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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 14 Recap

In the government office, Master Hu stopped Li Changqing to give him a good compliment, saying that he was very envious of Li Changqing’s success along the way. He is a good official who puts the people first, so it is of course that Li Changqing is the most qualified to host the land birthday. So he threw the hot potato to Li Changqing.

Li Qian asked Li Changqing if he was forced to take over this errand, but Li Changqing said that the Li family married the princess and came into the limelight, and that they were afraid of being caught by jealous people. He could take this opportunity to do something beneficial to the people to block the Yuyou people. mouth. He Cuihua was complaining that the Li family had to spend the wrong money again. At this time, Gao Miaorong said that the mansion had already spent his savings because of marrying the princess, and that he might not be able to contract this land birthday. He Cuihua also took the opportunity to help.

Jiang Baoning asked Li Changqing whether the Li Mansion had also spent money to contribute to such events in the past. Do the people think of Li Mansion well because of the contributions of the Li Mansion? Li Qian replied that it was not true, and all the credits belonged to the prefect. Li Changqing also complained about Li Qian’s design of being recruited, so now he is being designed by the old fox everywhere. Jiang Baoning knew how Li Changqing was recruited back then.

It turns out that when the bandits were suppressed, Li Qian took the initiative to contact Hu Yiliang and sang a duo with Hu Yiliang. Li Qian deliberately became a hostage. Li Changqing was recruited by the court to protect his son. However, Li Qian felt that his actions were a wise move and a better choice for the Li family.

At this time, Gao Miaorong interjected and said that being a bandit in the mountains had buried Li Qian’s talents and ambitions, and Li’s father had no idea. It can be said, but the money for this event must be paid by Li Mansion. At this time, He Cuihua caught the attention of Baoning’s dowry but was reprimanded by Li’s father on the spot. Baoning stood up and said that he was willing to take out his dowry to relieve the urgent need, but Li’s father and Li Qian strongly opposed. Baoning said that she had another way. Baoning asked Li Changqing about the list of wealthy merchants in Bingzhou, and she would settle the matter.

Li Qian felt distressed that Baoning stayed up all night because of his family’s affairs and insisted on staying with Baoning. Baoning analyzed the current situation and wanted to select some people from the merchants who were willing to pay the money. Miss Dong bought a house at 30 to 40% of the market price, and she was very business-minded. On this day, Miss Dong came to visit Baoning and brought fresh fruits and vegetables to Baoning. Baoning suggested that Ms. Dong sell fresh fruits and vegetables to the capital. Ms. Dong was very happy.

Baoning also inquired about Ms. Dong’s strange incident from Li Qian and admired it very much. On the second day, Baoning went to Miss Dong’s shop and saw that she was employing girls. It turned out that Dong Shanhu was distressed by these homeless women to find a way out for them. Baoning looked at Dong Shanhu more highly. Baoning also told Dong Shan about her difficulties, and she promised to help without saying anything. Li Changqing was very happy when he heard that Baoning had resolved the matter, but Gao Miaorong said that Dong Shan had another plan. Baoning said frankly that the two families had their own needs and dealt with her in a few words.

The competition was held as scheduled, and Miss Dong handled things very thoughtfully. Gao Miaorong sat aside to watch the game, but was mocked by Mrs. Zhuang who was present for failing to marry into Li’s family, even saying that Li Dongzhi had been raised up, and He Cuihua had no face to come out to see people.

Li Qian and Bao Ning were envious of others on the court. At this time, Zhao Xiao couldn’t see it. He must compete with Li Qian. He hated that Li Qian had to fight with himself in everything. He threatened that he would be snatched back sooner or later. At the banquet, Mrs. Zhuang said that Baoning was bohemian, and that he was disgusted by the emperor before she could not marry Jinghai Hou Shizi. Li Qian retorted to Mrs. Zhuang that Baoning was the queen mother’s lifeblood and urged Mrs. Zhuang to be cautious to avoid giving to the Zhuang Mansion.

Bring disaster. He Cuihua reprimanded Baoning and other men for being unclear, and privately took other men’s tokens. Baoning said that he had never received it. He Cuihua searched Baoning’s room without saying anything, and found the jade pendant that Zhao Xiao had forced Baoning into. Li Qian rushed to say that the jade pendant was a wedding gift given to the two by Zhao Xiao. He Cuihua’s offense to the county was mainly because he would be convicted and ordered everyone to not enter the hospital without Baoning’s permission. After sending everyone away, Li Qian became jealous, and Baoning had to make Li Qian happy.

On the other side, Qingtai prepared to raise his troops and vowed to return the humiliation and profit given by Li Qian. The frontier was in a hurry, but Li Changqing’s military report was lost. Li Changqing wanted to thoroughly investigate the people in the mansion. Gao Miaorong said that the servants of the Li family did not have this ability, but the princess might have been sent by his majesty. Baoning rushed to hear Gao Miaorong’s words to persuade her to be cautious in her words and deeds.

Baoning persuaded Li Changqing to spend some time to understand the current situation in the mansion, so the lover reported the negligence of Li Mansion servants one by one, Baoning said There are national laws and family rules. The government should establish rules. Before Gao Miaorong, as a manager of the government, he did not manage the servants. Baoning said that he would handle the matter within three days, and Li’s father was very satisfied.

Li Dongzhi hadn’t returned home for a long time. When he came back, he saw Baoning dealing with the grandmother in Fuzhong. However, during the winter solstice, he felt that Baoning was bullying others, so Baoning brought the grandmother to Li Changqing to explain the matter in detail.

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