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Belief 前行者 Episode 10 Recap

Tang Xianping asked Ma Tianmu to open the box to prove his innocence. Ma Tianmu had to open it, and it contained only some tea leaves. Tang Xianping didn’t stop and emptied all the boxes, but there were still only some tea leaves inside. Pei Ruhai spoke at this moment and asked them to lift the box down and stand it up, Ma Tianmu was a little frustrated. Pei Ruhai asked Ma Tianmu to stand inside the box. Tang Xianping took the gun and forced him to do the same. Ma Tianmu could only stand in, but Pei Ruhai found the mezzanine in the box.

On the other side, Chen Lie disguised himself as a police officer and secretly stunned a passing truck. So Pei Ruhai opened the mezzanine and found only one antique. Ma Tianmu said that this lotus and crane square pot was handled five times after it was released, and it was bad luck every time. The last person who handled it was Pierre. Ma Tianmu believed that this thing was evil, because now it was him who was unlucky.

Tang Xianping kept saying that he had saved him, but now he was cut off from his fortune in the middle of the night. Pei Ruhai was gone, and Ma Tianmu was selflessly taken away by Tang Xianping because of smuggling cultural relics. Chen Lie and others pretended to be members of Biel’s foreign trade and escaped secretly. Chunmei has been hiding in the box in the truck.

Pei Ruhai arrived just as the group was about to leave. Chen Lie told his uncle to take Chunmei to leave Shanghai and deal with Pei Ruhai and the others alone. After a burst of gunshots, Chen Lie fell under the gun of the police. Pei Ruhai knows that File Zero is just an innocent child, but he knows that the child will grow up one day, and that he will become the enemy when he grows up.

As for Chen Lie, Pei Ruhai thought he was more valuable. He persuaded Chen Lie to surrender. Chen Lie satirized him shamelessly. Pei Ruhai angrily made up a few shots and swaggered away, while Chen Lie fell into a pool of blood. Chunmei and uncle had already boarded the ship, and she didn’t know the death yet, so she curiously asked her uncle Chen Lie if she would come to see her in a while.

Tang Xianping’s opium business combined with the police station and the patrol room was so disturbed by Tang Xianping. Ma Tianmu asked him if he had any plans on how to pass the customs. Instead, Tang Xianping let him worry about himself and asked him why he wanted to be with them. Ma Tianmu said that he didn’t know that they were engaged in opium, only that they were smuggling, and that this was something that Lu Yi wanted to do. T

ang Xianping said that an anonymous phone call reported that Ma Tianmu was a Communist Party. Why would anyone know his whereabouts? Ma Tianmu and Tang Xianping apologized to each other discordantly, and had to finish recording the transcript before leaving. Fan Yiting was very angry when he learned that the police station had arrested Tian Kuosheng. The next second he woke up alone, he came to the door and said that Tang Xianping had always been kept in the dark. What happened last night was just an accident. Yu Duxing apologized to Fan Yiting and Tian Kuosheng, but someone must bear the loss in this matter. Fan Yiting said that he would report it to Bratini.

When Ma Tianmu left, he didn’t forget to let Tang Xianping get that thing out when it was convenient. He looked like he was blinded by money. Tang Xianping looked at him with a lot of puzzles. When Yu Duxian came back, he gave Tang Xianping a meal. How could he eat such a big opium business by himself? The boss behind him was Director Yang, and there were high-level Nanjing officials above Director Yang.

Tang Xianping did this to make them lose their heads. Zhao Tianliang persuaded Tang Xianping to want to start, now which person is truly innocent. Tang Xianping still suspected Ma Tianmu. He and Chen Lie appeared at the pier at the same time. Zhao Tianliang believed that the anonymous call was from the Communist Party, and guided Tang Xianping to arrest Ma Tianmu, so that Chen Lie could secrete Chen Cang. Tang Xianping also thought so.

Ma Tianmu left the police station and went to Meiyun Pavilion to see Wu Chongxin. The child was safely sent away, and the opium and cultural relics were collected as planned. A day ago, this plan was proposed by Chen Lie. Opium harms people and cultural relics cannot be exported overseas. This is the principle Chen Lie adheres to.

Didn’t Ma Tianmu know that the parents of Document Zero were really ordinary martyrs? Chen Lie was more important than him. Wu Chongxin understood what he meant, and hoped that Ma Tianmu would understand that Chen Lie did not sacrifice for Document Zero, but for his ideals and philosophies. Wu Chongxin told Ma Tianmu that Chen Lie’s last wish was to plan carefully. Pei Ruhai was in Shanghai one day, and the comrades were in danger. Wu Chongxin asked Ma Tianmu to wait for his news, and Meiyun Pavilion could no longer be used in the future.

Tang Xianping found an anonymous call, and hurried to the address despite Zhao Tianliang’s obstruction. The call was made from the office of Guan Xue’an in Joan of Arc, and Tang Xianping thought of Jiang Yunqing again.

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