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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 16 Recap

The Mu’an State Food and Grass Army was attacked by the Yongqing State Army in ambush, and the Heavy Armed Army was raided and suffered heavy losses. Zhao Xiao was unwilling to be robbed of food and grass, and led his troops to attack Yongqing State at night. When Li Qian learned of this, he knew that Zhao Xiao and the others were in a dangerous situation, so he was told that Lord Jin would be rescued later, and he immediately took Yunlin to rescue Zhao Xiao.

On the other side, Zhao Xiao was raided halfway by soldiers of Yongqing State, and all the men and horses with him were slaughtered, and Zhao Xiao was also besieged. Li Qian rushed to confront the enemy with Zhao Xiao, the arrow in the cloud forest rolled down the hillside, and Li Qian finally counted the arrows in order to save Zhao Xiao, and finally fainted. Li Dongzhi rushed back to the mansion to report, Lord Jin finally went a while late, and the entire army of Xuanjia Camp was wiped out, but Li Qian and Zhao Xiao were unclear about their lives and whereabouts.

Gao Miaorong proposed to take someone to the battlefield to find Li Qian, and Baoning was shocked when he got the news, and then thought about it that if Li Qian were alive, he would definitely go to Yunyang, the capital of Yongqing, to hide. Gao Miaorong thought that Baoning didn’t panic when it happened, and he had to go to Yunyang to find someone, but Li Qian didn’t care about it at all. Then Li Changqing asked Gao Miaorong to take someone to the battlefield to find someone.

Jinghaihou learned that Zhao Xiao had an accident, and was very crushed, but he did not want to believe it, so he ordered his subordinate Zhao Zhong to find out what happened. When Emperor Zhao Yi learned that Mu Anguo had defeated Yongqingguo, he was very angry that no one was able to fight against foreign enemies. Later, he learned that Zhao Xiao and Li Qian were martyred to the country and that no one was vying for Baoning. And took this opportunity to decide to recall Baoning to the capital. After learning the news, the Empress Dowager ordered people to go to Bingzhou to find out whether the news was accurate, and to take Baoning back to the palace.

Baoning always believed that Li Qian had not returned to the barracks and found him on the battlefield. He must have gone to Yunyang. Baoning secretly came out of Li’s mansion in the middle of the night, intending to secretly go to Yunyang to find her husband. He happened to be discovered by Li Dongzhi, and Li Dongzhi decided to go to Yunyang with Baoning.

The next day, the eunuch who came to pick Baoning back to the palace came to Li Mansion. Li Changqing and his wife were embarrassed about Baoning’s disappearance. Fortunately, the lover came forward and said frankly that the county horse was only missing, and the princess only wanted to wait for the return of the county horse in Li Mansion. To make the empress dowager feel at ease, the eunuch hurriedly returned to the palace to report.

Baoning and the winter solstice trek all the way, and finally succeeded in disguising their identity and blending into the capital of Yunyang. The winter solstice heard that wounded soldiers are generally ready to enter the army, but it is difficult for ordinary people to enter. Baoning decided to disguise his identity and mix into the weapon camp.

It just so happened that the people who made bows and crossbows in the Weapon Battalion were shoddy. They were reprimanded by Siqin, the commander of the Weapon Battalion. Bao Ning recommended himself to remedy the crossbow. Eventually, he succeeded in finding the problem with the crossbow by virtue of his technical talent, and thus gained the command of the weapons battalion. Siqin’s trust, and accepted him as an apprentice.

Baoning has been secretly inquiring about Li Qian’s whereabouts, but he didn’t know that Zhao Xiao was in the weapons camp as a handyman. Boring’s acceptance by Siqin as an apprentice drew the jealousy of the handymen in the weapon battalion, and they even joined forces and decided to teach her a lesson. Several people even caught snakes and put them in Baoning’s house. Zhao Xiao saw what these people did and wanted to save people, but he didn’t want this person to be Baoning. Baoning asked Zhao Xiao about Li Qian’s whereabouts, but Zhao Xiao only said that Li Qian was alive when he separated from Li Qian, but the two separated afterwards.

During the winter solstice, he ran into Qing’an in Yunyang City. Qingan learned that the winter solstice was here to find people and decided to help. The two searched for two laps in the city but did not find Li Qian, and then went to look for a few laps outside the city. Although they did not find their brother in the winter solstice, they were very happy with Qing’an, and thanked Qing’an for accompanying him to find someone.

Baoning concluded from the smell of the soup on Zhao Xiao that Zhao Xiao had something to hide from herself, and secretly followed Zhao Xiao and found Li Qian who was seriously injured. It turned out that Zhao Xiao and Li Qian were seriously injured and unconscious on the battlefield. Fortunately, Siqin, the commander of the weapons battalion, left two of them when they cleared the battlefield.

Later, they helped them to hide their identities and bring them into the weapons battalion. Baoning discovered that Li Qian was seriously injured. At this time, he discovered that Zhao Xiao had also come here, complaining that Zhao Xiao did not treat Li Qian in time, and that Li Qian was seriously injured because of Zhao Xiao’s poor command. Seeing Baoning attaches so much importance to Li Qian, Zhao Xiao left with anger.

Li Qian comforted Bao Ning. Zhao Xiao was also doing handyman here to make the two of them barely exist. How could he find precious medicinal materials to heal him? Let Bao Ning not blame Zhao Xiao. In order to obtain Baoning’s forgiveness, Zhao Xiao went to the drugstore in the middle of the night to steal the medicine and was found. On the way to escape, he ran into Zhao Zhong who came to find someone. Zhao Xiao knew that it was not easy for several people to leave the city. .

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