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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 18 Recap

Wu You threatened He Xia with the property. He Xia had to take He Xiaoyu home and was forced to use the “Wu Yidao” smart housekeeper. He Xia asked He Xiaoyu to change back to the original voice prompt. He Xiaoyu lied that the computer was broken and could not be changed. Qiu Mingyu took the initiative to invite Wu You to dinner. Wu You was very nervous and repeatedly explained that her work had not made any progress. Qiu Mingyu changed her usual cold and frosty appearance and advised Wu You not to be stressed.

He Xia proposed at the general meeting of shareholders to develop new products, not limited to these existing varieties, but also gradually get rid of the shackles of e-commerce platforms. Shareholders have different opinions. He Xia let Liang Kuai take charge of the company’s business, and he will accompany He Xiaoyu for a few days. He Xia brought He Xiaoyu to buy clothes. He tried several styles, but because the price was too expensive, He Xia bought all the clothes he tried. He Xiaoyu tried his best to please He Xia. He Xia made it clear that his father had only one son. He Xiaoyu was very sad and ran away from home in anger.

Huang Jianan specially customized a global limited edition diamond ring and wanted to propose to Lu Man. He was worried that he would be rejected, so he came to Lin Qing for help in advance, and Lin Qing was helpless. Huang Jianan bit his head and proposed to Lu Man, but Lu Man refused to face him. He Xia couldn’t get through He Xiaoyu’s phone, he was anxious, and Wu You happened to come to him to discuss the contract. When he learned that He Xiaoyu had left home, Wu You accompanied He Xia to find someone.

He Xia and Wu You came to the park and suddenly heard that someone fell into the water. He Xia mistakenly thought it was He Xiaoyu. He hurried over to see what happened and found that He Xiaoyu rescued the person who fell into the water and gave him first aid. The person who fell into the water was rescued. He Xia quickly took off her coat and put it on He Xiaoyu.

It was very late after Lu Man had socializing with her father. She didn’t want to go home, so she asked Lin Qing to accompany her to the Ferris wheel. Lu Man once thought about riding the Ferris wheel with her sister Lu Yun, but now it’s a lifelong regret. Lin Qing was kind to her, and Lu Man wanted to use his shoulder to lean against him. Lin Qing felt sorry for her. He Xia thought twice and decided to buy a ticket to send He Xiaoyu away tomorrow. He Xiaoyu insisted on taking the Huangjiang University’s recommended exam before leaving. He Xia had to give in.

The cousin is about to take her son back to his hometown. Lin Yueda bought a lot of gifts. Please don’t complain to his parents. The cousin reminds him not to get used to money plus one to avoid being bullied by Qianjia. Once married, two people should love each other, and there is no such thing as anyone being bullied. Qian Jiayi was just going home, and she was enthusiastic when she heard Lin Yueda’s words. The cousin repeatedly apologized to Qian Jiayi and urged them to have a baby as soon as possible. Lin Yueda hurriedly took the cousin away.

He Xiaoyu asked Wu You for help. He wanted to have a good birthday for He Xia, and Wu You promised to help. After Lin Yueda sent away his cousin and nephew, he cleaned up the house and bought gifts and put them in a cabinet with money plus one. Lin Yueda asked money plus one to check the results of his labor and promised not to let anyone live in it. At home, I asked Qianjiayi to move home as soon as possible, and Qianjiayi promised.

Lin Yueda found a man’s shirt while cleaning the room. Qian Jiayi lied that it was left by his ex-boyfriend. Lin Yueda felt sour. Qian Jiayi admitted that the shirt was bought for him. Lin Yueda hurried to try it on. That night, Qian Jiayi asked Lin Yueda to move into her bedroom, and Lin Yueda naturally couldn’t ask for it.

Lin Qing asked Liang Kua about the skills of pursuing a girl. Liang Kua found that something was wrong with him and forced him hard, so Lin Qing kept talking about him. Sophie was just about to go out and was suddenly held hostage by Yang Zijiang. Xiong Xingyi couldn’t get Sophie’s phone calls, so he rode to her downstairs and called Sophie loudly. Sophie’s mouth was gagged and couldn’t answer. Xiong Xingyi had to go to Wu You to find out, He Xia suggested that he go to Sophie’s house again.

Yang Zijiang wanted to live with Sophie, but Sophie resolutely refused to agree, and Yang Zijiang forced her hard. Wu You, Xiong Xingyi, He Xia and He Xiaoyu rushed to Sophie’s house and found that the door was locked. He Xia kicked the door open, Yang Zijiang took a fruit knife and held Sufei away. Xiong Xingyi repeatedly claimed that Yangzijiang and Sophie were a good match, and persuaded Sophie to agree to Yangzijiang, Yangzijiang relaxed their vigilance, He Xia and Xiong Xingyi rushed to subdue him.

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