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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 4 Recap

After a few days of getting along, Song Sining always felt that Song Youyi was too lazy and always played games at home, so he talked about breaking into Beijing to develop a career. In order to find out what the younger brother is going to do next, the couple talked to the younger brother and the younger sister-in-law separately, and they fought side by side, and finally came to the conclusion that it was too far-reaching and unrealistic.

Although Song is the only computer graduating student, he has a dream of being a writer, and he discussed with his iron buddy Xie Xiaofeng. This time he came to Beijing to sign a literary website and accumulate popularity through the website to generate traffic. Then he would sell the copyright and earn hundreds of dollars. ten thousand.

Lu Keying is too simple and love-conscious. He has never thought about how to live in the future. He has not even considered going out to find a job, thinking that supporting Song Only’s dream is enough. Now it seems that Song Siming believes that Song Youyi is too overestimating her own strength, and is worried that sooner or later he will hit his head and beat his blood. I am afraid that the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.

After Li Junlong was busy in the kitchen, he found an excuse to give his parents a gift. In fact, he went to his parents’ house for a warm meal. The old couple are very dissatisfied with this, especially Li’s father always thinks things are a bit weird, maybe it is Song Sining’s conspiracy, after all, the two-bedroom house with four people living in it must have a lot of inconvenience, which will affect the plan of having a second child. . Li Junlong solemnly promised to his parents that as long as he is there, giving birth to a second child will definitely be no problem.

That night, the young couple’s crooked voice came from the study room next door. Song Sining was very angry. Even her daughter, Dora, was so quarrelsome that she ran over to find them to sleep. Song Siming came to Dora’s room, and she heard clearly through a wall, so he deliberately coughed and knocked on the wall, which made the other party converge.

After the manuscript was prepared properly, Song Youyi took the initiative to contact Xie Xiaofeng to discuss the signing, but the other party confessed that he lied about his identity as the editor-in-chief. In fact, he was an ordinary editor and was expelled from the company last month. A joke at the beginning, I never expected Song Youyi to take it seriously. This incident hit him too much, and his decadence was relieved for several days. I decided to contribute to major websites. I believe that someone will appreciate him.

At the company’s regular meeting, Wu Zhiguo deliberately asked Song Sining in public whether he wanted to get pregnant. If so, it would definitely affect his work. On the contrary, Du Fei didn’t have to worry about this at all. Chen Songying angrily accused Wu Zhiguo of discriminating against women, making him speechless, and the leaders at the scene quickly turned aside the topic.

Chen Songying confirmed Song Sining’s pregnancy situation privately, and told her that if she chooses to have a baby now, she will definitely miss the position of vice president. Although the reality is cruel, Song Sining knew she could not change the existing environment, so she complained to her good girlfriends. Considering that the competition for the vice president had become fierce, she was really unwilling to give up.

Pharaoh, who was working with Guan Zheng at the beginning, found out that he had advanced gastric cancer. Because he was busy with the company in his early years and did not have any offspring, he was always alone. Guan Zheng and his shareholders decided to invest in a nursing home for him to spend his old age. Chen Songying was also willing to personally contribute 100,000 yuan to support him. Little did he know that Guan Zheng was affected by the incident and began to reflect on his relationship with Chen Songying.

Song Sining accompanies Li Junlong back to her parents’ home for dinner. After Li’s mother once again emphasized the importance of having a second child, she truthfully informed the vice president campaign and promised that she would consider preparing for pregnancy when she became vice president. The whole family heard these words. He breathed a sigh of relief and expressed their support.

At this time, Song Only and Lu Keying ordered takeout and lay on the sofa and watched TV. Song Siming nagged that his younger brother could not stay at home all day. However, in the past few days, major websites have returned manuscripts one after another, which not only severely affected Song Only’s confidence, but also made him more irritable and decadent.

Li Junlong and his wife helped Song Youyi write a resume, and suggested that he go to the novel website to interview editors, at least get a job first, and get in touch with the literary circle little by little. I never thought that Song Only repented halfway, and actually asked the other party to talk in the name of an interview. The result was naturally self-evident.

As Song Only’s performance became more and more disappointing, Song Sining no longer considered finding a way out for him, but instead set his sights on Lu Keying. However, Lu Keying is only an eighth piano art student, and it is difficult to find a suitable job in a short time, so Song Sining took the initiative to contact acquaintances for help.

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