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Belief 前行者 Episode 11 Recap

The anonymous call was made from Guan Xue’an’s office, but Guan Xue’an said that she did not know that the school was over at that time, but Tang Xianping thought of Jiang Yunqing from then on, and immediately called her and Fan Yaluo for questioning. Fan Yaluo and Jiang Yunqing were not afraid at all, and laughed quietly. Tang Xianping wrote a sentence for them to repeat. No accident, they did make the call, and Fan Yaluo changed her voice specially.

However, Fan Yaluo said that Ma Tianmu was planted by the Communist Party, just to get Tang Xianping to investigate the opium, but the person who reported this to Fan Yaluo and Jiang Yunqing was Chen Lie in disguise, and told them not to tell Fan Yiting that otherwise they would startled. Pointed to this road to find Tang Xianping. Tang Xianping and Zhao Tianliang took out the photos of Chen Lie’s body, Jiang Yunqing and Fan Yaluo were shocked, thinking that Dong was killed because of the report. In this way, Ma Tianmu has nothing to do with the Communist Party, but Tang Xianping feels that he has lied for profit. If he knew he was so depraved, it would be better than a shot.

Lu Yi gave Ma Tianmu a contract, and Ma Tianmu signed it without even looking at it. He thought it was a dismissal contract, but Lu Yi did not expect Lu Yi to hire him as the general manager. Yu Duxing woke up to find Fan Yiting, saying that it was Fan Yaluo who made an anonymous call to Tang Xianping that caused the opium to be confiscated.

As far as the responsibility is less, it was Fan Yiting’s not. Yu Duxing stepped back and expressed his willingness to keep it secret and not let Bratty. Mr. Ni knows that Fan Yiting will no longer be held accountable, but he needs the picture of Pei Ruhai. Yu Duxing took the opportunity to take pictures of Pei Ruhai, but Pei Ruhai turned his face and tore the film on the spot.

Wu Chongxin has found a higher-level organization. The special agent organization established in Nanjing is called Fuxing Society. If a station is established in Shanghai, the future situation will only become more severe. This is their task. Tang Xianping saw his teacher, and they crawled out of the dead together when they expedition to Shanghai in the north.

The teacher hoped that Tang Xianping would join the Fuxing Club. Tang Xianping refused because of Yu Duxing’s relationship. The teacher hoped that Tang Xianping would understand that no matter which camp he was in, he would not be able to stop him to clean up Yu Duxing. He hoped that Tang Xianping would think twice. Tang Xianping thought about it again and again and agreed, and told the teacher that Ma Tianmu was back.

Jiang Yunqing ran to the warehouse again and asked why Ma Tianmu was at the dock. She also knew about the bronzes. Ma Tianmu said that she was just an errand runner, and Jiang Yunqing hated iron for not making steel, saying that he should pay more attention to it and don’t be used by others. I do not know. Among the Joan of Arc, Lu Yi became the new school director, and Bing Yu was the first recipient of her donation.

Jiang Yunqing violated the school rules twice, and the school board decided to expel her. Jiang Yunqing had no objection. Fan Yaluo excitedly stood up for her. Bingyu also said that they made their way out for themselves and did not accept Lu Yi’s donation. Lu Yi stood up to speak for the three people. They did not discredit the school, but the glory of the school, hoping that the school could revoke the decision of expulsion. Guan Xue’an and others agreed, and Jiang Yunqing was able to stay in the school.

Tang Xianping asked Ma Tianmu to eat, saying that this might be the last meal they had eaten, and they would either part ways or fight together in the future. Ma Tianmu has now become a foreign comprador who is profit-only. Tang Xianping expressed his heartache, but Ma Tianmu said that he didn’t care. In turn, he persuaded Tang Xianping to do business with him, and was so angry that Tang Xianping would shoot him when he pulled out a gun.

Tang Xianping didn’t know how Ma Tianmu became like this. Where did the Ma Tianmu who shot him back then? Ma Tianmu believes that now is a fallen world, and Tang Xianping’s behavior is just a man’s arm as a car. Tang Xianping thought he had nowhere to serve the country and was discouraged, and asked if Ma Tianmu would be willing to fight with him if he was given a chance. Ma Tianmu thought he was going to the police station, but he didn’t expect that the group Tang Xianping had brought him into was not the police station.

Tang Xianping has been investigating Lu Youxiang, and he wants to avenge his brothers. Afterwards, Ma Tianmu met the teacher. They were preparing to establish the Fuxing Society. Tang Xianping helped Ma Tianmu to sign up, and the teacher also hoped that Ma Tianmu could join. Ma Tianmu declined to say that he was already an outsider in the rectification, but the two believed that he was only discouraged by the situation in the party, and there was still blood in his heart. The Fuxing Society was a good opportunity for him.

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