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Belief 前行者 Episode 1 Recap

In the early 1930s, the Shanghai party organization was severely damaged due to the leak of secrets by traitors. The Kuomintang veteran and now the secret party member Pan Mingyue and his large number of confidential documents were also unfortunately exposed and became the enemy’s key target.

In 1931, the French Concession of Shanghai. Pan Mingyue was confirmed as the Communist Party. Tang Xianping was assigned to enter the house of his second uncle Pan Mingyue. Although he came alone, there were three cars at the door. Pan Mingyue knew it in her heart. Two years ago, Pan Mingyue had already resigned from the KMT. Tang Xianping was straightforward.

Zhou Enlai was Pan Mingyue’s introduction to the party. Tang Xianping killed the people in Pan Mingyue’s family and asked him to do it himself. He didn’t want to attack his second uncle. Pan Mingyue’s expression remained unchanged. He had always wanted to tell Tang Xianping that China’s real way out was communism, but Tang Xianping couldn’t listen to it, and asked Pan Mingyue to hand over Document Zero.

Pan Mingyue took him upstairs. The moment Tang Xianping opened the door, he stepped on the line and detonated the explosives. The house caught fire and there was no small movement. Pan Mingyue and Tang Xianping stood on the stairs that were about to be burnt down. He refused to leave because no one was qualified to try him, especially Chiang Kai-shek. Tang Xianping couldn’t open Pan Mingyue’s handcuffs and the window anyway. In an instant, Tang Xianping fell from the window, and Pan Mingyue was buried in the flames.

Tang Xianping was taken into the car by his subordinates, and only after waking up did he find that the driver had changed. The car drove to the side of the road, and the two in the back seat fainted after a severe collision, while the person in the driver’s seat limped away with a suitcase. Shanghai, Huajie, Hujiang Apartment. Jiang Taiqing bought it and came back early, and sent it to the tenants with his buddy Shi Dachuan, and took the opportunity to have a meeting with Chen Lie. All three of them were members of the Shanghai underground organization. When Pan Mingyue died, the enemy also knew about Document Zero. Only a few people knew that Document Zero was here. In order to ensure safety, the three Chen Lie worked hard.

French Concession. Freight manager Ma Tianmu came to Biel Bank to meet with the boss Biel and met his wife Lu Yi. Because of the stock issue, Biel was not in a good mood, and Lu Yi seemed a little worried. Huajie, Shanghai Police Station. Tang Xianping and Zhao Tianliang were respectively the director and deputy director of the Investigation Division, reporting to the director Yu Duxing about the actions last night. Tang Xianping believes that Document Zero was not burned. Perhaps the Communist Party who fled as a driver last night was holding Document Zero.

Afterward, Ma Tianmu led the people to the location that the Communist Party had confessed, and finally found the dock. A man with a wounded arm hid in the cargo container at the wharf. Ma Tianmu found that the oozing blood had deliberately broken the red wine, and moved out of the French Concession to detain them. Tang Xianping suddenly appeared to fight Ma Tianmu.

It turned out that the two were old classmates and old friends. Ma Tianmu said that he had just returned to Shanghai from France, but he did not know that Tang Xianping had been looking for him in the past few years, but he also checked his passport routinely. Tang Xianping made an appointment with Ma Tianmu to meet at night and said that he would meet him.

On the way back, Zhao Tianliang learned that Ma Tianmu had been injured in order to save Tang Xianping. After the two left, Ma Tianmu rescued the injured person and told him to go out and leave quickly, not to mention that they had seen him before. The other party was very grateful.

Ma Tianmu then went to the old Charlie antique shop, took out the first anniversary of the death of Empress Dowager Cixi, and met with Wu Chongxin and Qiu Shaolin, heads of the underground party in Shanghai, China. Ma Tianmu is a member of the underground party that Wu Chongxin developed in Paris. His purpose of returning to China is to establish a firm foothold in the French Concession and set up an intelligence network to start work.

Ma Tianmu has found a breakthrough, Tang Xianping, who recently killed many of our comrades, Wu Chongxin told him to be very careful. Wu Chongxin is going to meet with Tao Fu tonight, but we have lost several comrades in a row of accidents recently.

Tao Fu was seriously injured and was dragged by the police to identify whether the arrested people knew each other. Tao Fu refused to say anything, and could no longer hold it under severe punishment.

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