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Live Your Life 好好生活 Episode 17 Recap

The cousin and Lin Yueda packaged wontons together. The cousin took the opportunity to say a lot of bad things about Qianjiayi. Qianjiayi had a bad temper and spent a lot of money. When the cousin learned that the rent of this house was as high as tens of thousands of yuan, she was even more stunned. Lin Yueda tried his best to defend the money plus one.

He wanted to spend all his savings and pay the down payment to buy a house, and the name of the money plus one should be written on the real estate certificate. His cousin strongly opposed and persuaded Lin Yueda to firmly control the family’s financial power. Lin Yueda explained He didn’t have the money plus one to make more money. The cousin didn’t listen at all, reminding him that he shouldn’t get used to the money plus one. Lin Yueda turned his face on the spot and yelled to stop his cousin.

Qian went home after work overtime, and she was very pleased to hear Lin Yueda’s conversation with her cousin. Qian Jiayi entered the house and fought hard with his cousin, and refuted her allegations one by one. Lin Yueda also stood on Qianjiayi’s side. The cousin claimed to be angry with a heart attack. Lin Yueda exposed that she was pretending to be sick, and the cousin was angry. Gnash your teeth.

Wu You crept home, trying to sneak back to his room. His parents had been waiting for a long time. Wu You was worried about being held accountable. Unexpectedly, her parents would praise her for doing well today. The introducer didn’t know that the man had a girlfriend beforehand. Thanks to Wu. When You found out in time, his parents persuaded Wu You to keep his eyes open to avoid the scumbag, and also took the opportunity to show off his affection in front of Wu You. Wu You hurriedly found an excuse to go back to the house.

After the incident of the sole company selling fake facial masks was exposed, it caused an uproar in the industry. Yaman Company wanted to terminate the contract with the sole company, and then many merchants proposed to terminate the cooperation relationship with the sole company. Qiu Mingyu formulated a new work plan and sent it to the mailbox of each salesperson, asking them to make a return visit one by one, and let the customer give up the cancellation at all costs. Wu You was assigned to Yaman Company, and she complained repeatedly, Qiu Mingyu cheered for her, believing that she can complete the task successfully.

Wu You didn’t know how to convince He Xia. She came to the studio to listen to Sophie’s live broadcast and learned a truth from it, that is, “A spoiled woman is the best life”. Wu You invited He Xia to dinner and ordered his favorite dishes. Wu You was so cute and coquettish in front of He Xia. He Xia was confused. He called Liang Kuai quietly and learned that he had already asked the only company to terminate the contract, He Xia. Suddenly understood everything.

Wu You begged He Xia not to terminate the contract with their company. He Xia didn’t buy it at all, and left without eating. Wu You had to pack more than one thousand yuan of food, feeling indignant. When Wu You’s parents came home, they suddenly saw a young man tampering with the door of He Xia’s house. They suspected that the young man was a thief, so they called and told Wu You.

Wu You hurriedly stopped He Xia’s car and told him about the thief at home. He Xia didn’t believe it at all and mistakenly thought that Wu You was lying and wanted to fight for the company’s last chance. Wu You’s parents stopped the young man. He claimed to be He Xiaoyu, He Xia’s half-brother.

Wu You and He Xia hurried home, He Xiaoyu ran forward to recognize He Xia, He Xia refused to recognize him, turned around in anger and left. He Xiaoyu borrowed powder from Wu You to apply it to the code lock of He Xia’s house. He couldn’t open it after several attempts, and finally opened the door on the death day of He Xia’s mother. He Xiaoyu and He Xia hadn’t seen each other for ten years, and he desperately tried to please He Xia as soon as he entered the door.

He Xia couldn’t sleep at night and couldn’t help but think of the painful old past. His father gave birth to He Xiaoyu with other women outside of marriage. His mother raised He Xiaoyu without complaint or regret, but his father beat and scolded his mother. He Xia witnessed In this scene, He Xiaoyu was full of hatred, and he left home in anger.

He Xiaoyu prepared a hearty breakfast early in the morning, but He Xia didn’t appreciate it. He wanted to buy him a ticket to go home. He Xiaoyu asked He Xia to take him in for a few days. After staying for seven days, he asked the smart butler to book a ticket, and He Xiaoyu unplugged the smart butler in a fit of anger.

Lu Man and Qian Jiayi got off work together, and when they went downstairs, they saw Huang Jianan coming to meet Lu Man. Huang Jianan just came back from abroad, he changed his style to praise Lu Man along the way, and finally began to urge the marriage. Lu Man flatly refused. Huang Jianan was not discouraged. He wanted to see Lu Man’s parents. Lu Man had an appointment with his girlfriends and let Huang Jianan be alone. People go. As soon as Wu You saw Sophie and Qian Jiayi, he vomited bitterness at them and yelled He Xia for being ruthless.

Lu Man was late, and Sophie couldn’t wait to know her relationship with Huang Jianan. Lu Man explained that they both grew up together. Huang Jianan was the godson of their parents. Wu You and Sufei refused to give up. They persuaded Lu Man to marry Huang Jianan. Lu Man resolutely refused to agree. Huang Jianan came to visit his godfather and godmother. Lin Qing was reporting work to Mr. Lu. When he learned that Huang Jianan and Lu Man had made a baby kiss since they were young, he was very unhappy. Mr. and Mrs. Lu hosted a banquet for Huang’s family. Lin Qing had to accompany him. Huang family wanted to wait for Lu Man’s return.

Wu You took the initiative to invite He Xiaoyu to dinner and took the opportunity to inquire about his relationship with He Xia. He Xiaoyu thought Wu You liked He Xia. Wu You explained that the two of them were only related to work. He Xiaoyu agreed to help Wu You get the contract. Please ask Wu You to match them up. The two brothers reconcile as before, and the two hit it off.

Huang Jianan waited for a long time and didn’t see Lu Man go home. He had to leave first, but the car suddenly broke down. Lin Qing helped him call an online taxi, and Huang Jianan wanted to drive his car home. He Xiaoyu cracked the backstage system of He Xia’s smart housekeeper, changed the prompt tone to Wu You’s voice, and named it “Wu Yidao” to remind He Xia not to terminate the contract with the only one. He Xia was furious and packed up and left home on the spot. . Wu You had long been waiting for He Xia at the door of his home, and encouraged He Xiaoyu to tell the property about He Xia’s abuse of minors.

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