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Truth 真相 Episode 5 Recap

Wang Dazhi asked to see Song Baiyu. Song Baiyu asked him why he didn’t recognize the bottle. Wang Dazhi said he wanted to leave a way for himself. He put forward two conditions: the money sold for the ancient bottle at Peng Juan’s house should be divided into half. go out. Song Baiyu told him that it was impossible to be acquitted, and at most he could fight for a few years less sentence. When Wang Dazhi threatened him, he would confess Song Baiyu.

Song Baiyu chuckled and admitted that he had stolen cultural relics of that level. Don’t even think of it for the rest of his life. Besides, Wang Dazhi didn’t know the person’s name and appearance. Even if he confessed himself, the police Nothing can be found on him, and he will also sue Wang Dazhi for framing him and leave him alone. If Wang Dazhi is acquainted, he will try to give him a few years less sentence.

Zhong Mingyue conducted a public security investigation and found that the source of a car that Feng Jie bought in 2003 was suspicious. Li Shuang interrogated Feng Jie. Feng Jie confessed that he had made a lot of money from burning a living, but he did not remember his employer for a long time. Zhong Mingyue listened to the real-time interrogation behind the glass, claiming that Feng Jie had burned another bottle that Lin Yuanhao found under the bed in his bedroom.

Li Shuang told Zhong Mingyue that the two bottles were exactly the same, and the police now suspect Feng Jie of fraud. Feng Jie confessed that someone had an ancient bottle and asked him to make high-quality imitations. He made two of them and was reluctant to smash them. Later, he took them out several times, but no one was willing to pay a high price, so he kept them forever. The man asked him to call himself Mr. Mu, and he was wrapped tightly every time he came.

According to Feng Jie’s description, the police highly suspected that Mr. Mu was the one who had joined forces with Wang Dazhi to steal cultural relics. Zhong Mingyue arranged for Lu Chaoqun to test Feng Jie’s communication equipment, Yang Bo for polygraph detection, and Ji Qingqing for tracking.

Zhong Mingyue reported: Feng Jie confessed that Mr. Mu had a serious pollen allergy and drove a black Toyota car when he came. The two pieces of information contained too much scope, and Lu Chaoqun had to think of a solution.

After the meeting, Lin Lan went to Lu Chaoqun and other results. After Lu Chaoqun used correlation reasoning to filter the vehicle, cultural background, and pollen information with big data, Lin Lan suddenly felt that these characteristics were particularly like cultural relic appraisal expert Qin Xiuwen.

After returning, Lin Lan poured a glass of wine for his father’s portrait, and asked his father that Qin Xiuwen was his friend for many years, so he shouldn’t harm him. She remembered that Qin Xiuwen had persuaded her not to let her father’s case affect her life, and brought in the words of her aunt: Let Lin Lan come to accompany her as soon as possible.

The room tripped electricity at night. After Lin Yuanhao helped to fix it, Lin Lan asked him: What should I do if the person I trust is not what I imagined? Lin Yuanhao told her: Her career is a choice, and she must recognize the truth if she finds it. Said that her biggest problem is that she is too emotional and not calm. Lin Lan thought he was preaching, and pouted and left.

The next day, Lin Lan was applying to Zhong Mingyue for assistance in the investigation, and Lin Yuanhao came to report that he had checked the data on human allergies and felt that Feng Jie’s statement was problematic. At this time, the Tu team sent more information to Zhong Ming, and Zhong Mingyue looked at it and told the two: As they wished, the Tu team asked them to assist in the investigation.

Lin Yuanhao, Lin Lan, and Li Shuang set off immediately and went to Feng Jie’s house to look for clues. Lin Yuanhao wanted to find photos of Feng Jie’s workshop in 2003. Lin Lan suggested to the government for help, so the village chief yelled for help from the villagers through a loudspeaker. Find.

After returning, Lin Yuanhao asked Lin Lan to look at the photos. He found that Feng Jie’s home and the earthen kiln planted flowers. Feng Jie said that Mr. Mu had been to the workshop before, and he had no allergic symptoms. This shows that Feng Jie and Mr. Mu had no allergic symptoms. Someone is lying.

Lin Lan checked Qin Xiuwen’s medical records. He had dacryocystitis in 2003. Zhong Mingyue explained that although Qin Xiuwen is Lin Lan’s father’s old friend, he is indeed an expert candidate who meets the cultural relic identification standards.

At night, Lin Lan was at a loss and asked Lin Yuanhao for advice. Lin Yuanhao told her that if she did not doubt Qin Xiuwen, she should be the first to investigate him, and then dispel his suspicion. Lin Lan frankly said that she was afraid that Uncle Qin would feel uncomfortable. Yuan Hao guessed that she had recognized that the back figure in that video was Qin Xiuwen.

The next day, Lin Lan bought vegetables and came to Qin Xiuwen’s house. When he entered the room, he secretly took a video of his back. When he left, Qin Xiuwen gave her a book and a bank card, saying that he had no children, that is For Lin Lan, Lin Lan had mixed feelings in her heart.

When he returned to the work unit, Lin Lan immediately used her own video to compare with the surveillance. The result of the scan was that her height did not match, and Lin Lan was relieved. After Lin Yuanhao saw this, he pointed out that this kind of investigation was illegal, and when reporting, he said that the two of them went together. Lin Yuanhao quickly discovered the suspicious point in the video and called Zhong Mingyue to arrange He Gu to do the audio-visual comparison. Lin Lan didn’t know what he meant.

Lin Yuanhao found out that Qin Xiuwen had severe osteoporosis based on the records of his orthopedic visits in recent years. Lin Lan thought that a person with this symptom would become shorter at a certain age.

On the other side, Ma Zhiqiang, nicknamed Malaysia, received a call from Qin Xiuwen asking him when he would ship the goods. Malaysia said he would contact him again when he had time, and hung up the phone in a hurry.

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