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People’s Property 突围 Episode 5 Recap

Niu Junjie talked with Qi Ben’an, but hope arose in his heart. When he returned to the company, Mr. Qian asked Mr. Qian and the others to come up with a plan. Although Qi Ben’an was a bit bookish, he was a person who wanted to work. Niu Junjie also decided Play with him

Qi Ben’an found the way to build, and he had to talk about the construction of the party style of Zhongfu in Beijing. Lu Jianshe still looks like a mess. He said that he was just a melon-eater, and backhanded Shi Hongxing, saying that the group’s eating and drinking problems were serious, but Shi Hongxing refused to let the investigation, so he shelved it. Lu Jianshe said that he did not dare to control Lin Manjiang’s people, and then satirized Qi Benan. Qi Benan asked him to take a good look at the corruption within the group. Lu Jianshe also left ears in and right ears out. He was obviously not satisfied with Lin’s shop.

The former reporter of “Jingzhou Times” Qin Xiaochong came out of prison, and Niu Junjie’s people came to pick him up immediately, saying that he would be shocked by the wind, but Qin Xiaochong would not pay attention to it. If it weren’t for Niu Junjie, he would not fold in. Qin Xiaochong got into the car, and when the Jinglong Mine had an accident, he extorted him in the name of in-depth investigation, and opened his mouth for 100,000. Qin Xiaochong sat in the back seat, a little impatient. Niu Junjie said that he would receive the wind at the Jingzhou Energy Canteen, but Qin Xiaochong was a bit disgusted. Niu Junjie didn’t expect that this fraudster would really dare to come, so he only asked the cafeteria to send a few buns over, saying that the business life was not easy, so that General Qin Xiaochong would have something to eat.

Qin Xiaochong spoke sharply and asked Niu Junjie whether it was his problem or the long-term corruption of their leaders? This is what the mine manager Chen who went in said. Qin Xiaochong had nothing to say to Niu Junjie, so he closed his mouth just to send him in. But Qin Xiaochong’s father had been Niu Junjie’s master, he asked Niu Junjie to help him find a livelihood for him, and Niu Junjie couldn’t leave it alone. Qin Xiaochong didn’t appreciate it, and Niu Junjie didn’t have any kind words to tell him to get out. Before Qin Xiaochong left, he did not forget to satirize Niu Junjie as a corrupt element and would be punished sooner or later.

Qin Xiaochong returned to the “Jingzhou Times” and insisted on seeing Fan Jiahui. Fan Jiahui asked him to go back. Qin Xiaochong was expelled from the newspaper two years ago. Qin Xiaochong was very wronged and said that he was caught in the trap for anti-corruption, and he begged Fan Jiahui to think about his own good. As soon as Qi Benan came back from the mine, Shi Hongxing called Xingshi to inquire about the crime, reminding him that Niu Junjie, but Lin Manjiang clearly stated that he would take it down, and he shouldn’t scorn Lin Manjiang’s instructions as soon as he took office.

Niu Shiyan and Fan Jiahui quarreled because of reports. Fan Jiahui valued advertising sponsorship, but Niu Shiyan wanted to make some real reports. Qin Xiaochong waited sternly and wanted to be a reporter. In the past, Qin Xiaochong was the leader of Niu Shiyan, but now that time has passed, Niu Shiyan is showing off in front of him in the name of Director Niu. Qin Xiaochong’s anger and resentment are accumulating. When people are unlucky, some people always think of his jokes, such as Niu Shiyan in front of him. But Qin Xiaochong also had to swallow his anger, because he still wanted to find evidence from Niu Shiyan that he was framed.

Niu Junjie went to his master Qin to inspect the house, and accidentally fell on the road.

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