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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 11 Recap

Li Qian lay beside Baoning and watched Baoning feel very happy. Baoning woke up in Li Qian’s arms the next day, and had to quietly run out to calm his heartbeat. Li Qian got up and deliberately teased Bao Ning that he felt that his arm was numb when he came together, and Bao Ning could only express in a panic that he wanted to hurry.

Li Qian caught two fish, but Bao Ning was very disgusted and said that he would not eat this kind of food. Li Qian asked Bao Ning if he wanted to eat the fish, but he was embarrassed to eat and refused but was angry. Li Qian didn’t care about himself. Baoning was not happy until Li Qian gave Baoning the fish he made specially.

The two came to the inn, and Bao Ning paid to live in a good room and prepared meals to deliberately stun Li Qian, not wanting Li Qian to be implicated by him. Baoning went on the road alone, but he kept spinning around, and he was about to be overtaken by the prince. Li Qian woke up and found that Baoning had disappeared and hurried out to look for someone who did not expect to meet Qingtai. Bao Ning accidentally fell into the trap and shouted for help.

Li Qian arrived in time to save Bao Ning, but he was chased by Qing Tai. Qing Tai fought against Li Qian but lost to Li Qian. At this time, Qing Tai’s men Coming, Baoning rescued Li Qian from the injury, and Li Qian took advantage of the situation to rescue Baoning and mounted his horse to enter the Jinxi realm. Qingtai wanted to chase again but was stopped, because Jinxi had strong troops stationed, Qingtai couldn’t help but give up.

In the palace, the empress dowager has a headache for Baoning but receives a secret letter. She learns that Qingtai didn’t really want to marry Baoning from the beginning, but Baoning was framed for justice. It was very dangerous to see Baoning being rescued by Li Qian and being chased by soldiers. The empress dowager felt that Li Qian was unwilling to live under the people and the Queen Cao did not know why. Xianxu said that Li Qian had been protecting her by Baoning’s side, and that he was sincere and sincere with Baoning, and the two had already secretly fell in love. The empress dowager felt unable to make a decision for Baoning, and feared that the emperor might make a difference, so she had an idea in her heart.

Baoning was injured. Li Qian took Baoning for medical treatment. The doctor asked Li Qian about his relationship with Baoning. Li Qian said that Baoning was his wife. I scolded Li Qian in my heart. Knowing that Baoning was awake, Li Qian deliberately teased her to feed her medicine, so Baoning had to gulp down the medicine. Bao Ning’s poison was not clear but he rushed back to the palace because he didn’t want Li Qian to be charged with kidnapping the princess, but Li Qian didn’t want Bao Ning to risk his life and rush back to the palace for himself. He confessed to Bao Ning and expressed his desire for protection. Ning wants to marry Bao Ning and protect her for life.

At this time, Jiang Lu Shizi came to beat Li Qian, because Li Qian not only injured his sister, but also damaged her reputation. Li Qian knew that he was wrong and didn’t fight back, and admitted that he was indeed at fault, let him do it until the son died down. Yuxu and Cheng Engong came to Baoning and brought the empress dowager’s decree to Baoning.

Zhao Xiao rushed to think that Li Qian saved Baoning for himself. He broke off relationship with his father and took Baoning back to the palace. Unexpectedly, Li Qian said that he would not send Baoning to Zhao Xiao again because he had agreed to rescue him. Baoning was Zhao Xiao’s first missed appointment. Li Qian decided to protect Baoning’s safety by himself. Zhao Xiao only figured out the situation at this time, and it was even more ironic that Li Qian, a grass bandit, was not good enough for the princess, not to mention that the Queen Mother had already made a plan to marry Baoning to herself, and Baoning belonged to her.

Li Qian said that Baoning does not belong to anyone, and Baoning only needs to listen to his own heart. At this time, Cheng Engong announced the decree, and the Queen Mother gave Baoning and Li Qian the marriage. It turned out that the Queen Mother gave Baoning two imperial edicts, one for marriage and one for death. The Queen Mother hopes that the rest of Baoning’s life will be chosen by herself.

Seeing that the gift of marriage had been decided, Zhao Xiao was so embarrassed that he wanted to die with Li Qian for a lifetime. Zhao Xiao encountered danger during the test and Li Qian did not hesitate to rescue him, but Zhao Xiao wanted to kill Li Qian when he was in danger. Fortunately Jiang Law shot to stop. Zhao Xiao believes that the hatred of taking away his wife is not shared with him, and breaks off brotherhood with Li Qian.

Jinghaihou sent people to summon Zhao Xiao back to the mansion, but Zhao Xiao didn’t want to live for Jinghaihou mansion like his father. Baoning was very worried when he saw that Li Qian was hurt. Li Qian said that he knew that Baoning must have another imperial decree, but Baoning chose himself. Jiang Lu didn’t look down on Li Qian. As long as Baoning said a word, he would definitely help Baoning escape the divorce agreement, and said that Jiang Mansion would always be the strongest backing for Baoning, and Baoning was moved to tears.

Jin Xiao reported to Li Qian that the Yongqing Congress took advantage of the princess’s wedding to infringe on Mu Anguo. Qingtai had also escaped, but had not yet left the customs. Li Qian asked Jin Xiao to send the news back to the capital, and he would also inform his father to take precautions.

The empress dowager asked Baoning to finish the marriage on the spot, and Baoning came to the other hospital to be married, and Li Qian asked Baoning to wait for her to marry with peace of mind. As soon as Li Qian returned to the mansion, his father called him into the ancestral hall. Father Li heard that Li Qian had robbed the princess and wanted to punish him. Li Qian searched for Qingtai in the city and found Qingtai hiding in the brothel to capture him. Qingtai threatened to return today’s shame.

King Qing came personally and did not hope that the two countries would ignite the flames of war because of personal grievances, and promised to make compensation in other ways. Li Qian didn’t want Qingtai to die in Mu’anguo, and King Qing wouldn’t come alone. Mu’anguo’s treasury could not fight at a deficit, and could only let Yongqing retreat. Li Qian told King Qing that it was not a personal grievance that Qingtai defrauded the princess to marry the princess with malicious intentions, and asked King Qing to show some sincerity. King Qing is willing to sign an alliance with Mu Anguo to form a brotherly country, and never again violate Mu’anguo an inch of land. King Qing used the scepter as a token to show his sincerity, but Qingtai was not reconciled when he was put back.

The emperor was furious when he learned of Boring’s marriage and wanted to make an order to dissolve Boring’s marriage contract.

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