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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 12 Recap

Emperor Zhao Yi learned of the marriage of Baoning Li Qian and decided to cancel it. The minister persuaded the emperor, and the Queen Mother, for the sake of the reputation of the county lord of Jianan, bypassed the emperor and asked the emperor to grant a blank imperial decree. If the emperor abolishes the marriage contract, the county lord of Jianan loses his reputation and cannot survive the world. The officials knelt down and asked the emperor to think twice, and the Queen Mother came to persuade the emperor personally, persuading the emperor to perfect Li Qian and Baoning by death.

Mrs. Zhen Guo’s wife personally came to give Bao Ning the wedding, and also brought the dowry of Mr. Zhen Guo and the Queen Mother to Bao Ning. Mrs. Li Changqing, He Cuihua, saw that the mansion was busy with Li Qian’s marriage, and she learned that Li Changqing had raised two thousand taels of gold and ten thousand taels of silver to marry the county lord of Jianan. He Cuihua thinks that Li Changqing is too elaborate to marry the county lord of Jianan. Li Changqing believes that the eldest son marrying the princess must be solemn, let He Cuihua take a long-term perspective and don’t stick to small profits in front of him.

Hearing that Mrs. Zhen Guogong came to Bingzhou, Li Qian came to greet him with a gift. Although Li Qian was embarrassed by Jiang Lu, his flamboyant remarks won the favor of Mrs. Zhen Guo’s wife. Jiang Lu thinks that Zhen Guogong cannot send Baoning to marry because of military affairs, but his eldest brother is like a father, he wants to test Li Qian today. Then the two had a real fight, and in the end, Li Qian’s martial arts were even better and won the match. Jiang Lu was willing to gamble to lose, and promised Li Qian as agreed. How could he think that Li Qian would use Jiang Lu to thrush the eyebrows for Baoning after marriage.

Li Qian turned the window to see Baoning, and gifted Baoning with “A Picture of Gods and Ghosts Weapon”. Baoning said frankly that he would not regret the slap of Li Qian that day in his life, and that Li Qian would not regret the act of robbing relatives that day. Mrs. Zhen Guo came to find Baoning and informed the Queen Mother Baoning’s entrustment. The older generations of them live carefully and impossibly, so that they can live comfortably and happily. Afterwards, Mrs. Zhen Guogong took Li Qian and Baoning to visit Baoning’s parents’ spiritual seat. Li Qian, in front of Baoning’s parents’ spiritual seat, promised to love Baoning, protect Baoning, and respect Baoning, and give her a home.

On the day of the wedding, Li Qian rode a tall horse, dressed in happy clothes, and beamed to marry Baoning. The wife of Zhen Guogong urged Baoning to get along with her husband’s family after marriage, and tell the Zhen Guo Gongfu any grievances. Then Jiang Lu personally carried his sister Baoning out of the house and solemnly entrusted her to Li Qian.

Gao Miaorong was dissatisfied with Li Qian’s marriage to Baoning, and he did not change his dress to celebrate, but he did not accept his fate in his heart and could not let go of his obsession with Li Qian. Military and French calculation Cai Shuang came to congratulate Li Qian, but he was turned away because there was no invitation. Thanks to Li Lin’s guarantee, he entered the Li Mansion smoothly.

At the same time, Li Qian glamorously married Bao Ning into the mansion. After a series of etiquette, Li Qian and Bao Ning finally got married and successfully married. He Cuihua was more in the limelight among the ladies because of Li Qian’s marrying the princess. Although she was mocked by the people at the banquet that her daughter Li Dongzhi had grown up in a military camp since she was a child, she had no feminine temperament, but she also mocked the other family’s daughter for calling for money in a few words. Son-in-law, the other party was speechless for a while.

After the banquet was over, Li Qian came back drunk. Baoning originally wanted to use the Queen Mother to refuse to reconcile Li Qian. Unexpectedly, Li Qian had known that the surplus poison in Baoning’s body was not clear. For the sake of her health, he would not rush to conquer Baoning. But the two have just married, so he will accompany Baoning. The two laughed a lot, then turned off the lights and rested under the urging and supervision of the lover.

Early the next morning, Boryeong dressed and dressed. Li Qian personally brought the hairpins left by his mother to Boryeong. He told about the past between his parents and told Boryeong that he had two wishes for a long time. One was to repel Yong. Celebrating the country, serving the court; one is to find the murderer of the mother and butcher and avenge his loved ones. Then Li Qian took Baoning, visited his parents, and got to know his family one by one.

Li Changqing publicly announced that the princess had entered the Li Mansion, and naturally it was the mistress of the Li Mansion who urged He Cuihua to hand over the stewardship to the princess. He Cuihua was unwilling to hand over the stewardship. Gao Miaorong and Li Lin also helped to speak. Baoning was willing to postpone taking over the stewardship when he saw this. He Cuihua and Gao Miaorong counted Boring’s dowry, only to find that the richness of Boring’s dowry is enviable.

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