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Belief 前行者 Episode 3 Recap

Ma Tianmu was severely strangled with a rope from behind, unable to breathe for a while, Ma Tianmu finally broke free, but the other party took the knife without stopping. Ma Tianmu saw the other party’s face clearly, it was Pierre. . Ma Tianmu was injured and rescued Shugen, who was almost hanged, and Biel chased in and shot him. Ma Tianmu escaped in time, and soon people from the police station arrived. Ma Tianmu went to Wu Chongxin’s address, and Wu Chongxin could only do a simple dressing for him. He didn’t understand why Biel wanted to kill Ma Tianmu.

Obviously, this matter had nothing to do with Pei Ruhai. Ma Tianmu thought about it carefully, and soon figured it out. When Biel was in Paris, he had agreed to give Ma Tianmu a high salary and an insurance, and Ma Tianmu signed them one by one. If Ma Tianmu had an accident, Pierre could get a large insurance premium so that he could repay the money he owed. Lu Yi was panicked when she heard that Biel was going to kill Ma Tianmu. He chose Ma Tianmu only because he had no foundation when he first arrived, but he didn’t expect him to be kung fu.

Shanghai Patrol House. Ma Tianmu came to report the case, saying that two foreigners came to intercept the goods last night. He felt that no matter how valuable the goods were, they would not have his own life and money. So he agreed, but Shugen and Da Zhuang were unwilling to fight the foreigners. The foreigner was killed, and Ma Tianmu emotionally asked them to catch the foreigner and give them revenge. Chen Hengli said that Shuigen was still alive, and he said that Ma Tianmu killed the foreigner. Chen Hengli asked people to arrest Ma Tianmu, and decided to arrest Pierre again and ask. It turned out that this was Wu Chongxin’s arrangement. Ma Tianmu deliberately lied and detained himself just to see Chen Lie and find the whereabouts of Document Zero.

Ma Tianmu was detained. Fortunately, Chen Lie was also detained in this cell. The two had a relationship, and Ma Tianmu quickly recognized him. Ma Tianmu took out the seven-petal plum blossom insoles. This was a sign of Wu Chongxin’s contact with Chen Lie. Chen Lie understood that he was his own after seeing it. The two talked over weeds, and Chen Lie told Ma Tianmu that the zero file was in the Hujiang apartment. It was not the first time that Pierre had killed and cheated on security.

Four Chinese were killed four years ago. Facing Chen Hengli’s questioning, Pierre looked very scared. Pierre took Lu Yi to the inspector general Fan Yiting. For help. Ma Tianmu admitted the foreigner he had killed and confessed that he was a cadet of the Whampoa Military Academy. Chen Hengli had no time to investigate. Ma Tianmu said Tang Xianping’s name, and he could prove it for himself.

Tang Xianping wanted to find an authentic Hong Kong person to verify the annoying information. When he received a call, he hurried to the patrol room to prove Ma Tianmu. Fan Mansion. Biel brought cultural relics to see Fan Yiting. Fan Yiting knew exactly what he had done and didn’t mean to do it. Chen Hengli immediately changed his attitude when he saw Tang Xianping, and asked Ma Tianmu to help write a contract for murder and insurance.

Biel also wanted to make Ma Tianmu disappear from this world, and wanted Fan Yiting to arrest him and bring him to justice. Fan Yiting’s face was a bit ugly. As soon as Tang Xianping and Ma Tianmu left, Chen Hengli received a call from Fan Yiting. Before Ma Tianmu left, Chen Hengli led people to catch Ma Tianmu. There must be ghosts in such a big turn of the matter. Ma Tianmu followed them in and asked Tang Xianping to figure out a solution outside.

Ma Tianmu was detained again, and he quietly wrote to tell Chen Lie that Tang Xianping had to save him. But the person who arrested Chen Lie was also Tang Xianping. Between catching the Communist Party and saving Ma Tianmu, Tang Xianping chose the latter, and he took Zhao Tianliang to the insurance bank. Pierre had already fired the secretary and let her leave forever with the secret of the contract. Therefore, Tang Xianping only found a new secretary who went to work on the first day. By chance, Tang Xianping saw the sign next to him and said that he had seen it, he had seen it at Jiang Yunqing’s place!

Although Jiang Yunqing’s tuition fees are free, there are tuition and miscellaneous fees. For this reason, she secretly went to work, but unfortunately she was expelled on the first day, and she also asked her friends to keep it secret. Chen Hengli told Ma Tianmu the truth of the matter, and now someone has to confess his life if he is accused of being a scapegoat, and he is also asked to confess his guilt, so that he will reduce his sentence. Ma Tianmu was unwilling to plead guilty, and Tang Xianping would definitely help him. Chen Hengli sneered, this is the world of patrol houses in the French Concession.

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