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Truth 真相 Episode 8 Recap

Song Baiyu rushed to the hospital, and Wen Xiaowan was safe. She said that she was hit by a person when she first came to the hospital. After checking it, she found that there was a button on her clothes. Song Baiyu told her to stop wearing it and buy a new one.

On the way, Song Baiyu asked Wen Xiaowan to stop 50 meters past the camera. He came to Malaysia. After checking the pen, he gave the money and passport to Malaysia and brought him food. Then Song Baiyu took the dagger. Went to Malaysia.

The banquet was very happy to see Lin Lan coming back. He announced: According to the results of the audio-visual comparison, Mr. Mu is Qin Xiuwen, and the police immediately arrested him. Soon, they got news: Qin Xiuwen was missing, and Team Tu asked them to come and assist in the investigation.

Lu Chaoqun handed over the information of more than 600 vehicles entering and leaving Qin Xiuwen’s villa area to the public security organs for investigation. Lin Lan and Lin Yuanhao found Song Baiyu’s car in the surveillance. Team Tu and Song Shuang came to the law firm to find Song Baiyu about the situation. Song Baiyu said that the last time he and Qin Xiuwen met was a few days ago. Team, Team Tu asked about other materials, Song Baiyu said exactly that it was on the fourth side of the cabinet. Team Tu wanted to take the materials back for the record and notify Song Baiyu that he could not leave Hanjiang recently.

Zhong Mingyue reported: According to the evidence currently available, Qin Xiuwen can basically be identified as an important suspect in the theft of the national treasure 14 years ago, but he ran away before the police arrested him. After identification, the residue on his home safe It is the textile thread, which has a high similarity to the brocade box in the market collection of cultural relics. From this they inferred that Qin Xiuwen had absconded with the illegally obtained cultural relics, and they must find Qin Xiuwen as soon as possible.

Wen Xiaowan urged Song Baiyu to leave the country, but Song Baiyu didn’t have enough money to wait. At this time, the TV news reported: At about 5 o’clock this morning, a man’s body was found near the port of Donghan Sea in this city. The cause of death of the deceased Ma Zhiqiang is unknown. The police have started investigating the case. Wen Xiaowan was stunned. Song Baiyu quickly turned off the TV, shirked off the company and left. Wen Xiaowan muttered to herself in pain: All this is not true.

Song Baiyu is discussing business with Zhao Dongcheng, general manager of Intelligent Huanjie Co., Ltd., Tu team and Li Shuang come to him, suspecting that he is related to a murder case, and ask him to go back to cooperate with the investigation. Song Baiyu asked Zhao Dongzhuang to cooperate with the police investigation first, and he took care of the rest.

Zhong Mingyue reported: According to the fingerprints on the murder weapon at the crime scene, the police found Zhao Dongcheng, the general manager of Zhijie Environmental Energy Co., Ltd., but Zhao Dongcheng insisted that he did not kill and provided alibi. According to their investigation, Zhao Dongcheng was indeed with the deceased. There is no intersection.

Lin Yuanhao claimed that this was related to the ancient bottle case. The brocade box they found at the scene was basically the same as the one found in Peng Juan’s house, and the fabric in Qin Xiuwen’s safe was also the same. Lin Lan was excited that it was related to the ancient bottle case and antiques. Smuggling group related.

Jiang Ni reported: Ma Zhiqiang died between 3 and 5 in the morning. There was a stabbing in the abdomen, which was a homicide. The cause of death was a ruptured liver that caused hemorrhage. He was bitten by a dog on his leg and face.

There were pork meat on the scene. Lin Yuanhao judged that the killer should be the pork deliberately thrown after the attack to attract wild dogs and destroy the traces on the scene. Lin Lan pointed out why the murderer left fingerprints on the weapon if he was so careful. Lin Yuanhao said that if a single piece of evidence is not enough to form a chain of evidence, they must find the rationality of the existence, and Zhong Mingyue arranged for everyone to go to the site for reexamination immediately.

