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People’s Property 突围 Episode 1 Recap

In the early 1930s, the Chinese revolution fell into a low ebb, and local party organizations established a number of commercial and trading enterprises. After 80 years of prosperous years, Shanghai Fu Ji Company has survived to this day. In 2013, the headquarters of Zhongfu Group. Chairman Lin Manjiang, Minister of Propaganda Qi Ben’an, Secretary Zhang Jiying and others visited the headquarters together. The group’s 80th anniversary celebration is in an orderly preparation.

Shi Hongxing, vice chairman and general manager of Jingzhou Zhongfu Branch of Zhongfu Branch received the news of the 80th anniversary celebration of the headquarters, and believed that there must be no problems at this time. Fan Jiahui, the president of the “Jingzhou Times”, returned to Jingzhou on a business trip and immediately contacted her husband Qi Ben’an. Qi Ben’an has always been afraid of his wife, but at the moment he refuses to answer the call for the sake of face. Zhang Jiying received a call about the accident at the Jingzhou Energy Company’s mine and quickly told Lin Manjiang that Lin Manjiang couldn’t even listen to the report, and Qi Benan had the opportunity to meet Fan Jiahui.

Niu Junjie kept asking Shi Hongxing for money. Although the two are a husband and wife, Shi Hongxing is not a private person. Secretary Zhang and Lin Manjiang discussed, and immediately decided to let Qi Benan return to Jingzhou Zhongfu as the chairman and party secretary. Qi Benan was at a loss when he received the call. Qi Ben’an’s coming to Jingzhou to take up a post disrupted Shi Hongxing’s plan, and she had to deal with the Jingzhou energy problem that Lin Manjiang explained as soon as possible. Shi Hongxing gave way to construction and checked Niu Junjie.

She did not protect her husband, so she felt a little surprised by way of construction. Lu Jianshe suddenly started to shirk, saying that Shi Hongxing wanted to use her own hand to beat Niu Junjie to achieve the goal of divorce. Shi Hongxing gritted her teeth. Lu Jianshe has been investigating Niu Junjie, but Niu Junjie feels that he is a top seller and plans to quit his job in two days.

Fan Jiahui feels that Lin Manjiang is always confused. When has Qi Benan been the top leader in his life, how much responsibility is the top leader of a state-owned enterprise? Fan Jiahui is worried about Qi Benan’s business ability and is afraid that others will gossip behind him, but Qi Ben’an wants to give it a try. He really wanted to do practical things. He also said that if he tried, he would voluntarily step down. He would come back and continue to be the second child of ten thousand years.

Qi Ben’an returned to the Zhongfu Group to see Zhang Jiying as soon as he finished eating. Zhang Jiying confessed that the party group decided his whereabouts a month ago. Today something happened in Jingzhou, so he took the opportunity to announce Qi Ben’an’s transfer order. In this case, Qi Ben’an was sent over, and Qi Ben’an also beat the drums in his heart. Afterwards, Qi Benan went to Lin Manjiang’s office. Qi Ben’an is Lin Manjiang’s junior.

To be honest, he has some worries about Qi Ben’an. Jingzhou Zhongfu’s leadership team is relatively weak, and it is not a small difficulty for Qi Ben’an. When Lin Manjiang talked with Qi Ben’an, he also asked him to be mentally prepared. Qi Ben’an said that Fan Jiahui did not want him to return to work in Jingzhou, and he was hesitant to say that in case Fan Jiahui would call him, he hoped that Lin Manjiang would not bother about it.

Shi Hongxing is also Lin Manjiang’s younger sister. She is not convinced by Qi Benan’s sudden transfer. Lin Manjiang sees her attitude and decides to call Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing at home for dinner after the meeting tomorrow. The three have a good chat. At the meeting the next day, Qi Benan and Shi Hongxing chatted quietly. To be honest, Qi Benan is very cooperative, not as difficult as Lu Jiancheng. Niu Junjie had a headache because of the Jingzhou Energy issue. After thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t help but find Shi Hongxing. Of course, the relationship between the two of them was not harmonious.

As expected, Fan Jiahui called Lin Manjiang. She was worried that Qi Benan would not be able to do the job. Lin Manjiang quickly called Qi Benan out during the meeting and prevented Fan Jiahui from returning. Jingzhou Zhongfu is the controlling shareholder of Jingzhou Energy. What was discussed at the meeting was also the treatment of Jingzhou Energy.

Pi Dan, the chairman of Jingzhou Energy, has always turned a blind eye to the company’s affairs, only speculating on his own stocks and buying houses to make money, and his mother is Lin Manjiang’s master. Pi Dan hoped that his mother would recommend him to Lin Manjiang, but his mother knew that he was a Buddhist cadre who only cared about buying a house and ignored him. The energy situation in Jingzhou is not good, and Pi Dan doesn’t want to go on, but Pi Dan’s mother taught him that he should cooperate with Niu Junjie to lead the company well and seek governance in his place, and don’t let workers scold him. As soon as Pi Dan was about to leave, he saw Niu Junjie leading people to make trouble to ask for money, and quickly took his mother back to hide.

Qi Ben’an and Shi Hongxing took the lead to exit and went to Lin Manjiang’s home to make a table of dishes. The three brothers and sisters planned to sit down and have a good chat.

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