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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 10 Recap

The empress dowager was angry that Zhao Xiao was looking for someone to replace the match. Now the marriage contract has failed. The empress dowager decides to find a husband and son for Baoning again, and decides not to marry to Yongqingguo. Bao Ning confessed that Li Qian was rejected, and she was discouraged and decided to make a marriage.

As the head of Mu Anguo, she should make peace with her parents for the sake of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Baoning didn’t want her grandmother to worry, and comforted her that Yongqing is rich in products. The woman does not stick to the three obediences and four virtues, and she also yearns for the kind of free life.

The next day, in front of everyone, the Empress Dowager asked Baoning again if she was really willing to marry Yongqing. Baoning had decided. Emperor Zhao Yi blocked uselessness, and the Queen Mother publicly ordered Baoning and Qingtai, the prince of Yongqing Kingdom, to get married. The lover and Xiaoman both regretted Baoningyuan’s marriage to Yongqingguo, but they were unable to change the status quo, so they had to help Baoning pack their luggage.

Baoning took the violin used by Zhao Xiao and asked him to return the violin he had given him. Afterwards, Zhao Xiao, who was in a depressed mood, came to look for Li Qian with wine. Under the drunkenness, Zhao Xiao regretted his lack of martial arts and missed the princess, and Li Qian had no regrets in his heart, but even though his martial arts were strong, he failed to keep the girl he liked.

After the guard sent Gao Miaorong back to Jinxi, she accidentally discovered the outskirts of Chen Bing of Yongqing State. Li Qian noticed that there was a difference and asked Jin Xiao to help investigate the number of people entering and leaving the capital of Yongqing State. Qingguo dynamics.

On the day of Bai Su’s marriage, Bao Ning came to send her sisters to marry, and at the same time gave her the bracelet left by her mother, hoping that the bracelet would replace her with Su Su. Susu knows that Baoning doesn’t like Qingtai, and persuades Baoning to bravely pursue happiness. But Baoning had no choice but to tell her the happiness of two people. It was useless to work hard alone, and she would have no regrets after working hard. Afterwards, Baoning watched the marrying, wishing good sisters to pursue their own happiness.

Li Qian received a letter from his father Li Changqing, verifying his guess. He hurriedly entered the palace to meet Baoning, stating that Qingtai’s real intention in marrying Baoning was to enter the pass and attack Mu Anguo while sending off his relatives. However, there is no evidence in Li Qian’s hands, and Baoning cannot leave the relations between the two countries aside, and cannot heed Li Qian’s suggestion to cancel the marriage contract.

At this time, Li Qian was finally willing to be honest. In her heart, the safety and happiness of the princess were the most important. The reason why she refused Baoning friendship at the beginning was because she was worried that she would not be able to give her happiness. But in any case, Li Qian is determined to protect Baoning in his own way.

Li Qian secretly came to seek Zhao Xiao’s help, and told Qingtai’s plan that he agreed to meet at three minutes tomorrow and rescue Baoning together according to the plan. Then Zhao Xiao ordered his subordinate Zhao Zhong to be anxious to rescue the princess from the city tomorrow, but Zhao’s father heard of it. Zhao’s father rebuked him for being confused. Once Li Qian’s guess was not true, Zhao Xiao’s looting of the princess was to destroy the diplomatic relations between the two countries and was a sinner of Mu Anguo through the ages. Seeing that his son, Zhao Xiao, couldn’t understand, Zhao’s father ordered his subordinates to imprison Zhao Xiao in the room.

Seeing that the hour had come the next day, Zhao Xiao was late, and Li Qian decided to act alone. Qingtai married Baoning and went out of the city, but Baoning found that he was blocked on the way, and sent off the minister to her and ignored her. Baoning realizes that the minister to send relatives has been bought by Yong Qingguo, and manages to get Xiaoman to rob the horse and escape to deliver the letter, looking for someone to rescue him.

Then Baoning and the lover ran away separately, attracting the attention of the officers and soldiers of Yongqing State. But in the end, Baoning was chased by Qingtai. Qingtai was worried that Baoning would delay his major affairs and decided to kill him. At the critical moment, Li Qian came on horseback, repelled the officers and soldiers of the Yongqing country, determined to take Baoning away, and promised that he would bear any consequences.

Zhao Xiao, who was locked up in the house, finally made a choice between his beloved and his family. After leaving a letter, he broke the house, saying only that he would voluntarily sever the relationship with Nan Min, just to save Baoning. Zhao’s father yelled at Nizi. After Baoning became sober, he found that the wedding dress had been changed. It was misunderstood that Li Qian had changed it. Baoning thanked Li Qian for rescuing himself without regard to his own safety. Li Qian was willing to bear any consequences in his own capacity, which made Baoning happy. Then Baoning learned that other women were changing clothes for him, and that Li Qian deliberately teased him.

The next day, Li Qian took Baoning to the nearest government office in the clouds. The two of them depended on each other and drove on the road. When night came, Baoning refused to share the house with Li Qian, but he was still afraid of the roar of wolves outside. Take the initiative to summon Li Qian into the house.

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