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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 23 Recap

Rong Jing and Yun Qianyue lead an easy life like ordinary people. Yun Qianyue cooks for Rong Jing, and Rong Jing acted like a baby and asked Yun Qianyue to feed him. Yun Qianyue sighed that she had known this, so she should bring more banknotes. Next to him, Rong Jing mentioned the golden Buddhas in Xiangquan Mountain’s secret room. Those are his private possessions. Now he wants to give them all to Yun Qianyue. Yun Qianyue adjusted the black belly of Smile Jing, but she just liked this kind of appearance. Rong Jing hopes to live like this forever. Yun Qianyue said that wherever there is Rong Jing, she will feel at ease.

When Rong Jing went to the mountains to pick wild fruits, he ran into Shangguan Mingyu, who had found it here. Rong Jing asked Shangguan Mingyu, who had been with him to pursue his own happiness. Shangguan Mingyu asked him if he regretted his choice. Rong Jing said that he did. With Yun Qianyue, I am already satisfied.

Shangguan’s family has guarded the Royal Palace for generations. After Shangguan Mingyu was taken in by Prince Rong, she came to Rong Jing’s side when she was young, and the two grew up together. When Rong Jing deliberately investigated the Murong Mansion tragedy, he wanted to let Shangguan Mingyu be free. For this reason, Rong Jing made no secret of telling Shangguan Mingyu that he was the eldest son of Murong Mansion. Shangguan Mingyu not only did not leave, but also took the initiative to help Rong Jing. Investigate the case.

Rong Jing, whose ten fingers did not touch the sun’s spring water, washed her clothes. Yun Qianyue sighed and told her all about her future. She also explained that she was looking for the Three Treasures to return to her own time. She was worried that one day she would suddenly Leave. After hearing this, Rong Jing said that he was tempted by Yun Qianyue when he fell into the water ten years ago, and Yun Qianyue also passed through it at that time. Rong Jing asked Yun Qianyue not to return to the modern era. In fact, Yun Qianyue was reluctant to leave.

Li Yun, who lives in modern times, likes to soak her feet while watching TV. Now Rong Jing accompanies Yun Qianyue to soak her feet. Although Yun Qianyue feels very sweet, Rong Jing conjures a group of fireflies to Yun Qianyue, which makes Yun Qianyue Surprised.

Rong Jing was worried that Yun Qianyue would catch a cold if she took too long to take a bath, so Yun Qianyue had to come out early. Rong Jing not only prepared a wealth of dishes, but also prepared a pot of drunk rouge. Yun Qianyue’s face looked like rouge after drinking it. It was very touching. Yun Qianyue sews clothes for Rong Jing, but her hands are full of needles, and she feels distressed that Yun Qianyue’s Rong Jing promises to do this by herself in the future.

Yun Qianyue didn’t dare to fall asleep. She was afraid that after waking up, Rong Jing would return to indifference. Rong Jing confessed affectionately that she would guard Yun Qianyue for generations. Yun Qianyue reluctantly refuses to get up, and Rong Jing dotes on Yun Qianyue’s face and grooms her face. Yun Qianyue feels that she can help Rong Jing fulfill a wish. Rong Jing hopes that Yun Qianyue can give birth to a child for herself.

Rong Jing’s whereabouts are unknown. Under impulsiveness, Rong Feng broke into the palace alone to assassinate the emperor. Wu Yu shot Rong Feng to capture Rong Feng alive, and the emperor asked Wu Yu to spread the news to attract Rong Jing.

After Yun Qianyue fell asleep, Rong Jing went to the stove to cook. Shangguan Mingyue brought Yu Luoyao to come up to them. Yu Luoyao was responsible for Rong Jing’s obsession with female sex, which caused the revenge-eager Rong Feng to fall into the trap. .

Yu Luoyao learned from Qin Xiang that the emperor’s fear of Rong Jing was not only because of the wealth of Prince Rong’s mansion, but also because of the rumor that General Murong had only one son and the fact that her father told her to assist Rong Jing. Yu Luoyao speculated that Rong Jing was the reason. The prince of Qi country. When Qi Kingdom was destroyed, the infant prince was sent to General Murong by the nurse. General Murong took refuge in the ancestral emperor of Tiansheng in order to protect his home and the prince of Qi. General Murong. Rong Jing grew up under the preferential treatment of General Murong. When Murong’s family broke down, Prince Rong, who had been with General Murong, took in Rong Jing and gave him this name, calling him the elder son of Prince Rong.

As the daughter of the prime minister of Qi State, Yu Luoyao had an early marriage contract with the prince of Qi State. Now that all the truths are reported, Yu Luoyao said that Rong Jing is not only Qi State’s hope, but also her own hope. She let Rong Jing Don’t forget that the country hates family feuds, and as long as Rong Jing’s identity exists for a day, he will not be able to lead a normal life, and Yun Qianyue will suffer too. Rong Jing didn’t want to believe this, but everything that happened actually confirmed it. He said that the top priority was to get Rong Feng.

Yun Qianyue woke up and found that Rong Jing had disappeared and was very anxious. After Rong Jing came back, she comforted Yun Qianyue but did not mention that Rong Feng was arrested. After nightfall, the troubled Rong Jing was unable to fall asleep. Yun Qianyue asked why. Rong Jing lied that he was going to take Yun Qianyue to travel around the world. Yun Qianyue was eager to try. Rong Jing asked Yun Qianyue to take a look before leaving. Lao Wang Ye and Tuoba Ye Qian.

Qin Xiang was very worried when he learned that Qin Yuning had helped Ye Tianyi conspiracy. He told Emperor Qin Yuning that there must be a murderous intention to enter the palace. Ye Tianyi was very excited when he heard that his mother Xiao Fei was taken care of, and Qin Yuning held Ye Tianyi to let him leave the palace first. The overwhelming emperor coughed continuously. He sent Wu Yu to escort Ye Tianyi into the palace, but when Wu Yu arrived at the palace, Ye Tianyi had already left.

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