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Truth 真相 Episode 7 Recap

Wen Xiaowan is pregnant. She wants to marry Song Baiyu. Song Baiyu called her the best life for her and her children. She needs time to get everything done and she will talk about it after she goes abroad.

Lin Lan cut her long shawl hair into short haircuts and went back to the procuratorate to inquire about Lin Yuanhao. Lin Yuanhao told her: He has adjusted the surveillance video. Although Mr. Mu is very disguised, he can see his ears. If they can get a complete pinna map, they can do an identity comparison. Seeing Lin Lan at the banquet, she blamed her for being disobedient. Lin Lan lied that she was looking for Lin Yuanhao to borrow the book. The banquet office asked her what’s wrong with her hair, Lin Lan explained that she wanted to cut her mind, and Lin Yuanhao heard a smirk.

Song Baiyu called Malaysia and asked him to find Qin Xiuwen, take a sea water bath and tell himself.

My aunt came back to pick up Lin Lan. Early in the morning, she saw Lin Lan put up a photo while investigating the case. Lin Lan asked her aunt to find a video of her father’s birthday. The aunt only said that she didn’t remember. She took out Lin Lan’s visa and asked. Why didn’t she send it out yet. Lin Lan was angry that her father had died unclearly, so she finally had the opportunity to find out what happened. When her aunt was in a hurry, she suddenly couldn’t stand up due to backache.

After arriving at the hospital, Lin Lan knew that her aunt had ankylosing spondylitis, which could not be cured. She cried and said that now only Lin Lan is a relative and she does not want her to take risks anymore. I only hope that she will marry a good person in peace. I believe Lin Lan. Dad must have the same wish. When she sees her father in the future, he will also have an explanation. Lin Lan cried and promised her aunt would listen to her.

In the evening, Lin Lan went home and said to Lin Yuanhao that she was leaving next week, and her aunt could not be taken care of. Unfortunately, the Gu Ping case could not be followed to the end. Lin Yuanhao promised to have a result when she could speak. I told Lin Lan that the room would be locked after she left, and she would not go in.

Lin Yuanhao found a lot of photos of Lin Lan and his father when he was finishing the living room. Lin Lan on the other side was sad at the uniform in the closet, and her aunt comforted her that she would have a new life in the future. Lin Lan was depressed and went outside to breathe.

Lin Yuanhao talked to Aunt Lin Lan, saying that he admired Lin Lan’s professional ability very much, and hoped that aunt would let her stay in the prosecutor’s office to do what she wanted to do. She has a mission that cannot be parted by a prosecutor. Only in this way can she Completely walked out of the father’s case.

The next day, Lin Lan woke up and found that her aunt was gone. She left a note and told Lin Lan that the video she wanted was copied in the USB flash drive. If Lin Lan insisted, she would go on firmly, and her father would definitely take her. Proud. Lin Lan doesn’t need to worry about her body, because she has a prospective uncle who will take care of herself. No matter when, her aunt will always be her escape route.

Lin Lan took the U disk to Lin Yuanhao, and she knew that it must be Lin Yuanhao’s contribution to staying. The two watched the video together. At that time, Lin Lan celebrated her birthday, and her parents celebrated with her. Lin Lan cried while watching. Lin Yuanhao thinks that the video sound image is good and can be used as a sample. Lin Lan was both looking forward to and afraid. Lin Yuanhao told her: If this doesn’t prove her father’s innocence, they will look for new evidence. He encouraged Lin Lan to hand this over to the courtyard in person.

In the car, Lin Yuanhao gave her the photos and film of Lin Lan’s father that he found last night. Lin Lan had never seen these photos. Lin Yuanhao thought it might have been captured by the Propaganda Department. With these, at least it proves that Lin Lan’s father He is a good policeman. Lin Lan thanked Lin Yuanhao for all this.

According to Song Baiyu’s instructions, Da Ma arranged Qin Xiuwen to the beach and pushed him down the sea.

He Gu compared the information Lin Lan brought with Qin Xiuwen and concluded that the audio did not match, and Lin Lan cried. The result of the comparison between Qin Xiuwen and the video auricle is: the matching degree is 99%, and Qin Xiuwen is Mr. Mu.

Malaysia called Song Baiyu after the incident. Song Baiyu asked him for a pen wash. Malaysia offered to ask for money. He threatened that he had just given Zhao Dongzhuang’s secretary a memorial. The next time he was hit, he would not be so lucky. NS. Song Baiyu gave in and said that he would look for him after he had prepared 400,000 yuan. After that, he called Xiaowan, learned that she was undergoing a maternity check-up in the hospital, and said that he would pass by right away.

The truth of the matter is: Song Baiyu called the boss and said that Qin Xiuwen was missing. The police asked him before he disappeared. He took away Ruyao Biwashi. Before he disappeared, he applied for a mortgage on the house and he would take care of it. of.

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