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People’s Property 突围 Episode 3 Recap

Niu Junjie hurried over after receiving the news that the Jinglong Mine was flooded. Wang Zihe quietly told Niu Junjie that five years ago, the city wanted each mine to pay for the shantytown renovation project, a total of 500 million yuan, and the other two. The billion yuan came from Zhongfu, Jingzhou, but the shantytown renovation project hasn’t moved in the past five years, so they have a little thought. Lv Deguang also wanted to meet Lv Jiajia’s boyfriend Lin Xiaowei. Before he could say a few words, he received a call from the secretary of learning Li, inviting him to attend a guidance meeting tomorrow to carry out his work on his work and integrity. The next day, Lu Deguang adjusted the arrangements for the meeting.

The new official Qi Benan took office to open the meeting, but the positions of Pi Dan and Niu Junjie were still empty, and Shi Hongxing quickly asked Wu Sitai to call them. Qi Benan quietly asked Shi Hongxing and Niu Junjie in the same room that he was still late. Shi Hongxing quickly said that he had separated, and she didn’t see Niu Junjie when she left this morning. Niu Shiyan received the call and quickly called Niu Junjie who was still sleeping, saying that Qi Ben’an was here and wanted to have a meeting. Lu Jianshe didn’t come either. Shi Hongxing said that he was upset recently and went out to call him. Lu Jianshe kept saying that she was not feeling well and was being treated in the hospital. It didn’t matter whether the third shopkeeper of Lin’s shop came or not, and Shi Hongxing was helpless and looked on.

On the way Niu Shiyan drove Niu Junjie to the meeting, Niu Junjie didn’t take Qi Benan to heart. He was better at dealing with it than Shi Hongxing. Pi Dan also believes that Qi Ben’an is the weakest and incompetent of Cheng Ruiyang’s three apprentices, and he doesn’t care at all when he is a new official. Niu Junjie and Pi Dan entered the meeting room one after another, Qi Benan naturally caught them and criticized them before entering the meeting formally. After announcing the appointment of Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing, Qi Benan began to speak. Shi Hongxing, Niu Junjie, Pi Dan and others have already begun to doze off.

Lv Deguang emphasized the importance of lazy governance at the report meeting on integrity and debriefing. After that, he left because there were still two meetings to be held. Secretary Zheng Xingfu from Guangming District began to report on integrity and debriefing. Qi Ben’an talked about the lack of progress in the shantytown renovation plan, while Cheng Duanyang still lived in such a house, Pi Dan was a little embarrassed. Niu Junjie snored and interrupted Qi Ben’an. Zheng Xingfu was also asked about the inaction of the shantytown renovation project, and he was sweating immediately. It’s the next person’s turn to report.

Qi Benan’s new official took office as the three firemen, indicating that since he came, he would assume the responsibility of the top leader. The ups and downs of this meeting made Shi Hongxing, a strong woman, a bit deeply disappointed. She could no longer shake off her arms and just do it, and Qi Ben’an also had to have a new understanding. After the meeting, everyone discussed the meaning of Qi Ben’an today, obviously there was something in the words. Qi Ben’an kept Pi Dan and Niu Junjie, and criticized him for being late. Pi Dan babbled about gag and Qi Benan set close, but Niu Junjie yawned and discounted and didn’t listen at all.

Shi Hongxing found an office again, and now she is no longer in charge, she wants to put her position right. Qi Benan deliberately called the hospital to inquire about Pi Dan’s condition. Niu Junjie had fainted and was awakened by Qi Benan angrily and said that there was a cause. Shi Hongxing told Cheng Duanyang that Qi Benan was coming to see her. She arranged to eat out. Cheng Duanyang also reminded them not to eat and drink randomly. They are cadres and must implement the spirit of the central government. When Qi Benan came, Shi Hongxing was always a little awkward. Although he was better than others, but when he really came today, she felt that he had touched her own cake. Cheng Duanyang persuaded Shi Hongxing to correct her position so that she would support her.

Qi Ben’an called to verify that Niu Junjie rushed to the mine last night, and quickly stood up to apologize to him. Pi Dan kept getting close to him, but Qi Ben’an told him to return to the hospital to continue the treatment of the three highs and completely ignored it. After the talk, Hou Shi Hongxing came and said that Cheng Duanyang had repeatedly asked himself not to bully Qi Benan. Shi Hongxing sneered inwardly, no one took Qi Ben’an seriously, but she climbed up step by step.

Niu Junjie did not rest and went straight back to the company, but Pi Dan was afraid that he would be dismissed by Qi Benan, and ran to Cheng Duanyang for help. Qi Ben’an moved Pi Dan’s mind and tried to take him down.

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