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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 18 Recap

Yin Sichen said that he was here to take Gu Xixi home. Gu Xixi said that they were discussing marketing strategies so that Yin Sichen also came to listen. Mo Zixin proposed to be a presidential clerk to use his reputation. I came to promote the Xixi store. The effect of the publicity should be the same as the celebrity endorsement. Yin Sichen said that there is no trouble.

This time he came to buy the equity of the Xixi store, but Mo Zixin did not want to sell his shares. After going out, Yin Sichen declared his sovereignty again. The two refused to yield to each other. Gu Xixi told Yin Sichen not to throw money at all. He also said that Mo Zixin’s proposal was good. Yin Sichen was about to have an attack. Gu Xixi said that since To be the CEO’s clerk, the clerk was a bit too small, so Yin Sichen also joined in, Yin Sichen agreed.

As soon as the presidential clerk’s activity was released, it attracted many female customers. Mo Zixin was approachable and very popular, and Yin Sichen had a bad face. Although some people liked him, the sales volume was still not as good as Mo Zixin, Yin Sichen did not. He was willing to show weakness and decided to win Mo Zixin. At the presidential clerk activity the next day, Yin Sichen changed his previous poisonous tongue and was very patient with customers. He also agreed to take photos with customers and settle the matter at night. Gu Xixi announced that Yin Sichen had sold more than Mo Zixin.

One thing, it was Yin Sichen who won. Yin Sichen became happy. Lin Xiaoya was also very excited. Since their store opened, it has not been so prosperous. Gu Xixi offered to treat guests to a big meal. Before the meal, Gu Xi Xi held Lin Xiaoya, she took out her own bank card and asked her to help Yin Sichen with a dress. It turned out that Yin Sichen and Mo Zixin were in a tie, but Gu Xixi knew that Yin Sichen liked to win, so she helped Yin. Si Chen cheated a little bit. Gu Xixi knew that Yin Sichen had done a lot for herself, and finally she agreed to Yin Sichen’s shareholding in Xixi Store.

Xu Qian suddenly found Ran Xiwei, she brought a bunch of Gu Xixi’s information to her and broke the news. Ran Xiwei took a cursory look and was unsatisfied. Xu Qian took out Gu Xixi’s diary again. Only then was Ran Xiwei satisfied and welcomed Xu Qian in. The studio.

After being happy, Gu Xixi suddenly encountered a creative bottleneck, and the Xixi store was about to be relaunched, but she had no inspiration, a lot of design drawings were scrapped, and no satisfactory work was drawn. Gu Xixi found Mo Zixin and talked to him about the bottleneck in his creation, and asked him if he felt unable to complete the work when drawing comics. Mo Zixin suggested that there is an art exhibition recently, and you can go and look for inspiration. , And encouraged Gu Xixi to persist in creating, but this art exhibition was actually organized by Mo Zixin specifically for Gu Xixi.

When Mo Zixin and Gu Xixi went to the exhibition together, Gu Xixi saw a painting and wanted to buy it, but the person in charge of the exhibition said that this painting is a private collection and is not for sale. Mo Zixin said on the side This painting was in his own collection. He deliberately gave the painting to Gu Xixi, saying that one of the walls of the Xixi shop was empty, but Gu Xixi said that the wall had been booked by Yin Sichen and he had agreed. Let Yin Sichen play, Mo Zixin had no choice but to give up.

Ran Xiwei saw the two at the exhibition. She deliberately took the opportunity to tell Yin Sichen what she saw today, and wanted to provoke the relationship between Yin Sichen and Gu Xixi. After Yin Sichen learned that Gu Xixi encountered a creative bottleneck, he took Gu Xixi to the playground to play. With Yin Sichen’s help, Gu Xixi did have a lot of inspiration. After returning home with Yin Sichen , Gu Xixi immersed himself in the drawing.

Yin Sichen and Ran Xiwei are cooperating to hold a fashion celebration. Ran Xiwei saw the mysterious link in the event process. After learning that Yin Sichen specially prepared for Gu Xixi, Ran Xiwei had other thoughts and secretly began to broadcast the video. In the hands and feet. During the fashion celebration, Gu Xixi’s diary suddenly began to be played on the big screen. The content of the diary made the audience misunderstand that Gu Xixi was a scheming woman who worshipped money. The reporters hurriedly took pictures and wanted to make big news.

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