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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 9 Recap

It turned out that Queen Han remembered that Baoning deliberately set fire to Jumbo Pavilion, and Baoning was trapped in the fire. Li Qian went to rescue him. Li Qian risked his death and rushed into the fire to find Baoning. Baoning kissed Li because he thought he was going to die and didn’t want to regret it. Qian, Li Qian vowed to save Baoning. Zhao Xiao hurried over, and Li Qian put Bao Ning down and left Zhao Xiao to hide. The empress dowager was very worried when she saw that Baoning was injured, and she recognized Zhao Xiao more and decided to give them a marriage on another day. Boring thought that the scene of the sea of ​​fire was his own illusion. Li Qian remembered that Baoning could only get himself drunk.

When Emperor Zhao Yi heard that Baoning was in danger, he hurried to Wanshou Mountain. Jing Haihou felt that it would be of great benefit to Nanmin that his son could marry Baoning. Li Qian found that Min Xi, who had collided with the prince yesterday, was dead. He felt that it was the prince who decided to report the matter to the Queen Mother Cao at this time. The Empress Dowager Cao hosted a banquet for the elder prince. Unexpectedly, Emperor Zhao Yi would also visit Wanshou Mountain. Qingtai took the opportunity to ask the emperor to marry Baoning.

The Queen Mother said that Baoning had a marriage contract with Jinghai Hou Shizi, but the elder prince felt that there was neither. Making an order does not count as marriage, and he still has a fair chance to play, so he wants to compare with Zhao Xiao, who will marry Baoning, and threaten the relationship between the two countries. Baoning hurried to hear of this but heard that the emperor had agreed to the prince’s request.

Li Qian felt that Qingtai’s cruel temperament must stop this. Li Qian approached Zhao Xiao and told him some tricks, hoping to help Zhao Xiao. The competition officially began. Zhao Xiao and the prince had no difference in the first game. The people of Yongqing proposed a horse fight. The emperor felt that the competition was unfair but there was no other way. Unexpectedly, Zhao Xiao was seriously injured in the first match and was just trying to support.

Li Qian saw that Zhao Xiao was injured and decided to play for Zhao Xiao. The horse test officially began, and the two of them couldn’t see their faces in armor. The match was difficult to distinguish between the winner and the loser. At a critical juncture, Li Qian would rather win the match after being injured. The outcome has been divided, and Zhao Yi had to marry Zhao Xiao and Baoning. Baoning seemed to see Li Qian’s eyes on the field. Queen Han felt that Zhao Xiaoru’s help in the second game was very strange.

The Empress Dowager later learned that she was very fortunate and gave Zhao Xiao the best medicine for stab wounds and asked Baoning to send it personally. Zhao Xiao thanked Li Qian for helping him, but he didn’t expect this scene to be seen by Baoning, and Baoning left in a panic. Baoning thought of Li Qian’s actions and was very angry and complained about drinking, but she felt that Li Qian actually liked Baoning, and asked whether Baoning also liked Li Qian and whether he was willing to marry Zhao Xiao. Li Qian was seriously injured and insisted on patrolling, not wanting to be found out by someone with a heart.

In the middle of the night, Fuqin was thinking of Li Qian and asked his lover to give the best medicine to Li Qian. When Zhao Xiao saw Baoning Fuqin, he felt that only the guqin left by his mother and concubine could be worthy of Baoning. Baoning wanted to reject it because he didn’t want to take others away. However, Zhao Xiao said that he now cherishes Baoning the most. If the two get married, they must get married. Playing the piano and singing. On the other side, the lover went to send medicine to Li Qian but was met by Queen Han’s maid.

The maid took the opportunity to follow the lover and found out that Li Qian was injured and informed Queen Han of the incident. Queen Han’s investigation found that Zhao Xiao suffered internal injuries. Li Qian got the picture of the weapon of the gods and ghosts, but found that there was no news of his mother on it, so Li Qian decided to return the picture to Baoning.

Queen Han found the prince and told Zhao Xiao about finding someone to do the game. The prince made a big banquet and stabbed Zhao Xiao out of the game. The emperor questioned Zhao Xiao in public, and Zhao Xiao had no other choice but to admit that it was not himself who played. On the spot, the prince asked the emperor to marry Pauline to himself, otherwise he would let the cavalry step through the gate. Jinghaihou was afraid that Zhao Xiao would provoke a war between the two countries, so he had to ask the emperor to forgive him. At this time Empress Dowager Cao and Empress Han both asked the emperor to focus on the overall situation. The Empress Dowager angrily accused them of forcing Baoning to marry Yongqing.

Li Qian sneaked into Baoning’s bedroom to return the picture of the ghost weapon but was caught by Baoning. Li Qian lied that he had picked up the picture. Baoning angrily accused Li Qian of lying and told Li Qian that Zhao Xiao had been dismantled on the spot, and Zhao Xiao’s marriage contract was also cancelled. Baoning asked Li Qian what he thought of him in his heart when he saved him to play for himself. Baoning expressed his heart to Li Qian and wanted to go high with Li Qianyuan, but Li Qian rejected him. Baoning was refused to slap Li Qian on the spot, calling him a coward.

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