Lin Lan and others discovered that the deceased had been dragged after his death. Lin Yuanhao analyzed that it should be the chaos created by the murderer in order to interfere with the investigation. Judging from the scope of activities scattered on the scene, the murderer’s activity area is concentrated at the rear of the vehicle, indicating that the murderer’s mental quality is excellent and possesses anti-detection capabilities beyond ordinary people.

The murderer has cleaned the scene and prepared pork to destroy the scene. This can be determined. It was a carefully planned murder. Judging from the cigarette butts at the scene, the murderer and the deceased did not immediately clashed, but later occurred after certain transactions. Lin Yuanhao began to judge that the area farthest from the pork tossing was probably the location of the killer’s car, but he immediately discovered that there was a camera going forward there, which showed that the killer wanted to mislead them. Li Shuang determined that the location of Malaysia’s death was three blind spots in surveillance.

Back to the procuratorate, Lin Lan proposed that since the resumption of the national treasure case, Song Baiyu has been related to key figures at each stage: the brocade box in Qin Xiuwen’s safe appeared on a Malaysian truck, and Qin Xiuwen had seen him before he disappeared. The last person is Song Baiyu. If Song Baiyu does take things from Peng Juan’s house, he may be the top figure on the chain. Qin Xiuwen may only be the middle layer of the chain.

The reason why he is connected with Song Baiyu is a cultural relic. Identification. Lin Yuanhao pointed out that Qin Xiuwen’s cultural relics transaction was completed more than ten years ago. At that time Song Baiyu was still studying in Hong Kong. Now it is too far-fetched to presume that Song Baiyu is suspected. The connection between these inferences is too coincidental. Lin Lan Calling coincidence is also a doubt. The two were talking, Song Baiyu came in, said to come here to sort out other cases, and came to find Yuan Hao by the way.

Song Baiyu asked Lin Yuanhao to have a drink after work, and said that a client had invested in a manor in Kenya. If Lin Yuanhao was interested and offered him a stake, Lin Yuanhao decisively refused. Song Baiyu’s investigation into the disappearance of Qin Xiuwen did the police suspect that he had come to his head. Lin Yuanhao said that it was not convenient to disclose work matters. Song Baiyu said that he only did what a lawyer should do, and some clients’ behavior could not be interfered. The position of a partner in the law firm was always reserved for Lin Yuanhao. He could come anytime. Lin made it clear that he was not interested. He asked Song Baiyu if he knew Qin Xiuwen’s whereabouts. Before leaving, he said, “Sometimes a coincidence is a suspicious point.”

After Dian Chaoqun checked the surveillance three hours before the death in Malaysia, they found a car driving directly into the terminal. They verified that the car was registered under the name of Zhijie Environmental Energy Company and the driver was Wen Xiaowan. It has been verified that Wen Xiaowan on the day Received Zhao Dongcheng’s assignment to the wharf to check the arrival of ships. But the terminal monitoring showed that Wen Xiaowan had no time to commit the crime, and the security confessed that only Wen Wan was in the car, and the police were questioning her.

This is the second time that Wen Xiaowan has been questioned. Her confession is the same as last time, saying that there will be work at the dock on Wednesday night.

Lin Yuanhao found through surveillance that Wen Xiaowan was driving relatively smoothly, but there was a 16-second difference between the time she drove into the camera and the time she drove out of the camera. Finished. Zhong Mingyue said that after the meeting, he will communicate with everyone in the same situation as the police.

After being questioned by the police and returning home, Wen Xiaowan asked Song Baiyu when she could meet Song Baiyu’s mother. Song Baiyu said that her mother had a strange personality and he would make arrangements as soon as possible. She had to resign before Zhao Dongcheng knew it. After that, she told Song Baiyu meaningfully: Every day when I go to bed, I don’t want to wake up the next day.

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