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Belief 前行者 Episode 5 Recap

The opium was still on the boat of Biel, the proprietress Lu Yi became their only bargaining chip. Fan Yiting has already sent people a loan to the foreign bank, and they can operate normally before the opium can go ashore. Ma Tianmu told Wu Chongxin about the incident in the patrol room. This is the patrol room opened. Drug trafficking and drug prohibition do not flow into the fields of outsiders, so this is the safest place. Ma Tianmu returned to the foreign trade.

Lu Yi had learned of Biel’s death. When Ma Tianmu saw her, she was still crying. As soon as Lu Yi saw Ma Tianmu, she hugged him and apologized to him. She didn’t know that Biel was going to kill Ma Tianmu. She didn’t understand anything. Ma Tianmu had to solve the problem of the foreign trade company. That’s why Ma Tianmu came back. NS. In order to solve the current predicament, Ma Tianmu decided to rent a warehouse in Huajie, and specifically asked Shuigen to send him there. Ma Tianmu told him that he did not take this matter to heart.

Shuigen drove Ma Tianmu to Huajie and met Wu Chongxin, who pretended to be Ma Tianmu’s cousin. Wu Chongxin took them to the Hujiang apartment, hoping to find out the whereabouts of Document Zero under the name of renting a warehouse. Ma Tianmu did not go in, but gave Wu Chongxin Yangxing’s business card and let him go in and talk. Wu Chongxin and Jiang Tai asked the secret signal, Jiang Tai asked immediately, and hurriedly took him to the backyard. Wu Chongxin told Jiang Taiping that Chen Lie was kept in the patrol room and was temporarily safe.

Chen Hengli told Lu Yi that the loan that Pierre applied for during his lifetime had been approved, and that it was interest-free for three years. With this money, the foreign company can run smoothly, but their conditions are also sealed. In this way, Pierre has never killed anyone. His death was due to insanity, otherwise the patrol room would have no face. In this way, Da Zhuang died in vain. Shuigen disagreed, but Ma Tianmu agreed. Biel is already dead. It doesn’t matter how you say it. Besides, the money can save Lu Yi, you can save Yangxing, Ma Tianmu. After comforting Lu Yi, he rushed to the dock to unload the cargo.

Jiang Tai, please secretly ask Shi Dachuan to prepare for the meeting tonight. The third person in the meeting is Wu Chongxin. With the cover of foreign companies talking about business, they also deceived the police. Ma Tianmu left after signing the contract, but Wu Chongxin stayed for a meeting with Jiang Taiping and Shi Dachuan.

The current situation is treacherous, and Wu Chongxin has set up a special party group. There are currently three people, and Chen Lie will be four when he comes back. The content of the meeting is the security issue of Chen Lie and the security issue of Document Zero. Chen Lie’s identity changed according to changes in the current situation. Now he is a Hong Kong businessman, and Jiang Yunqing has not known their true identity for five years. Chen Lie’s identity was inconvenient to verify due to political reasons, and should be released soon.

Tang Xianping asked a Hong Kong person to check Chen Lie’s information. The other party had seen it and said there was no problem, but Tang Xianping still found some suspicious clues and immediately rushed to the patrol room, just in time for Chen Lie and others who were about to be signed and released. The prisoner, Tang Xianping left Chen Lie. Chen Lie was invited back again, a little speechless between the ups and downs. Tang Xianping caught the gap between Chen Lie’s words. In Hong Kong, mullet refers to squid, but he refers to crucian. Chen Lie denied it, but Tang Xianping was suspicious.

Zhu Bicheng was accidentally caught by Tang Xianping in the street a few days ago, but today he met with Tang Xianping’s adoptive father. Both of them are Wang Jingwei’s people. Zhu Bicheng has been funding Wang Jingwei, but this matter has been investigated. Zhu Bizhi did not intend to continue, but was still persuaded. The risk is a bit high, and Zhu Bicheng asked Wang Jingwei to send a commissioner to Shanghai to collect it by himself. File Zero is still in Hujiang Apartment, Wu Chongxin wants to see it. Jiang Tai, please take Wu Chongxin upstairs. Five-and-a-half-year-old Chunmei writes here. She is number zero.

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