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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 5 Recap

Li Qian hurriedly left after giving the ointment to Baoning. Susu accompanies her mother Shangxiang deliberately asked the alchemist to tell her mother that Susu should get married later. Susu was very worried about Baoning’s marriage, but Baoning said that the queen mother had already made a move and she only needed to cooperate with the county lord of Qingyi and let her disturb the marriage. The Queen Mother in Shoukang Palace was hosting a banquet.

Zhao Yi presented a cuckoo to the Queen Mother. Baoning proposed to paint a cuckoo with Susu and the host of Qingyi County. The jealous hostess of Qingyi immediately took the bait and said that he was going to try. Zhao Yi also offered a reward. After the three paintings, Baoning deliberately gave up and let the Qingyi county owner win Turquoise. Baoning deliberately said that he wanted a prize. Zhao Yi immediately said that he had a better one. The success aroused Qingyi’s jealousy and Qingyi faction. People are keeping an eye on the West Third Institute.

Xie Xie picked up Gong’an Gong’s jade pendant and returned it. Gong’an Gong asked about her behavior in the temple that day. Xie Xie explained that he did not want to marry early and leave Baoning in the palace alone, and that his marriage was nothing more than The family’s bond of interest, how good it would be to marry the person you like.

The court lady’s lover next to Baoning was reselling Shuqingzhu and was discovered by the owner of Qingyi County. The owner of Qingyi wanted to take the opportunity to frame Baoning, so he bought Shuqingzhu. The palace maid, Bao Ning, who was threatened by the county lord of Qingyi, told the lord of Qingyi about the injury to her hand.

At the banquet on the second day, the host of Qingyi County deliberately asked Baoning to play the piano and took out his grandmother’s dowry to Baoning to play the piano. Baoning injured his hand and was unable to play the piano. At this time, Zhao Xiao came out to help Baoning rescue. . Emperor Zhao Yi felt very angry that Zhao Xiao deliberately and Bao Ning eyebrows. Zhao Yi deliberately broke the Qingyi County lord’s piano, and Qingyi felt that it was all the fault of Baoning.

The county lord of Qingyi learned that the court lady’s lover had confessed herself, so she asked her court lady to return the water Qingzhu to the Dongsan Institute and find the queen mother. At this time, Baoning came to Qingyi’s residence to search Shui Qingzhu, but the queen mother said that Baoning had no rules and she would definitely investigate. The queen mother found Shui Qingzhu at Baoning, and the queen mother must punish Baoning severely.

After Baoning was punished for kneeling and even the canonization of tomorrow was delayed, Baoning finally got his wish. Bao Ning was fined and had to find an excuse to dismiss Cheng An and let Bao Ning breathe a sigh of relief, but Cheng An knew his intentions and was willing to follow him, so he was grateful for him. Li Qian also heard the news that Baoning was punished in the palace, so he secretly went to see Baoning.

Li Qian sneaked in but found that Baoning hadn’t been punished obediently at all. He bluntly said that Baoning didn’t want to marry his Majesty from the beginning, so he deliberately set up a bureau to prevent him from being blocked. Baoning saw that he was seen through and had to admit that it was indeed the case. Li Qian felt that Baoning was different from all the women in the world, and Baoning yearned for freedom even more.

King Jian praised Qingyi for meeting the Queen Mother’s expectations, and the Queen Mother also deliberately wanted to make Qingyi a queen. Qingyi was overjoyed when she heard it. Baoning disliked Li Qian for seeing herself empty-handed, but Li Qian took out two eggs from his arms and took her to the kitchen to make a bowl of longevity noodles. Baoning looked at the longevity noodles and thought of her mother. The longevity noodles made by myself reminded me of the death of my parents on the day of my birthday, and wept while eating. Li Qian was flustered when he saw Baoning cry.

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