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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 6 Recap

After Baoning went back to the palace after thinking about it all night, the Empress Dowager was heartbroken. The empress dowager did not believe that Baoning would plant the proprietor of Qingyi County, but asked the county owner of Qingyi to move out of the No. 3 South Institute and go back to the Royal Palace of Jian. Later, the Empress Dowager mentioned that today is Baoning’s birthday and the anniversary of her parents’ death. She arranged a birthday banquet for her to celebrate, and also asked her to go to the ancestral hall to give her parents incense.

Gao Miaorong was called into the palace by the Empress Dowager to give Bao Ning a doctor, hoping that she would help Bao Ning adjust her body. On the way Gao Miaorong was visiting Baoning, she accidentally smelled the sprain ointment that she had prepared for Li Qian, confirming that the friend Li Qian said was originally the lord of Jianan. After seeing the doctor, Gao Miaorong refused Baoning’s reward, and only hoped that Baoning would promote Li Qian as the princess. It was only from here that Baoning learned that Gao Miaorong and Li Qian grew up together, and even misunderstood that they were married by fingertips, and couldn’t help feeling lonely.

The Queen Mother Cao’s punishment of Baoning made the emperor dissatisfied, and she was also worried that Song Xianyi, who was sent by the Queen Mother, would secretly discover her secret and let her be dealt with secretly. Song Xianyi also happened to hear this. The Empress Dowager and Zhao Yi celebrated Baoning’s birthday. The Empress Dowager asked Baoning what birthday gift she wanted. Baoning asked for an excuse that she wanted to attend the birthday of the Empress Dowager Cao. After the Empress Dowager agreed, the emperor proposed to bring the insurance tomorrow. Ning went to Wanshou Mountain together.

Song Xianyi found Bao Ning, saying that because he knew that Fang Yiru was pregnant with the emperor’s child, he was secretly ordered to get rid of him. She hoped that Bao Ning could protect herself and took out a letter from the emperor to Fang Yiru to confirm that his child was indeed the emperor. Yes, Baoning promised to try to save Song Xianyi.

Jin Xi Jin’s patriarch, Jin Xiao, rode a horse into Beijing to celebrate the Queen Mother’s birthday, but was barred from entering the city because he did not have a customs clearance certificate. Fortunately, Li Qian came to confirm his identity before he was allowed to enter the city. Friends have reunited after a long absence, and Li Qian hosted a banquet for Jin Xiao to pick up the dust and make a happy drink.

The next day, everyone packed up and set off to Wanshou Mountain. The owner of Qingyi County took the lead in riding with Emperor Zhao Yi before Baoning. Baoning did not care about him and had to choose another vehicle to travel. After Baoning arrived at Wanshou Mountain, Li Qian came to meet again in secret. Baoning said that he came only to give the Li family a chance to completely offend the Jiang family. Afterwards, Bao Ning was upset about Li Qian’s marriage contract, and after returning the gilt aromatherapy ball and sprain ointment to Li Qian, he turned him away.

Baoning was angry because Min Zhou, who was next to the Queen Mother, did not arrange a place to live, but Min Zhou did not see her, so he could only let other small stewards who came to inform Min Zhou. However, Minzhou was afraid of punishment and directly approached the emperor to petition, hoping that the emperor would punish him lightly in the face of the queen mother.

The emperor heard that Minzhou had offended the county lord of Jianan and punished him to apologize to Baoning. Min Zhou, because Baoning came to Wanshou Mountain temporarily, said that her bedroom was still being arranged, which made Baoning even more angry and ordered people to throw her into the lake.

Li Qian, who happened to rush to see Minzhou who had fallen into the water, hurriedly rescued him and sent him to the hospital. Then Li Qian came to beg to plead with him by rescuing the person who had been punished by Baoning, but Baoning was extremely dissatisfied with his performance and left the meeting in anger. Li Qian refused to get up because he offended the county lord of Jianan, and ordered the guards to go and find Cao Guozhu, commander of the Imperial Guard, to intercede for him.

Cao Guozhu heard that Min Zhou and Li Qian were both punished by the county lord of Jianan, and hurriedly informed the Queen Mother Cao. The Queen Mother Cao knew that Baoning was punished by her and she was angry with the people around her. She was worried about how to win over Li’s family. This matter just happened to make her a favor, but she told Cao Guozhu to see the right time to save Li. Qian, let him understand who is the only backer of the Li family.

After Li Qian was rescued, he looked for an opportunity to turn the window again to find Baoning, telling himself to gain the trust of Cao Guozhu. Baoning knew that Li Qian would have injured his knee after kneeling for more than an hour, so he gave him the medicine and asked him to go home and look for the little lady to apply the medicine.

Li Qian, who heard Bao Ning misunderstanding that Gao Miaorong was his fiancée, explained that Gao Miaorong was just the niece of his father’s military adviser. His parents had died since childhood, and he was raised with his uncle in Li’s family and was his righteous sister. Bao Ning, who learned that Li Qian did not have a marriage contract, was in a good mood and condescended to give Li Qian medicine, which made Li Qian flattered.

Baoning asked Zhao Yi for a reason to ask Song Xianyi, but also said that he could only save her life for a while, so by the way, Song Xianyi told her that the emperor had a son to the Queen Mother, and the Queen Mother would definitely not let Fang. It was like going back to the palace, but Song Xianyi could recommend herself to raise the eldest son of the emperor to save her life. When the queen mother heard about this, in order to let Song Xianyi, who could not have children, raise the eldest son of the emperor, she also promoted Song Xianyi’s status from the official official to a talented person.

Baoning came to Li Qian’s residence and informed him of the action that night, when the lantern outside Cao Guozhu’s house turned into a six-link bead lamp, it indicated that he had been eradicated and Li Qian could act. Then Baoning asked Li Qian to help send the letter back to the city, because the Empress Dowager Cao already knew Fang Yiru’s existence, so they had to hurry to bring Fang Yiru to Wanshou Mountain before the Queen Mother. Before he left, Baoning had to return his golden ball and told Li Qian to come back alive.

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