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Modern City 暖阳之下 Episode 1 Recap

In the marriage life of contemporary society, many couples are anxious about material things, thus ignoring the most fundamental original intention. Therefore, psychologists who specialize in the study of the emotions of the sexes give corresponding opinions, hoping that everyone can be more honest and take part of their due responsibilities. , Not only must learn to be independent, but also know how to give each other enough trust.

As the radio program came to an end, Song Sining, who was driving, suddenly received a call from her boss Wu Zhiguo, informing her that she would transfer Guo Peng away by any means and leave his resources in Beijing. At this time, the old employee Guo Peng was drunk with a wine bottle, and went to Dude Insurance Company alone to find Wu Zhiguo to settle accounts. Colleagues talked about it and couldn’t help feeling sympathy.

Guo Peng admitted that he was rigorous and responsible for eight years of work, and he had never slackened at all. But in the end, the company squeezed out the last trace of value, and it became the rubbish discarded by the other party, which made him really unwilling. Although the company did not directly dismiss, but transferred Guo Peng to Ji’an, anyone with a discerning eye could see that if an old employee went to a new place and started from scratch, it would be a waste of his half-life, and it would be worse than a recent graduate.

But in Song Sining’s view, the reason why the company is like this is simply that Guo Peng’s behavior is conservative but not good, especially when a second child has been added to his family recently. Many times he will show a state of mental exhaustion, not more aggressive than other young people, sooner or later. Have to face the situation of survival of the fittest.

In order to resolve the contradiction in front of him, Song Sining deliberately provoked the family topic that Guo Peng cared about, and eventually broke his psychological defenses, and then reported the matter to Wu Zhiguo, and helped Guo Peng win some benefits by the way. Because of Guo Peng’s affairs, Song Sining’s mood slightly affected, feeling the pressure brought by the workplace environment.

In addition, the behavior of her husband Li Junlong completely angered Song Siming. Originally, her daughter Dora was going to take a dance class, but Li Junlong was taken to play football. This was completely unsuccessful in Song Siming’s view. After the incident, Li Junlong kept apologizing to his wife, explaining that he believed that the child should let go of his nature and should not be prematurely tired of schoolwork. As a result, the couple had a disagreement over the education of the child.

Seeing her parents quarreling, Dora offered to go to her grandparents’ house for dinner. Song Sining accidentally learned that her mother-in-law was indulging her husband’s behavior and went to the dance class without telling herself. That night, Li Junlong called to wash his feet graciously, and repeatedly admitted his mistakes, and was finally forgiven by Song Sining.

On the second day of the company’s regular meeting, Wu Zhiguo reported to Chen Songying as usual, but as the sales director and director, she expressed dissatisfaction with Wu Zhiguo’s personnel arrangements, especially his patriarchal patriarchal problems, so she was put down in public.

After the meeting, Chen Songying invited her best friend Song Sining to a hundred-day banquet held by the client to celebrate the birth of the second child. Song Sining agreed to a party with her friends when she was off work and talked about her current ease of life, and at the same time, she was afraid that being too comfortable would lead to a weakening of the relationship between husband and wife.

Tu Yue gave some thoughts based on her professional psychological knowledge. On the contrary, a pretty girl who married into a wealthy family suggested having a second child, which would naturally heat up the relationship between the couple. The two had their own arguments. Just as Song Sining was in trouble, he suddenly received flowers and a gift of apology from Li Junlong, and his mood instantly turned from cloudy to sunny, feeling very sweet.

On the other hand, Chen Songying and her husband Guan Zheng have been married for many years. Their marriage has long existed in name only. One is a strong career woman who insists on DINKism, and the other is the chairman of “Juding Real Estate”. In private, it seems alienated.

On the 10th wedding anniversary, Guan Zheng booked a restaurant and invited Chen Songying to have dinner. It can be seen that Chen Songying was perfunctory. After finishing the date hastily, he was going to attend the dinner, which was unavoidable. Before leaving, Guan Zheng said that the company would meet next week and hoped that Chen Songying would attend with him. Chen Songying agreed without hesitation.

After attending the funeral of his friend Liu Jun, Li Junlong looked at the scene of the white-haired man sending the black-haired man to his heart. At the same time, he realized the impact of the only child on the family. Taking advantage of Song Siming’s interest, Li Junlong took the opportunity to propose a second child. Unfortunately, he did not get Song Siming’s response. Instead, Dora was envious of those little friends with younger siblings when she was out of school.

Chen Songying handed the invitation letter to Song Sining, mentioning that she had fired the person arranged by Wu Zhiguo and re-recruited the excellent girls who had interviewed before. Song Sining went home and found that Li Junlong had prepared a candlelight dinner specially, warm and thoughtful, which surprised her, but once again refused her husband’s request to have a second child, because she was no longer young, and she would face many risks if she became pregnant. The current life has changed, greatly increasing material stress.

On the day of the banquet, Song Siming wanted Li Junlong to take advantage of the opportunity to make connections, but Li Junlong played with Dora next to him, and did not listen to her at all. President He, who hosted this 100-day banquet, took the stage to give a speech. He was very happy to be able to get a son when he was old. Unexpectedly, his daughter Helana directly threw the pictures of the family of three from the second floor, and then sat outside the guardrail to force her to death, and angrily scolded her parents for giving birth regardless of their own wishes. The next brother.

Song Sining understood Helana very well, so she tried her best to soothe her emotions and took the initiative to tell that she was born in a patriarchal family, including her half-brother Song Youyi. However, through the years of getting along, Song Sining’s repulsive psychology has gradually changed. She discovered that having one more younger brother is not because of losing love, and perhaps even having a special love. As for whether the two brothers and sisters get along well, it all depends on how you treat this. Relationship.

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