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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 20 Recap

Wu You concluded that He Xia had come to Qiu Mingyu to file a complaint. He was uneasy and kept an eye on Qiu Mingyu’s office. In fact, He Xia came to Qiu Mingyu with a contract and agreed to the sole company to continue selling Yaman masks. Qiu Mingyu saw blood for a while and pointed out that He Xia changed his mind because of Wu You. He Xia confessed.

After He Xia left, Qiu Mingyu came to Wu You. Wu You gave him the resignation letter. Qiu Mingyu tore it to pieces on the spot and invited Wu You to dinner. The colleagues were all dumbfounded. Qiu Mingyu brought the food to Wu You personally. Wu You couldn’t eat it. Qiu Mingyu explained He Xia’s intention to her. Wu You immediately became excited and started to eat the food. On the way back, Liang quickly complained about He Xia’s lack of principles, and went so far as to keep Wu You’s work. He Xia quibbled in every possible way.

Today is the day when the best friends have a party. Qian Jiayi, Sophie, Lu Man and Wu You go to the beauty salon together. Wu You worry about everything, and Su Fei asks the reason for it. Wu You has to admit that she and one of them yesterday. Both Qian Jiayi and Lu Man thought it was Qiu Mingyu and encouraged her to speak clearly in person.

Wu You went home directly to find He Xia, met He Xiaoyu head-on, and learned that He Xia had gone to the supermarket, so Wu You went to the supermarket with He Xiaoyu. He Xia was shopping for goods while talking to herself, not knowing how to confess to Wu You, but Wu You heard them all. He Xia was very embarrassed and hurried to help Wu You and He Xiaoyu to check out the bills and go home.

Wu You and He Xiaoyu prepared a sumptuous meal. Wu You raised his glass to express his gratitude to He Xia. He Xia saw that Qiu Mingyu liked Wu You, and Wu You hurriedly changed the subject. He Xiaoyu pretended to drink too much and left the table to give He Xia and Wu You time to be alone. Wu You asked He Xia to go out for a walk.

Wu You plucked up the courage to talk about the close contact last night, and advised He Xia not to take it seriously. She didn’t take it seriously at all and announced that the story had been turned over. He Xia gritted her teeth with anger, and left without looking back in anger. . He Xiaoyu encouraged He Xia to take the initiative to pursue Wu You, otherwise he would shoot.

Sophie went home alone and found someone following behind. She suddenly turned around and gave the person a heavy blow. She didn’t expect that the person was Xiong Xingyi. Xiong Xingyi took the opportunity to go home with Sophie, pretending to be dizzy and thinking about not leaving, Sophie. Forcibly drive him away. Huang Jianan sent Lu Man home and gave her a 15% share authorization letter. Lu Man was not interested in this, and she refused on the spot. That night, Lu Man talked about Huang Jianan in his best friends. Wu You and Su Fei both persuaded her to accept Huang Jianan. Lu Man only wanted to be friends with Huang Jianan.

Wu You started work early in the morning and saw He Xia and He Xiaoyu just coming back from the morning exercise. He Xiaoyu offered to send Wu You to work. Unexpectedly, Qiu Mingyu suddenly drove to pick up Wu You. He Xia looked at Wu You’s back and felt sour in her heart. Qiu Mingyu made a special detour to pick up Wu You and prepared her favorite dessert. Qiu Mingyu solemnly confessed to Wu You, Wu You was stunned.

Xiong Xingyi accompanied Sophie to inspect the house. They were dissatisfied after seeing several sets at once. Sophie was exhausted and vowed to buy a house in the future. He Xia didn’t worry about Wu You, so he called He Xiaoyu to ask. The annual Internet Summit is about to be held. Mr. Fan asked the sales department to send someone to replace the marketing department to participate. He also cut the budget reported by the money plus one. She was dissatisfied with the money plus one. She suddenly felt more abdominal pain. Wu You heard the news. Came to her and asked her warmly.

Qiu Mingyu learned that the Internet Summit has always been attended by the marketing department where Qian Jiayi is located. He didn’t want to be President Fan’s pawn. He took the initiative to find Qian Jiayi to explain the situation. He wanted to persuade Fan to revoke this decision. Wu You thinks Qiu Mingyu is a good person. Lin Qing worked overtime to put together the model of the Ferris wheel, and then delivered it to Lu Man. Lu Man couldn’t put it down, and colleagues guessed who the person was. Lu Man smiled but didn’t answer. Qiu Mingyu suddenly called Wu You aside and showed her his heart again. Wu You was stunned.

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