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Belief 前行者 Episode 4 Recap

Joan of Arc. Tang Xianping found Jiang Yunqing and told her the ins and outs of the matter. Obviously Jiang Yunqing was Biel’s former secretary, but it was illegal to work outside while studying. She did not dare to admit it. Of course Jiang Yunqing did not believe in Tang Xianping, and wondered if he was a bad person. I don’t even know if Ma Tianmu is a bad person, why would he save a bad person. Jiang Yunqing likes the Communist Party and speaks straightforwardly. Tang Xianping calmly told her that although Ma Tianmu is not a Communist Party, he is a warrior and a patriot. They all applied for the Whampoa Military Academy with the idea of ​​saving the country and the people.

They were the best students in that period, and later they joined the Northern Expedition and became comrades-in-arms who killed the enemy side by side. Tang Xianping recalled the story of that year, if it weren’t for Ma Tianmu, he would have died on the battlefield. Tang Xianping spoke earnestly. Jiang Yunqing could only admit that she had accepted an insurance policy. She had an epiphany as to whether the insurance was purchased yesterday or half a year ago. Biel would dismiss her because she was afraid that she would speak out.

Chen Hengli guided Shugen to pour dirty water on Ma Tianmu, and Shugen could only agree to protect himself. Chen Hengli then led Ma Tianmu to say that Shuigen was the principal offender and that he was an accessory. Chen Hengli would reduce Ma Tianmu’s sentence at that time, and he would be out in three years at most. In this way, Shugen has only a dead end. Ma Tianmu was unwilling to agree, he believed Tang Xianping would come to save himself. Sure enough, Tang Xianping returned with Jiang Yunqing. Jiang Yunqing testified for Ma Tianmu. Chen Hengli threatened her to expel her from school. Jiang Yunqing was not afraid. She was stronger in the face of threats than prayers.

Tang Xianping took a gun to protect Jiang Yunqing behind him, and the two sides almost faced each other with swords, when Jiang Yunqing’s good friend came in. Chen Hengli was taken aback, and quickly asked someone to put the gun away. It turned out that she was Fan Yaluo, the daughter of Fan Yiting. The appearance of Fan Yaluo caused Chen Hengli to change his attitude again, and quickly said that he would call Biel over again to ask him more clearly, but in fact he asked someone to inform Biel, so that he would be unconvinced as soon as he left.

Chen Hengli went and brought Ma Tianmu out again. With so many people protecting him, Chen Hengli became more and more curious about him. When Biel received the news, he followed the people in the patrol room to get better, and Lu Yi was reluctant to give up. Chen Hengli brought Ma Tianmu out. Tang Xianping introduced Fan Yaluo and Jiang Yunqing to him. Ma Tianmu thanked him one by one. Jiang Yunqing asked Ma Tianmu to take off his shirt because Tang Xianping said he was a patriotic young man, and she wanted to be tested for injuries. Ma Tianmu showed a gunshot wound that blocked a bullet for Tang Xianping. Jiang Yunqing was very happy. She didn’t come wrong today.

Ma Tianmu, Tang Xianping, Jiang Yunqing, Fan Yaluo and others were drinking coffee and listening to music in Chen Hengli’s office, waiting for Pierre to confront each other. Contrary to what Chen Hengli thought, the person who took Biel was Zhao Tianliang’s person. Tang Xianping had already guessed Chen Hengli’s intentions, so he tricked Biel over. Chen Hengli was dumbfounded, Jiang Yunqing confronted Biel and was accidentally kidnapped by him. Pierre threatened them to build a car, and the gun in his hand was secretly given to him by Chen Hengli’s men before entering. Fan Yaluo was very scared, and hurriedly asked someone to prepare a car for Pierre, who held Jiang Yunqing in one hand while retreating.

Ma Tianmu did not agree to let Pierre go, instead let Pierre shoot, Jiang Yunqing was afraid and angry. Pierre had lost control of his emotions. Under the guidance of Ma Tianmu, he admitted to the fact that he was murdering and defrauding him. Ma Tianmu then took out a coin and said that he wanted to bet on the pros and cons. Everyone here can testify. Tang Xianping immediately understood what he meant. The moment Ma Tianmu threw the coin, he shot and killed Pierre and saved Jiang Yunqing.

Jiang Yunqing, who was rescued, was still very scared. Tang Xianping quickly explained to her that Ma Tianmu was delaying time and waiting for the opportunity, but Jiang Yunqing still didn’t believe it. She thought she was here to testify to the hero, but she did not expect it to be such a person. Pierre died, and Tang Xianping was anxious to go to work again, but asked Ma Tianmu to meet at 7 o’clock. After Ma Tianmu left the patrol room, he went to see Wu Chongxin. Wu Chongxin once again urged him to be cautious in dealing with Tang Xianping. Chen Hengli sent Fan Yaluo back to the Fan Mansion by the way. Fan Yiting was very fond of Fan Yaluo, and the look in Chen Hengli’s eyes was not so friendly. Their opium is still on the boat of Biel, and Lu Yi is their last bargaining chip

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