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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 20 Recap

Rong Jing wanted to find General Murong’s old friend. Yu Luoyao offered to help. She questioned whether Rong Jing had forgotten the relationship between the Murong Mansion’s tragedy and the Yun family. Rong Jing did not want to say more. Yu Luoyao proposed to make Tiansheng mess up while Ye Tianyi rebelled. Rong Jing believed that the innocent people should not bear the pain caused by the war.

Ye Tianyi was about to raise his troops, he asked Qin Yuning to leave the city from the secret road, and sent the Lan family to intercept it halfway, so that the emperor would not doubt Qin Yuning. Qin Yuning felt that Ye Tianyi didn’t have to bother to plan for herself, but Ye Tianyi expressed affectionately that he was responsible for her, and Qin Yuning bluntly said that the two were just a cooperative relationship.

Yun Qianyue eavesdropped outside the door and was taken into the room by Qin Yuning. Ye Tianyi asked about food and weapons. Yun Qianyue admitted that she did it. Qin Yuning forced Ye Tianyi to kill Yun Qianyue, and Ye Tianyi said that Yun Qianyue had utility value.

Ye Tianyi’s army quickly won the Phoenix Pass by relying on the cooperation between the inside and the outside. When the news reached the palace, the emperor Longyan was furious, and Qin Xiang recommended Ye Qingran to suppress it. Hurry to the front.

In the heavy rain, Yu Luoyao persuaded Rong Jing to take advantage of the opportunity of Tiansheng’s internal fighting to regain the country. Rong Jing said that he did not need such a chance of blood flow in exchange for it. Qin Yuning fights with the rebels composed of the Lan family. When Ye Qingran came to the rescue and asked about the origin of the rebels, Qin Yuning lied that the rebels were under Rong Jing’s command.

Ye Tianyi and Rong Jing met on the tower. Ye Tianyi tried to persuade Rong Jing to give up resisting and cooperate with him. He believed that Rong Jing’s grudge for the Murong Mansion tragedy was similar to his own situation, and Rong Jing bluntly said that he would not set it for his own selfish desires. The lives of the people are ignored. Ye Tianyi laughed at Rong Jing, who had changed his name and surname, for stealing his life. Rong Jing said that he had tolerated for so many years just to get a fair judgment.

Ye Tianyi questioned Rong Jing’s coveting Yun Qianyue, and Rong Jing bluntly said that Yun Qianyue’s favorite might not be Ye Tianyi. The enraged Ye Tianyi fought with Rong Jing, and finally Ye Tianyi was defeated by Rong Jing. Rong Jing held the sword to make Ye Tianyi surrender, Lan Yi brought Yun Qianyue to threaten Rong Jing, and while several people were deadlocked, Yu Luoyao dropped a smoke bomb to rescue Rong Jing and Yun Qianyue.

Ye Qingran took the rebels and entered the Phoenix Pass. Ye Tianyi leaned on the tower and pretended to be injured. Qin Yuning discovered the traces of Qi people from the traces left on the scene. Ye Tianyi took the opportunity to say that Rong Jing was the eldest son of Murong Mansion.

Yun Qianyue wanted to reconcile with Rong Jing, but Rong Jing refused to respond. Yu Luoyao said that she wanted to follow Rong Jing. Yun Qianyue misunderstood Rong Jing because she empathized with Yu Luo Yao and treated herself coldly. Rong Jing warned Yu Luo Yao. Don’t go over. Rong Jing watched Yun Qianyue’s mixed feelings from a distance. Yun Qianyue suddenly fainted. Rong Jing placed her and left by herself. Ye Qingran and Qin Yuning want to apprehend Rong Jing, so Rong Jing takes the initiative to show up.

The emperor asked whether Lord Leng had poisoned Ye Tianci. Not only did Lord Leng deny this, he also planted Rong Jing’s rebellion. The unbearable emperor ordered the people to take Lord Leng down, and the jealous Lord Leng left with a sneer. The news came that Ye Qingran escorted Rong Jing back to the capital, and the emperor knew in his heart that Ye Tianyi was actually the one who rebelled. After repatriating everyone, the emperor sat alone on the dragon chair thinking, coughing blood out of anxiety and disappointment

Yun Qianyue asked why Ye Tianyi was so despicable and shameless, and Ye Tianyi looked at Yun Qianyue extremely disappointed. Ye Tianyi asked her if she had given up feelings with her for many years for the sake of Rong Jing. Yun Qianyue said that no matter who the other party is, she only admits right or wrong. Ye Tianyi confirmed Yun Qianyue’s mind again, and Yun Qianyue bluntly said that he must follow Rong Jing in life and death.

Lan Yi fainted Yun Qianyue on the side, and she advised Ye Tianyi not to show mercy. Ye Tianyi couldn’t bear to start with Yun Qianyue. He walked towards the top of the mountain with Yun Qianyue on his back. Along the way, he recalled the bit by bit with Yun Qianyue, telling his difficulty and entanglement, and finally threw Yun Qianyue down the cliff with tears. .

Rong Jing was imprisoned in Qiu’s car. Ye Qingran, who was in charge of the escort, said that the two used to be a teacher-student relationship, but now they have to get along like this. Rong Jing bluntly said that he knew that Ye Qingran had the wisdom of Anbang to stabilize the country, and hoped that he would not forget that he used to Teachings. Rong Jing wanted to ask, but Ye Qingran interrupted him and said that he would take care of Yun Qianyue. The emperor ordered Rong Jing to be detained in a dark prison, waiting for Qiuhou’s questioning.

The news of Rong Jing’s rebellion and being escorted back to the capital reached King Yun’s Mansion. The Old Master Yun was extremely anxious. Nan Lingrui and Yun Xianghe went to Fenghuangguan to search for Yun Qianyue who was missing.

Yun Qianyue, who had fallen down the cliff, was rescued by the village woman because she had helped the villagers before, and the villagers and the couple took care of her very meticulously. When she woke up, Yun Qianyue insisted on leaving, and happened to be seen by Nan Lingrui and Yun Xianghe who had come to look for her. Yun Qianyue, who saw her relatives, fainted again weakly.

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