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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 19 Recap

Everyone made a concerted effort to send the frenzied Yangzijiang to the police station. After Sophie finished the transcript, He Xia took He Xiaoyu away first. Wu You worried that there would be other crazy fans harassing Sophie in the future, and she persuaded Sophie to go home with her. Sophie would continue to do the live broadcast without affecting Wu You’s parents. Xiong Xingyi promised to take Sophie in. Wu You asked him to take good care of Su. Philippines.

Lin Qing took Lu Man to the boxing gym to relax. Lu Man confronted him on stage to vent his grievances. Today is He Xia’s 32nd birthday. He Xiaoyu and Wu You have refurbished his home. He Xiaoyu also prepared a family portrait slideshow, and He Xia’s mother’s voice sent birthday wishes. He Xia’s eyes were moved with tears. Wu You and He Xiaoyu came out with birthday cakes and longevity noodles, trying to surprise He Xia, but he didn’t buy it, condemning He Xiaoyu should not tell Wu You this outsider about the family, and remind him of the sad past, Wu You tried to explain why Xiaoyu defended, and He Xia forcibly drove Wu You away.

He Xiaoyu was frightened and at a loss. He wanted to use these warm memories to move He Xia and urge the whole family to reunite. He didn’t expect these to be the eternal pain in He Xia’s heart, which is equivalent to tearing open his scars again. He Xiaoyu suddenly realized that he was superfluous. Yes, packed up and left overnight.

Wu You has been guarding the door, trying to keep He Xiaoyu, but He Xiaoyu has decided to leave. Seeing He Xiaoyu crying and leaving, Wu You feels very uncomfortable. She comes directly to He Xia’s theory and condemns He Xia for betraying He Xiaoyu’s painstaking efforts. , Cursed Hosia from now on lonely and dying old. Wu You came to the balcony and looked down. He Xiaoyu was long gone. She sent a message to persuade He Xiaoyu to come back. He Xia also came to the balcony. Wu You went back to the house in anger. He Xia couldn’t contact He Xiaoyu, so he had to send a message to Wu You for help, and Wu You went with him to find someone.

He Xia and Wu You searched hard all night without seeing He Xiaoyu’s figure. They just wanted to find another place when they suddenly saw He Xiaoyu being besieged by a group of people. Wu You took a posture and wanted to fight the group of people, but he strained his hips too hard, He Xia rushed to save the people, the group of people were so scared that they cried out injustice, and then ran away.

He Xiaoyu claimed to have played the game last night and won the night. He wanted to leave after daybreak. The group of people continued to entangle him. He Xia forgave He Xiaoyu. Today is the day when He Xiaoyu sent him for an interview. He Xia immediately drove He Xiaoyu to Huangjiang University. Thanks to He Xia who prepared clothes for He Xiaoyu in advance, Wu You encouraged He Xiaoyu not to be nervous. He Xia cheered for him. He Xiaoyu went to the interview with confidence.

He Xia and Wu You waited outside, He Xia fidgeted and walked around. Wu You persuaded him while playing games and advised him not to hide his feelings for He Xiaoyu. He Xia thanked Wu You. After He Xiaoyu’s interview was over, he wanted to go back to his hometown in Suzhou immediately. He Xia persuaded him to stay and spend his birthday. He Xiaoyu naturally couldn’t ask for it.

He Xia took He Xiaoyu and Wu You fishing, and the three of them talked, laughed, and were unhappy. He Xia took the initiative to take pictures with He Xiaoyu. He also prepared a barbecue. Wu You was guarding the barbecue. He Xia thanked her again and couldn’t help kissing her. Wu You blushed and his heart beat with excitement. He Xiaoyu was so happy to see this scene. NS.

He Xia drove He Xiaoyu and Wu You home. Wu You felt embarrassed and had to pretend to be asleep and watch He Xia secretly with the light. He Xia drove calmly. As soon as the cousin came back to her hometown, she called Lin Yueda and relayed the news of her parents’ birth. Lin Yueda didn’t want to listen to her long-winded, so she quickly found an excuse to hang up. When Qian Jiayi heard that his cousin had called, he even agreed to follow Lin Yueda home to see her parents. Lin Yueda took the opportunity to propose a child. Qian Jiayi refused to give in. She didn’t like children, she would never have children in this life, Lin Yueda suffered. Persuasion was of no avail, Qian Jiayi deliberately took contraceptives in front of Lin Yueda.

That night, both Wu You and He Xia could not fall asleep. They both thought of the kiss by the beach. Wu You recalled all the details, and his excitement was overwhelming. He Xia secretly vowed to be responsible to Wu You to the end, and finally washed his face. Milk is used as toothpaste.

Early the next morning, Wu You and He Xia went out at the same time, and the two took the elevator together. He Xia mustered the courage to show his attitude to Wu You that he was ready. Wu You asked why Xia wanted to take her job. He Xia was absent-minded all morning. Liang Kuai asked about the reason. He Xia had to admit that he had close contact with women. Liang Kuai came up with three methods, but He Xia felt unreliable.

Wu You decided that he would be fired, and began to write a resignation letter early in the morning. Lu Man advised her to think twice, and also revealed that He Xia had come to the company. Wu You was already ready, but he still had a sigh in his heart.

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