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Belief 前行者 Episode 2 Recap

After Zhao Tianliang tortured Tao Fu and learned that he would join Wu Chongxin tonight, Tang Xianping quickly ordered the arrangement. He had made an appointment to meet with Ma Tianmu tonight, and he was a little embarrassed now. A day ago, Pan Mingyue handed the funds raised for the party organization to Chen Lie, and now he handed the money to Qiu Shaolin. After Pan Mingyue’s sacrifice, Chen Lie heard Tang Xianping’s No.

0 Document, and he wanted to ask Wu Chongxin for instructions. Tang Xianping handed the wine to Ma Tianmu and said that he would pay for the wine and that the meal was about to be cancelled. He also quietly told him that he was going to catch the Communist Party tonight. It was a big fish. Ma Tianmu’s surface was calm, and then immediately rushed to find Wu Chongxin, Qiu Shaolin said that he had gone out. Tang Xianping wanted to arrest someone at night, but Wu Chongxin happened to be out, and Ma Tianmu had some bad guesses.

When Wu Chongxin came to the junction, he had noticed that it was a little strange, but he couldn’t leave rashly. When Ma Tianmu and Qiu Shaolin came to the outside of the church, he found that the rickshaw driver at the door was Zhao Tianliang posing, and he concluded that there should be people from the police station inside. There should be a gunman upstairs. Ma Tianmu graduated from the Whampoa Military Academy. He knew Tang Xianping.

Ma Tianmu wanted to find the gunman and asked Qiu Shaolin to meet Wu Chongxin. Soon Ma Tianmu found the location of the gunman upstairs on the opposite side. After entering the room quietly, Ma Tianmu knocked the opponent out and took the gun and aimed it at the opposite church. Relief food was being distributed in the church. Tang Xianping was very despised because he was so young that he had hands and feet incompatible with this group of people.

Tao Fu pointed out the location of Wu Chongxin, and the church suddenly shot out and everyone fled. Tang Xianping desperately chased him out. Ma Tianmu shot to cover, and Tang Xianping shot back immediately when he found out. Before Ma Tianmu had time to escape, someone came up to search, but fortunately, they just rushed out in the end, and Ma Tianmu left smoothly.

Last night there was a lot of noise in the church shootout, but Chen Lie was worried that Document Zero wanted to hear the instructions as soon as possible. Jiang Taiqing couldn’t rest assured and wanted Shi Dachuan to accompany him. Yu Duxing told Tang Xianping that the traitor they caught was Pei Ruhai, who was in Nanjing. Pei Ruhai is a smart man, he didn’t confess too much.

The antique shop was already destroying documents for transfer, and Wu Chongxin guessed that more important people had leaked the secrets. Chen Lie called. Wu Chongxin immediately guessed that the traitor was Pei Ruhai. He knew everything about the situation here. There was no safe place for them in Shanghai. They must evacuate as soon as possible. But before he could leave, Tang Xianping brought some people. Qiu Shaolin hurriedly covered Wu Chongxin’s departure.

Tang Xianping already knew his identity, and Qiu Shaolin was still calm. Tang Xianping realized that there must be something wrong with the person who had just escaped until he discovered the abnormality, and hurriedly chased after him. In order to cover Wu Chongxin, Qiu Shaolin took the gun and committed suicide. Tang Xianping immediately fired several shots when he heard the gunshots.

Biel foreign company. Wu Chongxin quietly came to meet Ma Tianmu and gave him a new meeting address. Pei Ruhai rebelled, and now only Ma Tianmu is safe. Only Wu Chongxin knows his identity. Wu Chongxin told him to stand still. Tang Xianping took Chen Lie back to the patrol room. Chen Hengli began to interrogate him. After learning that he was living in the Hujiang apartment, Tang Xianping immediately took people there, but no suspicious objects were found in his room. Jiang Tai asked to follow Tang Xianping anxiously to search.

Tang Xianping came to the room of Jiang Tai’s sister, Jiang Yunqing, who was a student of Jeanne of Arc in the French Concession. Jiang Yunqing found that Tang Xianping was very dissatisfied in her room, and at the same time found that he was the person who shot at the church last night, and satirically satirized them. Tang Xianping left without finding anything. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to test Jiang Tai. Would you like to vouch for Chen Lie? Jiang Tai was very cautious. But Tang Xianping is also very skeptical, maybe the entire apartment is a Communist Party.

Biel wants to sell a wanted cultural relic, and Ma Tianmu promises to help him find a way. In the dock, Ma Tianmu directed the two workers to move things, but they suddenly lost their voices, and Ma Tianmu was also severely strangled.

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