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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 4 Recap

Jiang Baoning deliberately threw the cricket on the head of Qingyi County, causing her to lose her temper in front of the emperor and leave in embarrassment. The emperor apologized to Boring for his forced marriage. Boring said that he was only temporarily unable to accept that he would share her husband with many women in the future, but the marriage contract has been set, and he will be a queen. Baoning noticed that the person who accompanied the emperor to fight the crickets was not a person who had fun all the year round. The emperor confessed that the person was Yan Huanian, the former minister of the Military and Aircraft Department, and the emperor specially invited him from outside the palace to teach him.

King Jian believes that the situation in the palace is complicated. The queen mother is in control of the court. Her Majesty has no real power. It is really not a good home for Han Tongxin. But Han Tongxin only wants to marry the people he loves. , She believes that she can exchange her sincerity for her sincerity. The Queen Mother found out that the annual ingenuity contest was just a match for her Majesty to please Baoning, so she didn’t pay attention to it. Then she heard that her Majesty was addicted to fighting crickets and sent someone to inquire about the identity and background of those fighting crickets.

At night, Boring discovered that he had forgotten to return Zhao Yi’s books on governing the country, but accidentally found the drawings of the waterfowl ship from the books. Boring also understood from the book that Zhao Yi did not organize the skill contest for himself, but to complete the production of the waterfowl ship through the competition. . Then Baoning asked the servant girl lover to return the book to Zhao Yi, and then wrote a letter to the town government office. The next day, the government of Zhenguo sent people to pick up Baoning back to the government. On the way back to the government, Baoning learned that his uncle, the king of the town, sent Jiang Lu to Zhuoan, and secretly guessed that it was the king of the city and his majesty.

On the day of the Queen Mother’s birthday banquet, let her return to power to her Majesty. Then Baoning verified his guess from his uncle Zhen Guogong, and he also knew that Zhao Yi was anxious to marry himself for the purpose of pro-government, so he asked Zhen Guogong to help stabilize the court. Although Baoning didn’t want to marry Zhao Yi, he didn’t want to cause trouble to the Jiang family. It would be dangerous if the Jiang family’s life gate fell in the hands of the Cao family or the emperor. The plan for the present was to try to dissolve the marriage contract. Baoning wanted to try to dissolve the marriage contract before the decree was settled.

On the other side, Li Qian, who accidentally learned of the whereabouts of Jiang Lu, the son of Zhen Guo Gong, from the mouth of the guard, also secretly guessed the intentions of His Majesty and Zhen Guo Gong, and secretly planned something for the Li family. The next day, Li Qian sneaked into Shoukang Palace, Baoning’s residence in the palace, and wanted to make a deal with Baoning and the town government office. The Lord Zhen Guo can secretly arrange him with the Queen Mother Cao, he can protect the Queen Mother secretly, and avoid the infamy of the Jiang family’s disobedience.

At the same time, he can also approach the Empress Dowager Cao and take the opportunity to take away the “Ghost Weapon Picture”. Later, Li Qian put out a certificate of vouch for the life of the Li family to convince Baoning to win him. Baoning then took out his jade pendant and asked Li Qian to find Jiang Zhenyuan, the father of Zhenguo. Li Qian secretly brought the jade pendant to meet the Lord Zhenguo, and frank his own plan. The Lord Zhenguo looked at Baoning and was willing to believe in Li Qian. So far, the Li family and the Jiang family have reached a cooperative deal.

Baoning paid a visit to the Queen Mother for sending a hand-cranked fan, and tried to test the whereabouts of “Ghost Weapon Drawing”, but was sent away by the Queen Mother because of her busy government affairs. The Queen Mother Cao asked the lord of Qingyi County to enter the palace to accompany Baoning to listen to Xiong Shibao’s lecture, guessing that she actually wanted to marry Zhao Yi. On the first day of the same class, the county lord of Qingyi was arrogant, not only questioning Xiong Shibao’s subject, but also defiant and provoking Jiang Baoning.

On the way to fly a kite in the palace, Baoning saw the Queen Mother Cao’s Gong Gong Gonggong Min Zhou secretly following Yan Huanian, worried that his identity would be discovered, so he hurriedly changed clothes and planned to leave the palace. On the way out of the palace, he ran into Li Qian and succeeded with Li Qian’s help. Leave the palace early. When Li Qian learned of his intentions, he and Baoning separately operated to protect Yan Huanian. Li Qian, who reunited with Baoning, learned that she was injured on the way to lead Minzhou away on horseback. After returning home, he asked Gao Miaorong for the sprained ointment, and secretly went to Shoukang Palace in the evening to send it to Baoning.

Bao Ning, who returned to the palace, found Zhao Yi and informed him that the Queen Mother Cao had been eyeing Yan Huanian, and asked him to pay more attention, try not to let Yan Huanian enter the palace again, and find another person who fights crickets to dispel the Queen Mother’s doubts. As soon as Li Qian sent Baoning the sprain ointment, he ran into the empress dowager to visit Baoning. In order to prevent Li Qian from being found, Baoning had no choice but to hide it in the quilt, and then used the cold as the excuse to let the empress dowager to the lover. The empress dowager sent away.

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