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Belief 前行者 Episode 6 Recap

Chunmei is No. 0 Document. For the safety of No. 0 Document, they have done a good job of confidentiality. Jiang Yunqing found Guan Xue’an, the principal of Joan of Arc Girls’ High School, and confessed that she was secretly working outside for the sake of a warrior. Now the entire French Concession must know about it. Ma Tianmu came to meet at the place agreed with Tang Xianping. At the beginning, their brothers had agreed to drink red wine and eat pan-fried together after they lay down Shanghai. Today, Tang Xianping came to fulfill his promise. When Shanghai was defeated, Ma Tianmu was missing, and Tang Xianping’s credit for the death squad was all credited to Tang Xianping’s head.

The twelve lives plus Ma Tianmu’s serious injury allowed him to rise to the ground. Talking about the past, Tang Xianping was still very sad, and if Lu Youxiang survived one day, he would not be able to make it through. If it were not for Lu Youxiang’s rebellion before the formation, they would not have been so tragic. Tang Xianping said that he is now in Hong Kong and he heard that he has climbed Wang Jingwei.

Jiang Yunqing asked to drop out of school, but Guan Xuean was unwilling to apologize to her father. At the beginning, he criticized Lu Youxiang for engaging in dictatorship and propaganda for communism. Unfortunately, he entrusted their sisters to Guan Xuean before he died. He finally arranged Jiang Yunqing to study in a girls’ high school. I just want her to be promising in the future.

Guan Xue’an did not agree with the withdrawal application and said that Jiang Tai should come and sign, but Jiang Taiqing also did not agree with Jiang Yunqing’s withdrawal. Tang Xianping drank with Ma Tianmu and said that he caught a very big fish today, Chen Lie. Ma Tianmu was stunned for a while, then continued to talk. Tang Xianping is still not sure whether Chen Lie is the Communist Party or the Wang Party. As for the dispute between Wang Jingwei and Chiang Kai-shek, Ma Tianmu said that he doesn’t care who comes to power now, he only cares about his own business.

After all, he is in the French Concession. Ma Tianmu made an excuse to say that he was going to find Lu Yi heroes to save the United States and ran away. In fact, he went to report to Wu Chongxin. Wu Chongxin wants Chen Lie to pretend to be Wang Jingwei, who may be able to get out under the current complicated situation. Yu Duxing is a student of Wang Jingwei. As long as he believes it, it is easy. As for how to make Yu Duxing believe, Ma Tianmu has it. A way.

Joan of Arc. Jiang Tai invited Jiang Yunqing to see Guan Xue’an, but Guan Xue’an did not expect that Guan Xue’an received a letter from Fan Yiting, saying that Jiang Yunqing had helped them catch a suspect yesterday and gave them a pennant to show his gratitude. The words written on the pennant are Eastern Joan of Arc, contemporary Mulan, Guan Xue’an did not want to expel Jiang Yunqing, and happened to borrow the donkey from Poxia. Speaking of Ma Tianmu, Jiang Yunqing had already figured it out after calming down. Maybe they really wanted Ma Tianmu wrong, and he might really want to save himself. Fan Yaluo felt that thanks to Tang Xianping, Jiang Yunqing would not be saved unless he had good marksmanship.

Lu Yi told Ma Tianmu that there was a ship from India the day after tomorrow with opium on board. Ma Tianmu had guessed it a long time ago, and he didn’t expect Lu Yi to tell him this. Of course, Ma Tianmu is now the only person Lu Yi trusts. Lu Yi really doesn’t know what to do now. He wants Ma Tianmu to see Fan Yiting for himself. The goods are his. Ma Tianmu went, and brought a bottle of wine that was unique in price and no market. Fan Yiting came to be interested.

He neither drank nor hid wine. The meaning of Ma Tianmu was also very clear, in order to manage the patrol house director. Lu Yi meant to give this bottle of wine to Fan Yiting. Ma Tianmu did not forget to thank Fan Yaluo and praised Fan Yiting for his discipline. Fan Yiting asked Ma Tianmu back, isn’t it because the patrol house wronged him? Ma Tianmu’s eloquent teeth blocked Fan Yiting’s words without sinners.

Fan Yiting said that the tobacco soil business in the concession was a cooperation between the Public Management Bureau and the Huajie Police Department. They were willing to divide it into Lu Yi, and Ma Tianmu quickly said that they would pass it on to Lu Yi. Before leaving, Ma Tianmu also said a private matter, saying that he was looking for a friend, and Fan Yiting asked him to go to Chen Hengli, and he would explain the past. Of course, Fan Yiting did not let Chen Hengli give the green light all the way. If it is a politically suspected person, not only can he not release the person, but Ma Tianmu must also be detained.

Shi Dachuan and Wu Chongxin cooperated and put a letter in the postman’s pocket. The postman delivered the letter to Jiang Taiqing, but Tang Xianping’s people immediately found it and detained it. They forged the letter in order to convince them that Chen Lie was Wang Jingwei’s person, and Tang Xianping believed it. Ma Tianmu soon went to Chen Hengli and released the La Traviata she had heard of here yesterday. Ma Tianmu said that there was something wrong with the timbre, and actually broke the record.

Chen Hengli turned his face on the spot and yelled at Ma Tianmu. Ma Tianmu told Chen Hengli that the record he listened to was in Italian and the book was in French, so it was useless for him to learn French by listening to the Italian script. Chen Hengli seemed to be a bit awkward when he said, Ma Tianmu expressed his sincerity, he really wanted to make friends with Chen Hengli.

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