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Once We Get Married 只是结婚的关系 Episode 15 Recap

Hearing Gu Xixi’s confession to Yin Sichen on his back, Mo Zixin felt sorrowful in his heart, but he still expressed his admiration for Gu Xixi while he was drunk. Gu Xixi didn’t know anything. After waking up the next day, Gu Xixi’s store Weibo account was suddenly attacked. It turned out that Ran Xiwei’s previous interview with her had a problem, even though Ran Xiwei was praising Gu Xixi. The design, but it deliberately promotes Gu Xixi and arouses everyone’s disgust.

It also deliberately emphasizes that Gu Xixi rejects Erics, saying that Gu Xixi’s design inspiration is influenced by Erics, implying Gu Xixi Plagiarize Erics. This article pushed Gu Xixi to the forefront. Gu Xixi also recalled that when he was interviewed by Ran Xiwei, he explained that although he was influenced by Erics, he still used his own ideas in the design, but this article There was no explanation. Although Gu Xixi and Lin Xiaoya had some doubts about Ran Xiwei, their top priority was to resolve the matter.

Gu Xixi wanted to respond to questions from netizens on Weibo. Sichen Yin found Gu Xixi and wanted to explain to her about the day of the prom, but Gu Xixi was worrying about public opinion and didn’t want to hear Sichen Yin’s explanation, Sichen Yin. Let Gu Xixi calm down first, saying that even if Gu Xixi explained the past one by one, netizens would not believe it, and now they should wait for the heat to pass before issuing a simple report to explain the matter, but Gu Xixi felt that Yin Sichen was right. Gu Xixi insisted on replying, and even angered Yin Sichen away.

Gu Xixi stayed alone and continued to reply to her doubts, but after working hard for a long time, she realized that, as Yin Sichen said, her reply now would only arouse resistance from netizens. When Gu Xixi was about to give up, she found something called “Eastern Ice American Style”. “The netizen helped me answer a lot of people. She sent a private message to express her gratitude, but she didn’t know that this ice American style was Yin Sichen. Although Yin Sichen made Gu Xixi calm, she couldn’t help but defend Gu. Xixi.

In the morning, Sichen Yin went to find Gu Xixi again, but seeing that Mo Zixin was also in the store, Sichen Yin was so angry. In order to be able to participate in Gu Xixi’s affairs, Sichen Yin also said that he would invest in Xixi. Gu Xixi refused to agree to the shop. Yin Sichen left in a huff. Although Yin Sichen was angry, he also knew that the source of the matter was Ran Xiwei. He went to Ran Xiwei’s studio to warn her. Ran Xiwei was originally.

He pretended to be innocent, but Yin Sichen was unmoved. Ran Xiwei was greatly irritated and asked Shangke to go out to drink at night. When Shang Ke saw Ran Xiwei doing this, he called Yin Sichen to persuade him. However, Yin Sichen directly pointed out that he only regarded Ran Xiwei as an indispensable friend between them. His feelings are just friendship. He has fallen in love with Gu Xixi. After saying this, Yin Sichen left. He rushed home to see Gu Xixi. After returning home, Gu Xixi was already asleep. .

Gu Xixi wrote a statement, but decided to follow Yin Sichen’s advice and wait a few days for the netizens to calm down before explaining. As a result, when she saw that the ice American style helped herself back to many people, she felt that Yin Sichen had asked her to calm down before, and she hit ten on the Internet. What did Yin Sichen mean? She asked Yin Sichen not to do it in the future. Regardless of his own affairs, Yin Sichen was blacked out.

When Mu Ruona met with Shang Ke in the company, Shang Ke happened to receive a call from her mother. She wanted to give her son a blind date, but Shang Ke told her in front of Mu Ruona that she already had a girlfriend. This annoyed Mu Ruona. Mu Ruona didn’t want to make this matter known to everyone, and was very angry at Shang Ke’s actions.

Mo Zixin wanted to use her company’s public relations team to help Gu Xixi change public opinion, but Gu Xixi believes that it is most useful to gain recognition by strength. She was inspired by Grandma Yin when she went shopping, and decided to do an amateur transformation. Activities, so that you can show your strength and cultivate reputation.

However, Ran Xiwei was behind the scenes and prevented the major public accounts from receiving the promotion of Xixi. After Yin Sichen learned of this, he specially helped Gu Xixi make an advertisement during the TV interview, which brought a great deal to Gu Xixi. Traffic, Yin Sichen also verified his Weibo, and now everyone knows that the person who helped Gu Xixi speak is Yin Sichen.

Gu Xixi canceled Yin Sichen’s blackout, only to see Yin Sichen explaining the last dance, and hoped that there is no so-called boundary between the two. Gu Xixi feels like riding a roller coaster. This is Yin Si. Chen appeared suddenly, and Gu Xixi embraced him excitedly. The two resolved their misunderstanding. Yin Sichen asked her to have dinner together at night, but Gu Xixi suddenly cancelled the appointment because of something unexpected.

Yin Sichen received the news of Gu Xixi’s cancellation of the date. When she was angry, Ran Xiwei suddenly came to the office to find Yin Sichen and wanted to recall the good things in the past with Yin Sichen. At this time, Yin Sichen received the news from Lin Xiaoya and learned An accident occurred at Gu Xixi’s house. It turned out that Gu’s father cheated on his marriage and gave Gu Xixi’s card to the mistress. Gu Xixi went to ask Master Xiaosanxing for inquiries.

After a while, Yin Sichen also came to help Gu Xixi angry with the mistress, and left Feiang to deal with the follow-up. About the matter, he and Gu Xixi sent Gu Xixi’s mother back to Meishan’s hometown. After returning home, it was very late, and the two stayed at their hometown.

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