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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 7 Recap

On the day of the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet, the public expressed the hope that His Majesty will give birth to the prince soon after Hitachi, and then directly announced that King Jian’s granddaughter Qingyi County Lord will be the queen of the central palace. Although Emperor Zhao Yi was dissatisfied, he did not dare to disobey the Queen Mother’s decision in public. Had to obey the decree to accept the gift of marriage.

The county lord of Qingyi dresses solemnly and enters the hall to award the title. The lord of Qingyi and the king of Jian have got their wish, and their hearts are satisfied. The court minister also sent his blessings at this time, but Emperor Zhao Yi was dissatisfied.

On the night of the birthday banquet, the master arranged by the emperor successfully entered the palace and killed Cao Guozhu. After seeing the six-linked bead lamp hanging outside the house, the guard reported to Li Qian, and Li Qian arranged for the guard to take someone to guard the Paiyun Temple in response to the Queen Mother’s departure. Wanshou Mountain, while Li Qian went to rescue the Queen Mother Cao alone.

To celebrate the birthday of the Queen Mother, the Wanshoushan stage opened. Courtiers and the beloved women were all listening to the stage. King Jian was very happy because his granddaughter was named a queen, and he was praised by hundreds of officials everywhere. Seeing Li Qian’s departure, Baoning couldn’t help worrying about the progress of the plan. Li Qian broke into the Queen Dowager’s dowager alone and informed that Cao Guozhu had been killed by the Jiang family guards, while the emperor and Zhen Guozheng were leading people to come and begged the Queen Mother to believe him and follow him to leave quickly.

The Queen Mother Cao guessed that the emperor was forcing herself to return to politics, and after confirming that Cao Guozhu was dead, she followed Li Qian to leave, but did not want to happen to run into the emperor and Jiang Zhenyuan.

Emperor Zhao Yi begged the queen dowager to return to the court, saying in words that he didn’t know about the government when he was young, so the queen dowager was in charge of it. The Empress Dowager Cao inspected the emperor’s understanding of Mu’an State’s affairs, and unexpectedly discovered that Zhao Yi knew a lot about the affairs of the State, and knew that he had planned for today’s affairs. Seeing the general trend, the Empress Dowager Cao had to agree to hand over Yuxi.

On the other hand, Jiang Lu, the first son of Zhenguo, took him away on the grounds that the Queen Mother Cao was given a carved dragon vase by the minister of rites, ignoring the emperor’s prestige. Baoning guessed that the Queen Mother Cao had been besieged by the emperor at this time and sneaked out. With the help of Zhao Xiao , Successfully avoided the patrol guards and left to meet the empress dowager who came to Wanshou Mountain.

The Queen Mother Cao got Yuxi and remembered that when he was a child, Zhao Yi upset the emperor because of his schoolwork. But now that the emperor has accumulated a lot of money, he finally failed to disappoint the queen mother. The Empress Dowager Cao personally took Yuxi to Zhao Yi, hoping that she could be a Mingjun, and then she wanted to draw her sword to kill herself.

Fortunately, Li Qian saved her life by shooting down the dagger, and the Empress Dowager arrived with Fang Yiru at this time. In the presence of the Empress Dowager, Zhao Yi admitted that Fang Yiru had the child in her womb as her own. Regardless of the dispute between the queen dowager and the emperor, the empress dowager only said that the child in her womb was of royal blood and must be preserved. Empress Cao sees this. Also vowed to guard the royal blood.

On the other side, Fang Yiru had a fetal gas, and the Queen Mother Cao was busy inviting her midwife into the palace. After some toss, Fang Yiru gave birth to Zhao Yi’s eldest son. The Empress Dowager was very happy to hear that the first prince of the royal family was born. Although the Queen Mother Cao returned to the emperor’s power, she was unwilling to believe that the harem still had the final say, so she decided to let the little prince live with her in the Longevity Mountain in the future, sharing the happiness of family relationship, and also assigned Bingzhou Li Jiajun to guard as the guard. ,

The emperor reluctantly agreed. The Queen Mother Cao informed Li Qian that he had been promoted to the leader of the Wanshou Mountain Imperial Guard from today, and the Lord Zhen Guo was also pleased that the intervention of the Li family allowed the Jiang family to retreat from the coup.

Li Qian arranged for Li Jiajun to guard the Queen Mother. He heard that the emperor, courtiers, and Gunan County lord who had come to worship the longevity had already left Wanshou Mountain, thinking that he would stay at Wanshou Mountain from now on, and it was difficult to meet Baoning, and he couldn’t help feeling lonely. On the way back to Beijing, the empress dowager felt that it was fortunate that Baoning had informed in advance that he could save the royal heirs.

This also reassures Baoning that after the birthday feast of the queen dowager, she will find a husband who treats her sincerely and sincerely. Although Bao Ning had ripples in Li Qian’s heart, he did not tell his grandmother outright.

When the queen mother returned to power, the emperor was eager to take power, and the ministers were surprised that Kyoto had changed overnight. Han Tongxin came to congratulate the emperor for taking office. The maidservant teased her by calling her Qingyi county lord to anger her. Han Tongxin punished the maidservant in the name of the queen. Han Tong returned anxiously, causing Emperor Zhao Yi to almost miss a hit. Then he warned Han Tongxin to look at the queen dowager, and she should stay in the Ciyuan Hall as her queen, and don’t get in front of her as an eyesore.

The relatives and relatives of the imperial family learned that the county lord of Jianan had not been named the queen, so they asked for the princess to marry the lord of their family. The empress dowager chose to choose Zhao Xiao, Jinghai Hou Shizi, and she was a good match. If Zhao Xiao is also interested in Baoning, he will not treat Baoning badly with the Zhao family’s character. The Lantern Festival is just around the corner, and the Queen Mother invited many young people to a banquet. Zhao Xiao was tempted at the banquet, and he was very satisfied with it.

Today, on the Lantern Festival, Bai Su asked Baoning to go out of the palace to play. Baoning learned from Jiang Lu that Li Qian is currently in the capital, so he went out of the palace to look for Li Qian. Li Qian arranged for the guard to send Gao Miaorong back to Bingzhou, and then closed the house and decided to go to Wanshou Mountain. Bao Ning and Xie Xie go away on the 10th Lantern Festival, Xie Xie meets Cheng En Gong accidentally, while on the other side Li Qian walks down the street, accidentally encounters Bao Ning.

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