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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 17 Recap

Half of the medicinal materials stolen by Zhao Xiao were aphrodisiac, and half were miscarriage. They were not suitable for Li Qian at all. And Li Qian’s injury is too serious, and I am afraid it will be difficult to save it without medicine. Baoning heard that he was anxious, and because of this, he was always absent-minded when working in the daytime.

Master Siqin saw that Baoning was like this. At night, when he came to Li Qian’s resting place, he found that Baoning was here, and guessed that Li Qian is the husband of Baoning. . Although Baoning was surprised that Master knew that she was a daughter, she was also honest about the reason for her coming here. Siqin admitted that this place was not suitable for Li Qian to heal his injuries, and asked Baoning to take Li Qian and Zhao Xiao to him tomorrow.

The next day, Siqin brought Li Qian and others to the residence, falsely claiming that Li Qian was his distant nephew, and ordered someone to ask a doctor for treatment for Li Qian. Siqin admitted that he cherished his apprentices’ talents to help them, but he also knew that Baoning came from afar to find a husband, and Yongqingguo should not stay with them for a long time, so that Li Qian would return to Muanguo immediately after he recovered from his illness.

Qing’an took the winter solstice to a paradise full of flowers, and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the winter solstice and was very happy. Qing’an told the Winter Solstice that this place was his mother’s favorite place, and called it “Flower Light Dream”. Qing’an’s mother was a native of Mu’an. She was rescued by her father and married to her father. However, her father was disliked by her grandfather. She married a wife of Yongqingguo and gave birth to an older brother. Qing An knows that his mother loves his father, but he should be unhappy. He left when he was very young, and he has been around for so many years to find his mother. The winter solstice comforts Qing’an and will help him find his mother together in the future.

Qing’an then gave the love ring his father gave his mother to the winter solstice, indicating that he will no longer be brothers with the winter solstice, and confessing that the winter solstice is the woman in his heart. The winter solstice was shy when he heard the confession, and Qing’an couldn’t help kissing the winter solstice. The winter solstice was so heart-stirred that he decided to accept Qing’an.

After Li Qian was treated by the doctor, his injury was much better. On the way to chat with Master Baoning Siqin this evening, I learned that the two countries of Yongqing and Muanguo were in harmony, and there were frequent exchanges between the people. When King Qing passed through Mu Anguo, he rescued a woman who ran out of the village, but he was rescued after three months of inextricable medical treatment. However, although the two fell in love, their relationship was twisted and they did not come to the end. Although Li Qian wondered why the two fell in love, they were not together, and said that if he were himself, he would definitely not let himself fall into this predicament.

Baoning found that Li Qian was drinking and getting angry when he didn’t listen to the persuasion. Li Qian hurriedly pretended to be sick to coax Baoning. Zhao Xiao saw the scene of the young couple laughing and was immediately jealous. Siqin could not help but persuade Zhao Xiao to learn to let go. Still hard to let go.

In the winter solstice, seeing his brother Li Qian was very happy, he was busy admiring Baoning for his greatness, and successfully found his brother. Li Qian accidentally saw the ring sent by Qing’an in Dongzhi’s hand and asked that the ring was a token of love from Qing’an’s parents, and Qing’an was a businessman between the two countries. Li Qian reprimanded the winter solstice for not accepting the ring, and said angrily that it was impossible for the two of them. The winter solstice refuted Li Qian, and then left angrily.

Baoning asked Li Qian why he was so angry. Li Qian said frankly that the people who set fire to the village were the masters of the team holding the double-headed eagle flag. The ring that Qing’an gave was a double-headed eagle. If the Qing’an clan were his enemies, Li Qian would have to pay for it. Although the departure of the winter solstice did not understand why her brother was so angry, she still believed that whether Qing’an was from Yongqing or Mu’an, she was willing to believe him.

Gao Mianrong brought Yunlin to the outside of Yunyang City, and decided to meet Li Qian who might leave the city here. On the other hand, Zhao Zhong successfully managed the road guide, but the validity period of the road guide was only twelve hours. Li Qian asked Zhao Xiao to take Baoning and the Winter Solstice to leave tomorrow, and he still had things to do here.

Qingtai learned that the king was seriously ill, and even recalled the second prince Qing’an. His subordinates worried that the king would pass on the throne to Qing’an, and Qingtai threatened that it would never be possible. When Boring left, he set up a banquet to thank the master. Qing’an learned that his father was seriously ill, and hurriedly recruited himself to see one last time. When Li Qian heard about Qing’an’s whereabouts, he followed him to the Yongqing King’s Palace.

Baoning couldn’t wait for Li Qian to leave the city, and learned from Zhao Xiao that Li Qian had gone to hunt and kill his mother’s enemy. Zhao Xiao insisted on taking Baoning to leave first, but Baoning couldn’t wait for Li Qian and was unwilling to leave. Baoning asked Zhao Xiao to leave first, and asked his master Siqin for information about the double-headed eagle. Worried that Li Qian would assassinate King Yongqing, Siqin and Baoning hurried to stop him.

Qing’an came to the palace to see his father, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, but Wang Shang was seriously ill. He would recognize Qing’an in a trance, and then think of him as Qing’an’s mother. Seeing the dazed father, Qing’an felt distressed and hurried out to make medicine for him. Li Qian sneaked into the bedroom, saw the double-headed eagle flag hung, and rebuked Yongqing Wang for arson and slaughtered the village, and today he vowed to avenge the innocent people and his mother.

Qing’an returned to the bedroom to rescue King Qing who was about to be killed. Li Qian accused Qing’an of deliberately approaching the winter solstice, knowing his identity, and Qing’an threatened to be sincere about the winter solstice. Li Qian didn’t listen to his words and tried to kill their father and son. Fortunately, Siqin came to stop him. Siqin testified that when Lijiacun was on fire, King Qing was indeed there, but there was another person who set the fire, and King Qing had saved a woman back then.

The woman who was rescued by King Qing was unconscious for three months and woke up but lost her memory and did not know her identity, so King Qing named it Qin Yu, and later became King Qing’s side concubine and gave birth to the second prince Qing’an. It is a pity that she left Yongqing State more than ten years ago. At the same time, Qingtai led the soldiers all the way into the palace, and was even more excited to see Li Qian and the county lord of Jianan here. By the way, Qing’an colluded with the Mu’an people to come to the palace to assassinate the king.

King Qing persuaded Qing Taimo to commit siblings, but Qing Tai reprimanded King Qing for being partial to Qing’an. He never took their mother and child to heart. Now he wants to pass on the throne to Qing’an. That being the case, he wants the throne and the world to take it himself. Then Qingtai ordered the people to kill Qing’an and others. Li Qian, Qing’an, Baoning, and Siqin had to work together to fight through the siege. Li Qian once again hit the arrow to protect Baoning. After Qing’an blocked, let Baoning Take Li Qian to leave first. Li Qian and Bao Ning were hunted down all the way, and were finally besieged in a wine yard. The two had to smash the wine jar and set the yard on fire to save themselves. Seeing this, Qingtai had to chase Qing’an first.

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