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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 24 Recap

Ye Qingran lives in the study every day, and the unbearable Tuoba Ye Qian asks him why he hates to marry himself, but Ye Qingran is unwilling to answer. Facing Ye Qingran’s indifference and avoidance, Tuoba Yeqian, who was extremely disappointed, began to question whether it was right for her to stay in this place that did not belong to her for the sake of Ye Qingran. When she was sad and crying, she missed her father and emperor more and more. Mother concubine.

Rong Jing sent a secret letter to Ye Qingran. He wanted Ye Qingran to protect Yun Qianyue. Unknowingly, Yun Qianyue was sent to the palace. Ye Qingran complained that she went to Rong Jing but didn’t tell herself, Yun Qianyue. Smiled and apologized and teased his newlywed life. Tuoba Yeqian was very happy to see Yun Qianyue. After Yun Qianyue found the sadness between Tuoba Yeqian’s eyebrows and asked why, Tuoba Yeqian, with a strong smile, said that Ye Qingran was very good to her, and Yun Qianyue regarded herself as an example. The example relieved Tuoba Yeqian, she asked Tuoba Yeqian to communicate more with Ye Qingran.

After Ye Tianyi escaped from the mansion and joined Lan Yi, his army was ready to go outside the city. Ye Tianyi decides to enter the palace to rescue his mother. It has long been discovered that Rong Jing at this time, in order to rescue Rong Feng, he asked Ye Tianyi to bring himself into the palace. He handed over evidence of Ye Tianyi’s rebellion to show his attitude. Ye Tianyi prepared for the throne. He asked Rong Jing, who was good at imitating handwriting, to imitate the emperor’s Zhuli.

Concubine Xiao, who was imprisoned in prison, thought that the emperor had been deceived and believed that Ye Tianyi was rebellious. The same place where Lord Leng pointed out that there was no place for Ye Tianyi in the emperor’s heart. The emperor was in prison. Concubine Xiao wanted to explain, but was interrupted by the emperor. The emperor said that it was impossible for Concubine Leng, who had no children and no daughter, to frame the prince. Concubine Xiao defended. The emperor stated that Concubine Leng would never have children, because of the Leng family.

The force is so powerful that if she has children, it will be a disaster, and Lord Leng also knows that Concubine Leng will definitely not do anything. Concubine Xiao wanted to impress the emperor with many years of friendship, but the emperor who knew she had an adulterous relationship with Prince Leng was not moved. The emperor asked Concubine Xiao if she was loyal. Concubine Xiao believed that the reason why she wanted to become the queen mother was for a hundred years. After that, he could have the same acupuncture point with the emperor.

The angry emperor coughed up blood. He decided to summon Ye Qingran. After receiving the news, Ye Qingran released a signal flare. Chen Liu, the general of Huxin Island, sounded the drum after seeing the signal and assembled the army. In order to protect Concubine Xiao, Lord Leng took poison and committed suicide. Before his death, Lord Leng told his sincerity to Concubine Xiao. Seeing the death of Lord Leng who cherished herself, Concubine Xiao had no desire for world affairs anymore, she took off the hairpin on her head and committed suicide.

Ye Tianyi thinks that Qin Yuning is not the person to make a big deal, but he still has to join Qin Yuning, who is in charge of Ying Yangwei, to enter the palace. Rong Jing took the people from the Mo Pavilion into the palace and went straight to the inner prison. Wu Yu and others who were ambushing here were strangled by Rong Jing and others. Rong Jing recognized from Wu Yu’s body that he was the one who destroyed Murong Mansion. Wu Yu regretted that he had not been able to eradicate the roots. After Ye Tianyi entered the palace, he instructed Qin Yuning to guard the city gate, and if he saw Rong Jing going out, he would shut his mouth.

Lan Yi, who entered the palace together, led the Lan family to kill the guards in the palace. Ye Tianyi, who could not find Concubine Xiao, asked the emperor, and the emperor revealed the news of Concubine Xiao’s death. The impatient Ye Tianyi didn’t understand why he was good at everything but he couldn’t get the emperor’s affirmation. The emperor believed that Ye Tianyi was not his own child at all. Death. The death of the emperor made Ye Tianyi very surprised. When Lan Yi arrived, Ye Tianyi hurriedly said that he was not the emperor who had killed him.

Yun Qianyue, who was staying with Tuoba Yeqian, suddenly woke up. She asked Ye Qingran where she was. Tuoba Yeqian said that Ye Qingran had already entered the palace. Yun Qianyue, who had a premonition that something was happening, got up in a hurry.

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