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Bright As the Moon 皎若云间月 Episode 19 Recap

Yun Qianyue wanted to reveal the secret of the cave. Rong Jing told her not to act rashly. Yun Qianyue saw that Rong Jing was injured and asked if it was because of the tiger pupil. Rong Jing avoided it. Yun Qianyue felt as clear as Rong Jing. People who are as deep as the sea but can be alienated are the most hateful. Yun Qianyue proposed to take away the food from the cave that was originally used for disaster relief but was detained by Ye Tianyi to rescue the victims, and the two immediately began to act. In order to distract Ye Tianyi and others, Shangguan Mingyu led people to set fires around the city.

All the officers and soldiers in the city were sent to put out the fire. Ye Tianyi hurried to the cave after seeing the clues, but the cave had already been set on fire by Yun Qianyue. After the news that the relief food was burnt back to the capital, the emperor sent Qin Yuning to Fenghuangguan to investigate, and Ye Tianyi, who suspected Rong Jing, gave an introduction to the situation.

At the reception banquet arranged by Feng Shidao, Ye Tianyi once again mentioned that the fire was deliberately done by someone, and Rong Jing said that the matter still needs investigation. Ye Tianyi was very considerate to Yun Qianyue. Qin Yuning, who was talking coldly, tried to test Rong Jing’s reaction, and Rong Jing with a cold attitude mocked Qin Yuning.

Qin Yuning saw Rong Jing’s feelings for Yun Qianyue, but she felt proud and arrogant that only Rong Jing was worthy of her. Qin Yuning was inspired by Wei Yang and felt that he and Rong Jing would cook mature rice. Qin Yuning instructed Wei Yang to put smoke into Rong Jing’s room while Rong Jing was asleep, and Qin Yuning, full of love and expectation, lay on the bed.

Early the next morning, Qin Yuning woke up to touch Rong Jing’s face, only to find that it was Ye Tianyi lying beside her, and then Ye Tianyi woke up too. Since the two had already had a relationship, Ye Tianyi tried to appease Qin Yuning, but Qin Yuning, who could not accept this incident, stepped out. Yun Qianyue, who loves to join in the fun, naturally understands this scene. Ye Tianyi wants to explain, but Yun Qianyue only wants to draw a clear line with him.

Wei Yang’s mistake caused Qin Yuning’s lifelong regret. Qin Yuning slapped him and sent him away. Wei Yang, who loved Qin Yuning, wanted to kill Ye Tianyi and help Qin Yuning restore her innocence. When Wei Yang was assassinating, Ye Tianyi defeated Wei Yang, and wanted to take his life, Rong Jing shot him in time to save Wei Yang. Qin Yuning thought that Rong Jing had come to understand her feelings for her, but she didn’t want Rong Jing to remain indifferent to her. Qin Yuning wanted Rong Jing to give herself some comfort, and Rong Jing bluntly said that Qin Yuning was self-inflicted.

The emperor asked Concubine Leng to tell the truth, otherwise she would use the white silk to give her death. Concubine Leng could only tell about the fact that Lord Leng took the mandala herbal powder. The emperor Xuan Leng entered the palace. Before leaving, Leng gave a secret letter to Leng Zhaozhuo and told him to send this letter to Ye Tianyi as soon as possible.

When Lan Yi was chased and killed in the past and seriously injured, Ye Tianyi rescued her in time. Ye Tianyi didn’t want to reveal her identity, and Lan Yi promised to repay his life-saving grace. A few years later, Lan Yi, who had reorganized the Lan family, investigated Ye Tianyi’s situation and she decided to help Ye Tianyi fulfill her wish.

Ye Tianyi felt that the relationship between himself and Qin Yuning was not entirely unprofitable. At least the food relief issue this time could be exposed. He regretted the weapons he lost in the cave. Lan Yi said that the Lan family had other weapons arsenals. Qin Yuning, who was eavesdropping in the dark, was discovered by Lan Yi. After being caught into the room, Qin Yuning scolded Ye Tianyi as a courtier and thief. Qin Yuning is in charge of the emperor’s personal guard-Ying Yangwei, and Ye Tianyi tries to persuade Qin Yuning to cooperate with him.

Ye Tianyi implied that Qin Yuning’s mistake in the room was the result of Rong Jing. Qin Yuning was puzzled. When she thought of Rong Jing’s feelings for Yun Qianyue and his indifference to herself, her sanity was replaced by anger. After Ye Tianyi’s promise is fulfilled, he will be the emperor and Qin Yuning will be the queen. When the time comes, the wind will be the wind, the rain and the rain, so why care about the appearance of a district.

Ye Tianyi asked Qin Yuning to cooperate with him when he returned to the palace to report the situation, and he would use this opportunity and make plans to force Rong Jing into desperation to help Qin Yuning get revenge.

The news that Lord Leng had not come out after entering the palace made Ye Tianyi aware of the crisis, and he unfolded Lord Leng’s secret letter, which stated that Rong Jing was the eldest son of the Murong family.

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