaluo some small gifts in the name of the two, saying if not They wouldn’t have the same situation when they called the police. Tang Xianping refused solemnly. It would be good if they called the police without arresting them. Fan Yaluo really liked Tang Xianping, and made up her mind to think that Tang Xianping was his own, but he had killed many Communists, and Jiang Yunqing had no affection for him.

Ma Tianmu told Wu Chongxin that Pei Ruhai gave a class to spies. This traitor was full of wickedness. Wu Chongxin deliberately asked for instructions to seduce them, so that Ma Tianmu could be a good student with peace of mind. Fan Yiting took the picture of Pei Ruhai to explain to Bratini. Pei Ruhai was the person responsible for many cases in the French Concession. Yu Duxing sent his picture. The patrol house was a treasure. Bratini didn’t think this photo was so important. Fan Yiting asked him to see the results of his three months of convalescence.

There is a secret room in his room. Three months ago, Bratini asked Fan Yiting to sort out the important files of the patrol house and select the important tasks for statistics, including the Communist Party, the Kuomintang and even the secret agents of various countries. This secret room contains a total of 302 people’s files, and the only one without a photo is Pei Ruhai, and today he finally got his wish. This file is invaluable. Bratini and Fan Yiting named it “The Confession”. The difference between a criminal and a great man is just one thought.

Pei Ruhai mentioned hypnotism when he was in the secret service class. Everyone thought it was a fantasy. He asked Ma Tianmu if he dared to try it. Ma Tianmu tried. He was hypnotized in full view. Someone asked Ma Tianmu’s experience in France and whether he smoked opium. Ma Tianmu said that he thought that there was no way to serve the country, and because of pain he picked up the smoker. At the most critical moment, someone appeared to save him.

Pei Ruhai asked who that person was, and Ma Tianmu fell into entanglement. That person was Wu Chongxin, but he couldn’t say his name. Ma Tianmu tried to control his consciousness and blurted out in the struggle. That person was Marguerite, the number one socialite in Paris. Pei Ruhai hypnotized Ma Tianmu and actually directed him to jump from the window. Tang Xianping was taken aback when Ma Tianmu fell down the building.

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