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Rebirth For You 嘉南传 Episode 2 Recap

Trapped in the cave, Jiang Baoning leaned against the wall and fell asleep. Li Qian saw the bug on her shoulder and wanted to help her drive away, but was misunderstood and insulted by him. He took out the self-protection of Mixiang, but accidentally fell into the Mixiang and fainted. On the ground. On the other side, Zhao Xiao brought people here, voluntarily retired and sent Jiang Baoning back, while Li Qian decided to continue looking for waterproof materials in the forest.

When Li Qian found the waterproof material pine resin and returned to Jiqiao Pavilion, he was accidentally informed that Jiang Baoning had found the pine resin in advance, so the leader of the final competition was Jiang Baoning. Knowing that the leader’s gift “The Picture of God and Ghost Weapon” had been taken away by Jiang Baoning, Li Qian had to look for Jiang Baoning again. Jiang Baoning and Zhao Xiao, who won the competition, were celebrating with a banquet.

Zhao Xiao took the opportunity to ask for help. It turned out that he came to participate in the competition to solve the sailing problem of the Nanmin Navy. Zhao Xiao’s father was the director of Nanmin, and the sailboat used by the navy was often out of control in heavy rain, causing the ship to destroy and kill people. At this time, he had to ask Jiang Baoning for help.

Li Qian replied that the inn received a letter from his father, and the Li family received the Queen Mother’s birthday invitation, and Li’s father sent the birthday gift to remind Li Qian to go to the palace to meet the Queen Mother before her birthday. At this time, the subordinate guards came to report and did not find Jiang Baoning’s whereabouts, and Li Qian could only arrange for the guards to continue searching. On the other side, Jiang Baoning was also found by the cousin Jiang Lu, the elder son of Zhenguo, and secretly sent back to the palace.

Emperor Li Yi came to visit Jiang Baoning early in the morning. He accidentally saw the sailing boat that Zhao Xiao gave Jiang Baoning. When he was curious, he accidentally broke the sailing boat. Later, Li Yi brought a phoenix pattern bracelet to Baoning by the Yuhuayuan Lake, expressing his desire to establish Baoning. After Baoning refused, Li Yi took the opportunity to deliberately fell into the lake and expressed his heart when the Queen Mother visited. Jiang Baoning He didn’t want to refuse his grandmother in public, so he had to agree to marry Li Yi, and Li Yi was delighted to hear this.

The next morning, King Jian suggested to dig a canal to open up the north-south waterways. Jiang Zhenyuan, the king of the town, raised objections. In recent years, there have been constant disputes with Yongqing. At this time, the construction of the canal will inevitably hurt the people and money. Li Yiben agreed with the words of the Lord Zhenguo, but the Queen Mother Cao controlled the court and agreed to Jian Wang’s proposal to build water conservancy for the convenience of the people.

Jiang Baoning accidentally discovered that the prize of the competition “The Picture of God and Ghost Weapon” was fake. Lenovo was pregnant outside the palace. He suspected that the matter was related to Emperor Li Yi, so he decided to go to inquire. Faced with inquiries, Li Yi frankly held the trick contest to collect tricks for Baoning. Baoning took the opportunity to inquire about the authenticity of “Ghost Weapon Drawing” and learned that Li Yi had also learned about it from the first emperor. Baoning asked Li Yi why the maid Fang Yiru was not there.

Li Yi lied that the maid had accidentally fallen to death. This made Baoning suspect that the child she was pregnant was the emperor’s. On the other side, Li Qian went to the palace to meet the Queen Mother, just as the Legendary Soldier brought a victory. The Legendary Soldier pretended to be an assassin, just to assassinate the Queen Mother. Fortunately, Li Qian had quick eyes and a fight to win the assassin. It turned out that when Li Qian entered the palace, he discovered that the messenger had a problem, and cooperated with the guards to take down the messenger and the person who had joined in the palace together.

Because of the assassin’s incident, Bao Ning learned the reason from Cao Xuan, and also learned that fortunately, Li Qian, the son of Bingzhou General Manager, saved the queen mother, the consequences would be unthinkable. Baoning noticed that his friend Qinghui Xiangjun Bai Su was paying attention to Cao Xuan and reminded him that Cao’s family is a relative, and that his majesty’s pro-government will inevitably be liquidated in the future.

After rigorous investigation, the Queen Mother learned that the assassin was sent by Yongqing State and had nothing to do with the emperor. After this incident, the Queen Mother looked at Li Qian with admiration, and ordered Li Qian to be designated as a guard with swords in the third rank of the Forbidden Army, hoping to win the support of the Li family to guard against the grown-up emperor. Bao Ning took advantage of the change of guards in the palace and went to the pharmacy. It was found that only the palace lady Xiao Rongniang had prescribed the fetus medicine half a year ago, but no master in the palace was pregnant. .

As Bao Ning was about to leave the drug case room, it happened that Li Qian, who was injured by the assassin, came to bandage the wound. Bao Ning, who was disguised as a medicine boy, was called to help with the medicine, but Bao Ning, who had no choice but to apply the medicine, accidentally dropped his veil. , Let Li Qian see the true face. Li Qian, who had been searching for Jiang Baoning, finally saw Jiang Baoning in the palace, and had to chase him out. Bao Ning, who was familiar with the palace, easily dumped Li Qian, and met with the brother Jiang Lu who gave her delicious food, so he asked him to help find Xiao Rongniang outside the palace.

On this day, while Jiang Baoning was playing with a friend, he happened to be seen by Li Qian, the guard of the Imperial Guard. Li Qian said that he had checked the identity of the palace maid, and there was no one named “Jiang Xian”.

Li Qian also indicated his identity. The name “Zhang Qian” was also used for the convenience of the game, but Jiang Baoning never expected that Jiang Baoning turned out to be the owner of Jianan County. Li Qian wanted to inquire about “A Picture of Gods and Ghosts”, but Baoning hurried out of the palace because of Zhenguo’s elder son. On the way home, the undervalued Li Qian saw Jiang Baoning dressed up in disguise.

Under curiosity, he followed her to Jinxiufang. Bao Ning and Jiang Lu pretended to come to mend the cloak of the Empress Dowager and look for Xiao Rongniang. Bao Ning, who saw Xiao Rongniang, also learned that this person was not pregnant, and that was the fetus medicine prescribed by someone in the palace under the guise of her name. Li Qian rushed to Jinxiufang just to hear what Jiang Baoning had said. Although he did not identify as the head of Baoning County for the public, he was also puzzled about his intention to come to Jinxiufang.

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