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People’s Property 突围 Episode 7 Recap

Fan Jiahui and Shi Hongxing complained about Qi Ben’an. He not only interrupted his plan to enter Beijing, but also could not continue to discuss strategic cooperation with the newspaper. Shi Hongxing felt that Qi Benan had changed too much, and asked Fan Jiahui to pay attention not to let Qi Benan make mistakes in life. However, Fan Jiahui was still thinking about the strategic agreement. Both the official seal and the agreement were brought. After the two changed the date, Shi Hongxing signed it.

The shantytown reconstruction plan has not been launched. Li Xuexue went to Chen Yingcheng to find out about the situation, and then went to Lu Deguang and said that the construction of party style and clean government should be taken ideologically. The five hundred million has been drawn away, and now Jin Yiqin is dead again. Lu Deguang was a little anxious and asked him to recover the money.

It was a special fund. Qin Xiaochong made a diagram of the relationship between the Zhongfu Group and wanted to find out the people who harmed him. Qin Xian asked him how to deal with the child’s support this year. Qin Xiaochong replied that Huang Qingyuan owed himself 40,000 yuan in manuscript fees and a certain amount of interest. Qin Xian said that Huang Qingyuan was in debt recently and asked him to get the money back quickly. Qin Xiaochong didn’t take it seriously.

He didn’t expect to receive an unfamiliar call shortly afterwards. The other party claimed to be an angel and said that he would break the news to reveal the dark scene of Jingzhou Energy. . Qin Xiaochong was confused, and the angel Li Shundong replied that their main task was to collect debts for others, and also persuaded Qin Xiaochong not to touch Jingzhou Zhongfu. Li Shundong told Qin Xiaochong that Huang Qingyuan owed a huge amount of 80 million yuan, so they came to Qin Xiaochong for money. Qin Xiaochong regretted it, and was deceived by Huang Qingyuan, even the principal with interest of four to five million yuan!

Qi Ben’an and Wu Sitai didn’t wait for Jin’s support in Kunming, and flew to Xishuangbanna again. As a result, they were told that Jin’s support had returned to Beijing when they got off the plane. Qi Ben’an flew to Beijing on the spot. Lin Manjiang was a little puzzled when he saw Qi Ben’an in Beijing. Qi Ben’an was fooled around, with some expressions of indescribable expression. He complained to Lin Manjiang that Jin Xianxiang ignored him, and then slipped him from Kunming to Xishuangbanna and Beijing. Lin Manjiang couldn’t help rolling his eyes. Jin Yixiang is one of the group leaders. Can Qi Benan audit it?

What’s more, Jingzhou Zhongfu has always been presided over by Shi Hongxing, and Jin Yixiang is just a nickname. He is clearly deceived by Shi Hongxing. Lin Manjiang advised Qi Ben’an to pay attention to his unity with Shi Hongxing, and hit him first when something went wrong. Lin Manjiang told Qi Ben’an that no matter what issues are found in the trial, it must be ended as soon as possible.

Even if the trial comes out, it has nothing to do with Jin Support, and it should be Shi Hongxing and Pi Dan’s responsibility. Qi Ben’an was depressed and could only briefly report to Lin Manjiang about the problems of the Jingfeng and Jingsheng mines. However, the coal prices were very different due to many factors and were not comparable. Lin Manjiang asked him to go back to Jingzhou not to follow suit.

Qin Xiaochong went to see Li Shundong. He didn’t expect that Li Shundong was him. Li Shundong said that Jingzhou Energy was managed by them. Qin Xiaochong was getting more and more depressed if he didn’t have any money. Li Shundong was also a senior student in the law department, so why did he do this kind of work? Li Shundong spoke instead and asked Qin Xiaochong to follow him. Qin Xiaochong didn’t have that idea, and only hoped that he would return the wine money to himself. Li Shundong told Qin Xiaochong that Huang Qingyuan’s 80 million arrears was because he hadn’t sold the coal, and he wanted Qin Xiaochong to help him sell the coal, so Qin Xiaochong wanted to see Huang Qingyuan.

When Qi Ben’an returned to Jingzhou, he received a call from Zhang Jiying, saying that he would also post to Moments for public travel. Qi Benan was puzzled that he rarely posted to Moments. Until Zhang Jiying sent screenshots of Wu Sitai’s circle of friends to Qi Benan, those pictures were clearly PS, and even the travel notes he wrote were fake. Qi Ben’an called wronged. They ran three cities in three days, how can they have time to travel? After hanging up the phone, Qi Benan called Wu Sitai to the office again. Qi Ben’an suspected that Shi Hongxing had pitted him. Shi Hongxing quickly clarified the relationship and said that Wu Sitai is now his office director, even if she wants Wu Sitai, she won’t listen.

Qin Xiaochong was sent to the Jingzhou Times by Li Shundong in a luxury car, and Niu Shiyan was a little puzzled when he saw this scene. After Qin Xiaochong went back, he went to Fan Jiahui and said that there was a good project with in-depth reports. Fan Jiahui became interested, and their newspaper had a hard time. Only this kind of in-depth report can bring them attention. I feel that this angel business company is not simple, but it is impossible to know the truth without going deep into it.

Qin Xiaochong hoped that Fan Jiahui would advance his contribution of 30,000 yuan in advance so that he could shed blood and sacrifice for the newspaper. Wu Sitai faltered and said that he was just for self-entertainment. Those pictures were only posted to him, just to show off. Qi Benan asked him to write a document to actually write down the process, and Shi Hongxing also cooperated with him. Let him write a review, or write a resignation report.

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