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People’s Property 突围 Episode 4 Recap

Qi Benan wanted to arrange Pi Dan, but he was afraid of hurting Cheng Duanyang’s heart. As for Niu Junjie, Qi Benan intends to look at it again. It is still a matter of employing people. If Pi Dan and Niu Junjie take down the mess of Jingzhou Energy, who will deal with it. Shi Hongxing had something to say first, let Qi Benan not open up to Niu Junjie just because he is his husband. Pi Dan likes real estate speculation, Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing reached an agreement to transfer him to Jingzhou Zhongfu Real Estate as a named supervisor. Pi Dan was also afraid of being cleaned up by Qi Benan, so she went to Cheng Duanyang and hoped that she would call Lin Manjiang and arrange for him to be the chairman of the labor union of the Jingzhou Zhongfu Holding Group. Of course, Cheng Duanyang would not agree.

Cheng Duanyang called and said that he didn’t think it was appropriate to go out and pick up Qi Ben’an, and asked him to come home to cook some favorite dishes. The master and apprentice had a good chat, and Qi Ben’an agreed. Shi Hongxing didn’t plan to go with Qi Ben’an. She just went to see Cheng Duanyang two days ago.

Shi Hongxing originally planned to cede the office to Qi Ben’an. Seeing that her office hadn’t been arranged yet, she regretted it again. Qi Benan was helpless. Shi Hongxing asked him to go to the VIP building of Zhongfu Hotel for a few days to work. Qi Benan disagreed and complained about Shi Hongxing’s mischief. Shi Hongxing said that it doesn’t matter if two people stay together for a few days temporarily. Anyway, she is going to give up her husband, but Fan Jiahui knows what to do with them. Qi Ben’an was helpless again, and decided to work for a few days in the room he was staying in.

Shi Hongxing called Lin Manjiang, saying that Qi Ben’an was not the skinny monkey who was bullied back then, as if he had changed. Lin Manjiang was helpless, and repeatedly told him not to dismantle the platform and only make up for it, but Shi Hongxing even said that Qi Benan was going to work in the VIP building of the Zhongfu Hotel, looking at the world like Lin Manjiang. Shi Hongxing repeatedly emphasized that Qi Ben’an had changed, but Lin Manjiang was relieved.

Originally, he was worried that Qi Ben’an would be too weak. Shi Hongxing also said that Qi Benanhui was Lin Manjiang’s gravedigger. Lin Manjiang anxiously scolded Shi Hongxing for talking nonsense. Jingzhou Zhongfu was struggling. At this time, she and Qi Benan could not engage in internal strife. Tong Huage quickly answered the phone and said that Lin Xiaowei had gone to Jingzhou and was staying in Jingzhou Zhongfu Hotel.

In the evening, Qi Benan went to Cheng Duanyang’s home, and the master and apprentice chatted together. Qi Ben’an looked at Cheng Duanyang’s house. The whole house was in a dilapidated house. But Cheng Duanyang was unwilling to live in Pi Dan’s house. Qi Ben’an sighed and quickly called Pi Dan and asked him to find someone to take safety measures. Cheng Duanyang sighed that the most sorry organization in her life was the birth of a son like Pi Dan.

Fortunately, she also raised three apprentices, and they were very competitive. Cheng Duanyang made dinner and talked about the days when Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing were apprentices. At that time, they were the most naughty. Shi Hongxing chased Qi Benan to write a letter of determination for him, but Qi Benan took her seriously. After the oath meeting, Shi Hongxing colluded with the blacksmith class and tied Qi Ben’an to an old man to watch the melon. This matter has been said for most of his life.

Cheng Duanyang put all the money in Pi Dan, and Pi Dan cheated her without telling her. Fortunately, Lin Manjiang remembered Cheng Duanyang and often sent her things. Cheng Duanyang treats Lin Manjiang as his son. Lin Manjiang’s provincial model worker quota was lost. He almost took a knife to find someone else desperately. In order to find justice for him, Cheng Duanyang gave up his national labour quota. Shi Hongxing told Pi Dan Qi Ben’an wanted to arrange him to the real estate company, but Pi Dan was unwilling, so he wanted to go to the group union. Cheng Duanyang went on to talk about the reason why Qi Benan was transferred. She knew that Shi Hongxing must have failed to dry him. Speaking of work, Qi Benan quickly talked about Pi Dan. Cheng Duanyang understood that his son could not support the wall with mud and Pi Dan should be dismissed completely. She supported Qi Benan.

Pi Dan asked Shi Hongxing for a new position, saying that he would be the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection. Shi Hongxing smiled bitterly. If he could be the secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhongfu in Jingzhou would be corrupted. Shi Hongxing had long been bored with Pi Dan, and was waiting for Qi Ben’an to deal with him now. Qi Benan left Cheng Duanyang’s home and received a call from Fan Jiahui.

Fan Jiahui thought that Qi Benan hadn’t been transferred and admitted his mistake, but he didn’t know that Qi Benan was in Jingzhou. Qi Ben’an returned to the hotel and found Wang Pingan waiting outside for him drunk. As soon as he came up, he took out a card to show his position, saying that he would always be Qi Ben’an. Qi Ben’an was stunned. The two were brothers and friends in the past. He didn’t think he had seen him today, and asked Wang Ping An to take this card away. As soon as Wang Ping’an left, Li Gongquan came, and of course he also brought gifts and bank cards.

He said that he would do things according to the rules. Qi Benan was so angry that he drove him back. Qi Ben’an was in a mixed mood. He called Lin Manjiang but hung up again. He didn’t expect Lin Manjiang to call again. Qi Ben’an didn’t talk about this. Lin Manjiang asked him to have a good relationship with Shi Hongxing, so that she could adapt. Qi Benan reacted, and Shi Hongxing must have said something to him. The problems of Wang Pingan and Li Gongquan made Qi Benan realize that the fight against corruption is a long-term and complex task.

The next day, Qi Ben’an and Niu Junjie went to see the Jingzhou Energy Mine. Niu Junjie was a little ridiculous in his words. Niu Junjie said that several small shareholders had united to sue them. Pi Dan didn’t take it seriously. Qi Ben’an was a little angry, saying that Pi Dan had no good days. Niu Junjie also mentioned the five hundred million that Jingzhou Zhongfu had given to the city. He wanted to get the money back. Qi Benan said that it was minimal to want to get back. Who is Lu Deguang? How easy is it. Niu Junjie and Qi Benan went to the mine together. Qi Benan felt that Niu Junjie still has many constructive ideas about Jingzhou Energy, so he asked him to come up with a plan these days. The energy problem in Jingzhou is acute and lies in front of Qi Ben’an, but as a leader, he must not hold back.

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