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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 15 Recap

Baoning called Mother Tian’s adopted daughter Jiao Xing. It turned out that Mother Tian deliberately showed her favor to Jiao Xing, who had been bullied when she first entered the Li Mansion, and she helped to recognize her as an adopted daughter in order to use her to steal property from the mansion. He became addicted to gambling and sold the property in Li Dongzhi’s house, but because of too much debt, she began to threaten Jiao Xing.

Mother Tian was speechless when confronted with the questioning. Baoning wanted to interrogate Mother Tian again if she had any other sins, but she didn’t think about it. Gao Miaorong anxiously interrupted and tied Mother Tian out. Li Changqing withdrew her stewardship and handed it to Baoning because of Gao Miaorong’s stewardship.

Gao Miaorong was very unwilling to block Boring’s path because of the seizure of stewardship. He said that Boring’s methods were so good that if one day he saw that she was not pleasing to the eye, he would drive herself out. Boring disdain to argue with her, so he said that the road is right. It depends on how she does it. At this time, Li Qian happened to see what Gao Miaorong had said to Baoning. Li Qian was very angry at Gao Miaorong’s disrespectful attitude towards his wife.

Gao Miaorong explained Li Qian in every possible way but didn’t believe it. When Gao Miaorong was sad and crying, Li Lin stepped forward to comfort him. Li Dongzhi came to apologize because of his misunderstanding of Baoning. He did not expect that Baoning was not only not angry, but also felt that Li Dongzhi was a hero of women’s high school. Li Dongzhi felt that he had met a confidant in life, but he arranged Li Qian with Baoning but was driven out by Li Qian.

Dong Shanhu sent a new servant to Baoning, and Baoning formulated new house rules for the servants of the Li Mansion. Li Changqing was very satisfied with Baoning’s housekeeping methods. Gao Miaorong secretly gave He Cuihua the money. It turned out that the two of them also made a profit from the matter of Tianma, but Baoning took charge of Fuzhong and cut off the two people’s fortune. Gao Miaorong made He Cuihua believe that she had a difference.

The way. At this time, Gao Miaorong’s uncle found out about Gao Miaorong’s private transfer of money, and asked her to close her hands as soon as possible before she was discovered. Gao Miaorong said that she was doing it for the good of the Li family, but her uncle said that she did it because she was jealous of the princess. Gao Miao Rong tried his best to deny it and just let his uncle see what he would do in the future. Gao Miaorong finds Li Lin and provokes Li Lin to help him enter the underground bank. He Cuihua scolded Li Dongzhi for flying a kite on the roof.

Li Lin found his friend to talk about the transaction. He wanted to use the military pay to enter the underground bank to make money generate money, so that his friends could deal with it. Soon Gao Miaorong entered the bank with twenty thousand taels. Li Dongzhi met Dong Shanhu on the road, and heard that she was going to Qinfangge to inspect and she insisted on eating flower wine.

Then Li Dongzhi followed Dong Shanhu to the Qinfang Pavilion, and Li Dongzhi, dressed in menswear, was watching in the flower house, surrounded by the girls and complimented him. The winter solstice was unable to deal with the enthusiastic girl. At this time, a young man next to her relieved her. Asked her to drink and introduced the oiran to her, and the two of them ran away after hitting a prostitute who had come to cause trouble.

The two ran to the bathhouse to avoid the people who chased them, but the young man wanted to invite Li Dongzhi to take a bath. Li Dongzhi ran out in shame, and the young man chased after him. The two were sitting by the river drinking and chatting. It turned out that this young man was named Qing’an. He said that he was a businessman and walked in troubled times. They chatted very speculatively. In the evening, Li Qian rarely accompanied Baoning out to go shopping, took Baoning to set the river lights, Baoning made a wish that Mu Anguo would never have war, and Li Qian made a wish for a long time with his beloved.

Dong Laoan invited Baoning at a life banquet, and He Cuihua asked Baoning to take the winter solstice. Li Qian also said that by the way, he would find a good partner for the winter solstice. He Cuihua cried and hung herself three times and threatened to participate in the banquet in the winter solstice. In the winter solstice, she had no choice but to promise. At the banquet, Li Dongzhi was taunted by Zhuang Furong. Li Dongzhi relentlessly fought back but was pushed into the pond by Zhuang Furong. Unexpectedly, Qing An was also in Dong’s Mansion and rescued Dongzhi and recognized her.

Baoning knew that he was being bullied in the winter solstice and asked for an explanation, but Zhuang Furong refused to admit that she was wrong. She was slapped in the face and punished her to kneel and admit her mistake. Zhuang Furong had to apologize to the winter solstice. Li Qian went home and heard about the banquet. He held Pauline and praised her for maintaining the winter solstice.

In the middle of the night, Li Qian received an emergency military situation. King Qing was seriously ill. Qingtai took power and assembled the army to prepare to go south. Li Qian rushed back to the barracks. Emperor Zhao Yi must go out to meet the enemy without heeding the minister’s advice. Li Qian, Zhao Xiao and others received a military order to send troops to meet the enemy.

Li Qian made a plan and decided to rate the 500 soldiers to pretend to be defeated and introduce the enemy troops into the valley to design ambushes and consume their food. Zhao Xiao disagreed with Li Qian’s plan to send out infantry to meet the enemy and deliver grain and grass. However, his subordinates said that it was not appropriate to fight a protracted war in Yongqing from the beginning.

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