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Truth 真相 Episode 6 Recap

Fourteen years ago, after Lin Xiaoyong passed away, Qin Xiuwen came to express his condolences. He cried and gave Aunt Lin Lan a sum of money, saying that he borrowed money from a friend, and asked her to help take care of Lin Lan. The aunt asked why he was in a hurry to Shenzhen , Qin Xiuwen choked and said to change his way of life.

After comparing the gait analysis method, Lu Chaoqun came to the conclusion: Qin Xiuwen has a 65% coincidence rate with the man in the video. Although it is not conclusive evidence, he is by far the most suspicious person. Lin Yuanhao arranged for Lu Chaoqun to take care of him. The results were reported to Zhong Mingyue and asked him and Team Tu to decide whether to investigate Qin Xiuwen further. At this time, Lin Lan received a message from Qin Xiuwen that she wanted to tell her about her father’s death. Lin Lan immediately rushed to Qin Xiuwen’s house after reporting to Zhong Mingyue.

Qin Xiuwen told Lin Lan: That night, her father took out an antique bottle from his bag. He recognized that it was the one lost in the museum, but her father left without looking back. When he saw him again, already dead. He also persuaded Lin Lan’s father, but he could no longer look back. Qin Xiuwen handed Lin Lan an audio file.

After Lin Lan returned to the unit and opened it, it was a recording of a conversation between his father and Qin Xiuwen: Qin Xiuwen advised his father not to take the bottle, his father said he could not get things, and Qin Xiuwen could not get out of this door, Qin Xiuwen persuaded his father to go back and be a policeman. , Dad said he never thought about going back. Lin Lan cried, she didn’t know how things would turn out to be like this? Just when Lin Yuanhao came over, Lin Lan asked him to hand over the tape to Lao Zhong.

Lin Lan came to the beach, thinking about Qin Xiuwen’s words, and recalling the medals her father had given to her unit when she was a child. She felt like she was under a big rock and couldn’t get her breath. Lin Yuanhao took the brewed coffee to the beach to find Lin Lan, saying that he had asked Lin Lan for leave for a meeting in the courtyard.

Zhong Mingyue came to the banquet and the others to listen to the recording. Lin Lan also came back. Zhong Mingyue told everyone: Team Tu gave the audio to the colleagues who worked with Team Lin. Everyone felt like it, but there was no real evidence. He thought that Lin Lin Lan is responsible for checking the technology, there is no need to avoid suspicion. Lin Lan also stated that he would guarantee a fair judgment.

Lin Yuanhao arranged the audiovisual team and the electronic technology team to cooperate with the analysis. Zhong Mingyue said that the public security technicians would also do the synchronization, and everyone acted separately. After Zhong Ming left, everyone wanted to comfort Lin Lan. Lin Lan said that finding the truth was his greatest comfort. She rejected the vacation arrangement at the banquet and insisted on staying and continuing to work.

Li Shuang approached Qin Xiuwen to find out about the situation. Qin Xiuwen introduced that he was in the antiques business and sometimes did antique appraisal for the city part-time. He studied history at university, and his relationship with Lin Xiaoyong was like a relative. For a while, Lin Xiaoyong always used some things for identification. He asked Lao Lin where he came from, and Lao Lin asked him to join the gang. The two became very stiff because of this incident, and then they didn’t communicate much. Li Shuang asked Qin Xiuwen as a relative, why did he record it at that time?

Qin Xiuwen explained that he felt that the matter was not trivial, and that he was worried about the incident in Dongchuang. The reason why he took it out now was because Lin Lan’s attitude towards him changed after the public security asked him to identify the bottle some time ago. He felt that it was better to take it out earlier. Qin Xiuwen analyzed that Lin Xiaoyong died of infighting.

Team Tu informed Zhong Mingyue of the investigation results of the police: Qin Xiuwen admitted that he drove a black Toyota in 2003, but he did not know other information. They were investigating his financial status and collected his voice during the investigation. The text information will be compared with that provided by Qin Xiuwen.

Seeing that Lin Lan was listening to the recording repeatedly, Lin Yuanhao gave her a copy of: “Acoustic Identification Methods and Applications”. The two were studying together. Lin Lan received a call from He Gu: The report came out. She rushed to the laboratory, and He Gu told her: There were no traces of editing and no signs of forgery in the recording.

The result of Lu Chaoqun’s analysis is that the audio loss is serious, and once the audio file is converted to MP3, the audio information lost in the conversion process cannot be retrieved. He Gu comforted Lin Lan. Although there is no problem with the recording, there is no way to verify the authenticity of the voice. Lin Yuanhao called Zhong Mingyue to inquire about the result of Qin Xiuwen’s interrogation by the police, but there was still no flaw.

Lin Lan was extremely disappointed. She was about to go home. The motorcycle broke down. Lin Yuanhao chased her out to take her home. In the car, Lin Yuanhao said frankly that Lin Lan’s state was not suitable for continuing to work in this case. Lin Lan sadly remembered that when she was a child, she had told her father to be a policeman like him. When he returned home, Lin Lan broke down and couldn’t help crying. Lin Yuanhao knocked on the door and brought her a bowl of noodles.

Early the next morning, Lin Lan received a call from the banquet office, telling her to stop working.

Zhong Mingyue reported to the banquet office that Team Tu couldn’t find the audio materials used to work with Lin Xiaoyong before, and colleagues were still trying to find a way. Lin Lan ran over, panting, and asked the banquet office the case is not over, why did he rush to leave? The banquet office explained that the resignation procedures had been completed. Lin Lan pointed out that the case was related to his father. After Zhong Mingyue persuaded Lin Lan to leave, the banquet office reluctantly said that it did not matter if Lin Lan didn’t understand it. He only hoped to have an explanation to Lao Lin.

Before leaving, Lin Lan told Lin Yuanhao that as long as he found Mr. Mu and the smuggling group behind him, everything would come to light.

The banquet office informed Lin Yuanhao that the courtyard would also give opportunities to comrades who had made mistakes, and had decided to study his secondment procedures. His recent work should focus on stability and refrain from rushing forward. Lin Yuanhao hopes that the banquet can also give Lin Lan a chance. He knows that it’s uncomfortable to sit on a cold bench, and suggests that it is better for her to let Lin Lan take on the responsibilities she should bear.

Soon, Zhong Mingyue called Lin Yuanhao and said that his proposal was very good and he arranged to act as soon as possible. After a while, Lu Chaoqun, Ji Qingqing, He Gu and others came to Lin Yuanhao and asked to join him, so that he could find the truth and let Lin Lan come back as soon as possible. They sent photos of working overtime to Lin Lan, and she smiled knowingly, regained strength and full of expectations.

Song Baiyu came to Qin Xiuwen. Qin Xiuwen told him that he had already given things, but he should have exposed himself. Song Baiyu pointed out that he was panicked because he didn’t understand the law. He had already completed the mortgage loan for the house, which was given to Qin Xiuwen last time. If the pen wash is unsafe, change the place.

Time to return to Lin Lan when she was a child: She made a bowl of noodles for her father, and her father rewarded her daughter with the medal from the unit.

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