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People’s Property 突围 Episode 6 Recap

Qin Xian was holding the feather duster and said that he would rush to Qin Xiao to get rid of bad luck. Niu Junjie wanted to give Qin Xiaochong the position of the manager of the food market in the new miner village. Qin Inspection was very happy to agree on his behalf, but Qin Xiaochong said that he had returned to the “Jingzhou Times” to be his own business, although he was an assistant to Niu Shiyan.

Qi Ben’an went home to make a meal, and Fan Jiahui also complained that he had declined since becoming a chef. Qi Benan said that he had found a lot of problems when he arrived in Jingzhou, and he also asked Fan Jiahui to support his work.

Fan Jiahui laughed that he was a big winged moth with a moth to the fire. Today’s Jingzhou Zhongfu is not what it used to be, even Qi Ben’an. The two good friends who were in Shanghai before are not what they used to be. Lu Jianshe felt that Qi Benan had taken the position of his secretary, and he hadn’t apologized. He was very unhappy, but he was worried that Qi Benan would rectify him, and he did not dare to return to the hospital to continue his lazy administration.

Qin Xiaochong wanted to find out who had harmed him two years ago. What he suspected was Niu Junjie, Shi Hongxing and Niu Shiyan. Qin Inspection believed that Niu Junjie would not harm Qin Xiaochong. He came up from a worker below the well. Although it seemed that he was the Bull Demon King, he was not a villain. Qin Xiaochong suspected that someone from Jingzhou Zhongfu had killed him. He wrote an in-depth report, which may have offended many people. Qin Xian asked Qin Xiaochong if he really hadn’t had any crooked minds. Qin Xiaochong was very wronged. He was a reporter and a father. He knew the bottom line of the law. He would never do anything about extortion.

Qi Benan asked Fan Jiahui what he thought of Shi Hongxing. This time he found that he didn’t know Shi Hongxing. Fan Jiahui said that this is a normal thing, and no one is immutable. Niu Junjie had been talking about 4.7 billion things with Qi Ben’an. Qi Ben’an was also puzzled. Fan Jiahui said that he wanted to get rid of himself, and also persuaded Qi Ben’an not to continue the investigation. He could not afford to find out what he could not afford. Fan Jiahui believes that Qi Benan cannot turn over the account of his predecessor, but Qi Benan is a more genuine person. Niu Junjie proposed to divorce Shi Hongxing and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to do it tomorrow.

Qin Xiaochong went out to see his ex-wife Zhou Jieling at night, and he wanted to see his daughter Weiwei. Zhou Jieling gave him a USB flash drive and said that she had been telling Weiwei that Qin Xiaochong was studying abroad, so she couldn’t say that he went in because of extortion. Qin Xiaochong repeatedly emphasized that he was wronged.

Although Zhou Jieling believed him, the world was still very real. Qin Xiaochong was going to the mine to investigate. Zhou Jieling said that he had made a fortune from the mine, and urged Qin Xiaochong to return the 300,000 he had lent to his classmates before entering. That was all their savings.

Qin Xiaochong thought for a while, but still didn’t go to Jinglong Mine. When I went home and turned on the computer, I watched Weiwei’s growth video over the past few years, but tears have been streaming down my face for a long time. There are important evidences in Qin Xiaochong’s old mobile phones and old computers, but they are all in Zhou Jieling’s. Two years ago, someone asked him to break the news, saying that Zhongfu’s housing reform fund had been embezzled. As a result, when the police caught him, he had more than 100,000 cash. The more he thought about it, the more things went wrong, and he was wronged!

Qi Benan called Shi Hongxing to meet to discuss the outgoing audit. It was in his room. In this way, the divorce between Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie would not be resolved. It was a joke. Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing pointed to Maimang, and no one would give in. Qi Benan asked Shi Hongxing and Fan Jiahui to terminate the strategic partnership.

He could not continue to cooperate with the “Jingzhou Times”. He was the top leader and could not use power for personal gain. Shi Hongxing refused to agree and emphasized that they are just colleagues. Qi Benan is not her leader and does not exist. Regarding the handover issue, the chairman and secretary Jin supported these two years, including the 4.7 billion purchase of Jingfeng and Jingsheng mines that he signed to buy. Shi Hongxing called Qi Benan to be careful. It’s really hard to tell which of them was corrupt.

Qin Xiaochong ran to his old classmate Huang Qingyuan to ask him for money the next day. This was all his savings and Zhou Jieling’s savings. Qin Xiaochong still has to investigate what happened two years ago, but Huang Qingyuan doesn’t like to burn himself, knowing it or not knowing it. Shi Hongxing told Qi Ben’an that Jin Yixue was in Kunming and Qi Ben’an passed immediately. He turned around and called Jin Yixue to persuade him to give Qi Ben’an a face. The new official was appointed to three positions. Jin Yiye had already gone to Xishuangbanna and planned to let Qi Ben’an follow the road. . Qi Ben’an got off the plane and found out that Jin Xing had gone to Xishuangbanna, but he planned to wait in Kunming.

Li Xuexue asked Yingcheng about the demolition of shanty towns, and only then did he know that the five hundred million yuan of Zhongfu Group had been taken back. Shi Hongxing refused Niu Junjie’s divorce, and went to see Fan Jiahui.

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