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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 3 Recap

After the company dinner was over, Guan Zheng found that Chen Songying was alone in the lobby, and took the initiative to approach her to talk to her, but was ridiculed by the other party. Even though the two are legally de facto marriages, in the eyes of outsiders, a model couple can know in private that each has its own life. Chen Songying doesn’t care who Guan Zheng is with, or how many women she has found, she just hopes that her husband can be more restrained outside.

Father Song confirmed his son’s thoughts again, and after getting an exaggerated guarantee from the other party, he planned to go to Beijing to find Song Siming first. When Lu Keying learned of the incident, she was also very happy, so she made up a lie and said that he was going to Hangzhou for a trip, and as long as he got on the bus, he would not be afraid of his parents blocking the objection.

Now that Jiang Bin has completed his retirement report and is about to leave, the company’s headquarter executives and branches have a video conference to discuss the candidate for deputy general manager. Chen Songying recommended Song Sining, but Wu Zhiguo wanted to go against Chen Songying and proposed to let Du Fei, the director of the claims center, take over. It was nothing more than to cultivate his own power and promote his own selfishness.

The two argued over and over. Finally, Mr. Zhao decided to investigate public opinion first, and then the board of directors would approve the selection of the right person from Du Fei and Song Sining. Chen Songying knew that Mr. Zhao and Wu Zhiguo were iron buddies, so they would naturally be biased. Even the chairman Luo Yonghui gave him a bit of face.

Even so, Chen Songying is still very optimistic about the approval rate of this poll and urges Song Sining not to be discouraged, but to remain calm. Song Sining received a call from her father at the company and arranged to accompany him to dinner at night. Song’s father opened the door and revealed that his son is coming to Beijing for development. He hoped that the eldest daughter would take care of him. The so-called care is nothing more than taking in and helping Song Youyou.

Originally, Song Sining always felt that it would be difficult to achieve something in Beijing based on his younger brother’s ability level, but Song’s father kept praising his son’s various advantages. After Song’s father’s repeated pleadings, Song Sining was not easy to refuse, and only reluctantly promised to give Song only half a year. If half a year is still unable to be self-reliant, then let him return to his hometown as soon as possible.

After returning home, Song Sining explained the situation to Li Junlong, saying that Song might only live at home and there was a transition period. Fortunately, Li Junlong readily agreed and didn’t care too much. But after a while, Song Sining took her husband and daughter to pick up her younger brother at the gate of the community, only to find that there was a young girl beside him.

After Song Sole’s introduction, Song Sining realized that her younger brother was actually married, especially when she saw the marriage certificate of both parties, she believed in this. Song Youyi, who had just arrived, didn’t regard himself as an outsider at all. He entered the eldest sister’s house and looked around. He also disliked that the room was too small. During this period, he kept drawing cakes for Lu Keying, claiming that he would buy a big house in Beijing sooner or later.

On the other hand, Song Sining took the opportunity to call Song’s father and complained why he hadn’t told himself about the marriage. However, Song’s father was also kept in the dark by his son and had no idea. Through this incident, Song Sining felt that this younger brother was too unreliable, and the more he felt that he shouldn’t have agreed to Father Song earlier, and picked up a hot potato.

Song Siming talked to Song Youyi alone and asked about the situation of obtaining the certificate, but Song Youyi didn’t take it at all. He felt that young people were free to marry, and there was no need to obtain the consent of the elders of both parties. Because of Song’s only nonchalant attitude, Song Sining was not good at discipline, so he arranged for him and Lu Keying to live in a study room. At the same time, he was worried about the inconvenience of life during this period, and their energetic energy would have a bad effect on Dora. .

Compared with Song’s only arrogant arrogance and lack of tutoring, Lu Keying was more polite, and under Song Sining’s suggestion, she called her parents to report safety, but was severely scolded by her parents and couldn’t help feeling wronged. Since the sudden addition of two people in the family, apart from the daily discomfort, Li Junlong’s housework has become more onerous. Not only is he busy with breakfast and dinner for five people, he is also responsible for cleaning up the housework. Seeing that his younger brother is so lazy and his husband is working alone in the kitchen, Song Siming feels particularly uncomfortable.

The next morning, Song Sining received a call from Chen Songying on his way to the company and was told that he would enter the public opinion polling stage at the end of the regular meeting next week. Lu Keying accidentally lost Dora’s crystal sticker, stood next to him helplessly and blamed himself and apologized. It was not until Song Sining came home from work that she comforted Dora. Lu Keying searched the Internet for a long time, but couldn’t find the same crystal sticker. However, Song was the only one who patronized the game and didn’t care about it. She didn’t think too much about it and couldn’t get used to children, so there was no need to buy it. Crystal paste compensation.

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