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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 18 Recap

Baoning was seriously injured when Li Qian met Gao Miaorong and the others. Gao Miaorong said that he disapproved because Baoning Li Qian was injured. Baoning wanted to distract the chasers. Zhao Xiao immediately rushed out to protect Baoning when he saw this. Qing’an was chased by Qingtai all the way, but luckily escaped because of his familiarity with the road. Qing’an rushed to find the winter solstice and wanted to take her away.

At this time, Qingtai came to reveal Qing’an’s identity, saying that Qing’an was the second prince of Yongqing country and approached the winter solstice for intelligence. The winter solstice was disappointed and wanted to follow Qing’an. Kill two kills. Qingtai wanted to seize the opportunity to seize the winter solstice, but Qing’an desperately protected the winter solstice from leaving. Qingtai took Qing’an and used his blood to sacrifice to the sky. Qing’an remembered the words of the Winter Solstice in prison, and remembered that the Winter Solstice told him that he most hated being deceived and couldn’t help crying.

Siqin sneaked into the place where Qing’an was detained and rescued Qing’an. King Qing told Qing’an that he was about to be unable to stop Qingtai, so he gave Qing’an the token to order the Anbu and gave the hope of Yongqing country. Qing’an, I hope Qing’an will seize this opportunity. King Qing asked Qing’an if he was still resenting himself.

King Qing admitted that when he saw Qing’an, he remembered the betrayal of his mother and concubine to him, but he was always thinking of his son, and he did not dare to forget it. At this time, Qingtai Came to search for Qing’an, and King Qing asked his cronies to take Qing’an away. Qingtai told King Qing that he would be wanted for Qing’an in Yongqing Country, making him a rat crossing the street. King Qing was so angry that Qingtai died on the spot. Qingtai finally got his wish and became the king, and immediately let his hands search for the secret order.

Li Qian wakes up and can’t see Bao Ning, knowing that Gao Miaorong and others have really asked Bao Ning to distract the chasing soldiers, and Li Qian is very angry. Gao Miaorong said that she would always protect Li Qian, and that she learned medicine for Li Qian. She always believed that Li Qian’s marriage to the princess was forced by the situation. Li Qian categorically told Gao Miaorong that he only had Baoning in his heart and regarded her as his sister from beginning to end. Li Qian was going to save Baoning but was blocked by Gao Miaorong in every possible way. Li Qian asked his subordinates to send Gao Miaorong back to save Baoning by himself.

Qingtai didn’t find Anbu Ling from annoyance and turned into anger, and passed the order on to say that Qing’an collaborating with the enemy treason and murdering his father to oppose the murder. Li Qian met Zhao Zhong at the inn and learned that Zhao Xiao had rescued Baoning and took her away. Li Qian finally let go of knowing that Baoning was safe. Li Qian was looking for the only way back to Jinxi but never saw anyone. Li Qian thought that it must be Zhao Xiao who wanted to circle with him. When Zhao Xiao saw Baoning confessed to her again, he complained that Li Qian had kept them from coming together. Baoning found that there was no reason for Zhao Xiao and had to change the subject.

On the way to find Baoning, Li Qian encountered Qingtai’s people who were arresting Qing’an, and Li Qian took the people away and took them home. Zhao Xiao took Baoning around and went back to the previous station. Baoning wondered if Zhao Xiao deliberately asked Li Qian to be led away. Zhao Xiao saw that Baoning couldn’t help but admit that he wanted to take Baoningyuan away. Li Qian came in time to see Zhao Xiao entangle Baoning.

Li Qian stopped him. Zhao Xiao became angry and fought with Zhao Xiao. Li Qian had wounds and vomited blood. Baoning turned his face with Zhao Xiao and told him that he loved Li Qian. Will go with anyone. Li Qian blames himself for failing to protect Baoning, and even thinks that it is because he has put Baoning in a dangerous situation, but Baoning says that he has never had Zhao Xiao in his heart and is the only one with Li Qian.

Li Dongzhi finally fled back to the Li Mansion, but he was very worried when he heard that the princess hadn’t come back. Gao Miaorong said that Baoning might be too bad for him to fall into the hands of Yongqing. At this time, the butler came to report that Li Qian and Baoning had returned safely. Baoning told Li’s father that it was Jinghai Hou Shizi who saved her. Gao Miaorong took the opportunity to say that Jinghai Hou Shizi saved her because he loved Baoning, and that Zhao Xiao and Baoning had an affair. Li Qian was very angry when he heard others slander his wife, and Li’s father also called her a bitch for He Cuihua’s slander of Baoning.

After a period of medicated bath, the body-cold syndrome has been cured, and I am very happy. Gao Miaorong took the tonic and thought that Li Qian was gracious in front of him, but Bao Ning stopped him. Li Qian reported to Li Changqing about the massacre he had discovered that year. Li Qian felt that King Qing had no need to lie under the circumstances, and he would investigate the matter carefully. The empress dowager received Baoning’s letter and was very happy that she was safe.

Emperor Zhao Yi learned that Zhao Xiao’s command failure resulted in the defeat and demoted him to a military superintendent. As soon as Jin Xiao saw Li Qian, he would have to compete with him. Unexpectedly, Li Qian would pretend to be defeated when he saw Baoning coming. Baoning found out that Li Qian was pretending to be sick.

Qing’an hid to Mu Anguo with thoughtfulness, vowing that he would not disappoint King Qing’s expectations. Zhao Xiao was demoted, and the soldiers from Xuanjia Battalion came to compete with Zhao Xiao, and beat Zhao Xiao badly for those brothers who died in the battle because of Zhao Xiao’s command failure.

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